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What is a Denial of Service (DoS)? - iThemes

If your website is unreachable, your log files are filling up, and your resource utilization on your server is maxing out, you might be in the midst of a Denial of Service attack. These bothersome attacks can wreak havoc on… Continue Reading →

Botnets: What are They and How do They Operate - iThemes

As large networks of compromised computers, botnets have been around for years. The idea of creating a whole network of infected machines that can be used to carry out large-scale cyber attacks and spread malware has undoubtedly changed the internet… Continue Reading →

Top 10 WordPress Security Recommendations - iThemes

What are the top ten steps you can take to protect your WordPress site? What security hardening measures will have the greatest impact on your website’s safety? Security is always a hot topic in the WordPress community, and questions like… Continue Reading →

How to Manage the WordPress Heartbeat API - iThemes

The WordPress Heartbeat API has been around for almost a decade. It provided seamless real-time communication between the WordPress dashboard and the host server. Built into WordPress core, the Heartbeat API offers powerful functionality that can significantly improve the website… Continue Reading →

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