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Kotlin vs Java for Mobile and Web Development - Kinsta Blog

When starting a new project, choosing a programming language is one of the most critical things to consider. Your choice plays a vital role in your application’s efficiency, scalability, maintenance, and overall performance. Two languages that stand out in web… Continue Reading →

The Best Tech Stack for Marketing Success - Kinsta Blog

A tech stack helps you to develop customizable, responsive websites, web applications, and marketing automation tools while effectively managing and analyzing your marketing data. The right tech stack can significantly improve your marketing company’s workflow, performance, and outcomes. Conversely, the… Continue Reading →

MEAN Stack Explained - Kinsta Blog

The MEAN stack is an open-source collection of JavaScript technologies that’s gained significant popularity. It makes it easy to build complex, full-stack web applications and is an excellent option for front and backend development. This article explores the MEAN stack’s… Continue Reading →

How To Test Your Applications With Jest - Kinsta Blog

Software testing is vital for ensuring your applications work as expected, especially when you introduce changes. Catching and fixing errors early in development is crucial for maintaining resilient, high-quality code. Of the many available tools and frameworks for JavaScript testing, Jest… Continue Reading →

Use Volumes to Manage Persistent Data With Docker Compose - Kinsta Blog

Docker Compose is a powerful orchestration tool designed to simplify managing and deploying multi-container applications using Docker. The docker-compose.yml file streamlines deployment by defining complex applications with multiple services, networks, and volumes within one file. One of the essential aspects… Continue Reading →

The 15 Best Django Packages for Your Application - Kinsta Blog

Since its public release in 2005, Django has become one of the most popular modern web frameworks for its speed, security, and smooth developer experience. This Python-based framework forms the foundation for Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, and other successful websites and applications…. Continue Reading →

Everything You Need To Know About Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT - Kinsta Blog

ENTRYPOINT is one of Docker’s most important configuration options. It’s found in the Dockerfile and allows you to dictate the container’s default behavior. This capability makes ENTRYPOINT extremely helpful for automating the behavior of containers at runtime. This article thoroughly explores… Continue Reading →

Security Best Practices for Docker Containers - Kinsta Blog

Docker is an open-source platform that enables developers to package applications in lightweight, portable containers. It’s hugely popular among DevOps professionals because it simplifies application deployment and scaling. But as Docker becomes ubiquitous, container security becomes increasingly crucial. This article reviews… Continue Reading →

How To Add Rate Limiting to an API in a Laravel Application - Kinsta Blog

Rate limiting is critical for protecting app or website resources from excessive or improper use. Whether a result of malicious human intervention, bot-based attacks, or an overlooked vulnerability, resource misuse can interfere with legitimate access to your application and introduce… Continue Reading →

How To SSH Into a Docker Container - Kinsta Blog

Docker containers provide isolated environments for running applications, ensuring consistency and portability. When working with Docker containers, it’s crucial to be able to inspect and connect to their shells. Doing so enables you to execute commands, troubleshoot issues, and monitor… Continue Reading →

Understanding Laravel Blade and How To Use It - Kinsta Blog

Laravel’s templating engines support React, Vue, and other libraries. Yet, developers love the Laravel Blade engine’s robust ability to create modular and reusable views quickly. Blade lets you effortlessly extend layouts, define sections, and use control structures to generate data-driven content…. Continue Reading →

How To CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) With Laravel - Kinsta Blog

Laravel is a popular PHP framework for building modern and dynamic web applications in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving web development landscape. One of its core features is Laravel Eloquent, an object-relational mapper (ORM) that enables developers to efficiently perform create, read, update,… Continue Reading →

How To Make Beautiful Pages Using Tailwind CSS and Laravel - Kinsta Blog

Every Laravel website can use some style, and Tailwind CSS is the easiest way to give your site some flair. This utility-first CSS framework offers predefined classes to style your HTML elements. Instead of writing endless CSS code, you can… Continue Reading →

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