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What is a Website Backdoor? 4 Ways to Prevent the Hack - iThemes

Have you ever wondered about your website backdoor? Or did you know your website even had doors? Try to imagine for a moment that twelve months from now, your website has become so successful that your profits have doubled and… Continue Reading →

How to Evaluate the Cost of Your Actions: 3 Tips for Getting the Most Value - iThemes

Do you think about the cost of your actions today? It’s easy to get caught up in doing things without considering the foundation those actions are laying for tomorrow or the resources those actions require. Every action you take right… Continue Reading →

Know the Causes of Burnout: 5 Ways to Avoid Catching Fire - iThemes

Don’t burnout. Catching Fire might be a good thing if you are a teenage girl who is the face of the revolution against the capital. It’s not a great thing if you are trying to find balance in your business… Continue Reading →

WordPress Vulnerability Report: July 2021, Part 4 - iThemes

Vulnerable plugins and themes are the #1 reason WordPress websites get hacked. The weekly WordPress Vulnerability Report powered by WPScan covers recent WordPress plugin, theme, and core vulnerabilities, and what to do if you run one of the vulnerable plugins or themes… Continue Reading →

Why Website Security Matters to Your Business: 7 Tips to Keep You Safe - iThemes

Have you ever thought about why website security matters to your business? If you lock your office door when you leave at the end of the day, or you keep your money in a safe, you have a basic idea… Continue Reading →

You Reap What You Sow: 7 Tips for Business Success - iThemes

You will reap what you sow, so are you sowing possibilities and opportunities or are you sowing problems? You sow a thought, you reap an action. You sow an action, you reap a habit. You sow a habit, you reap… Continue Reading →

Why Working from Home Is Tough: 3 Traps to Avoid - iThemes

Working from home can be challenging. Not only do you have the normal, day-to-day issues of work to deal with, but you compound those with the needs/wants/demands of the people around you.  What do you do to find a way… Continue Reading →

What is Website Security? 8 Website Security Basics - iThemes

Knowing the security basics is essential to staying safe. Knowing the website security basics is no different. You wouldn’t walk alone by yourself down a dark alley (or most of us wouldn’t). It’ security 101. You wouldn’t take a boat… Continue Reading →

Do You Know Who You Are? 7 Questions to Ask to Define Your Unique Purpose - iThemes

You have to find out who you are and you have to turn that understanding into your unique purpose. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” – Dolly Parton Do you wonder why you are here or… Continue Reading →

How to Implement a Time Budget: 5 Tips to Gain More Time - iThemes

Have you ever considered setting a time budget? If you want to gain more time in your day, you have to be aware of how you are currently spending your time. Let’s face it. Most of us wish we had… Continue Reading →

What Are Kadence Blocks: 5 Reasons to Use Kadence Blocks - iThemes

What are Kadence Blocks? No, it’s not a new learning game for kids. It’s a WordPress plugin that will give you more design flexibility and freedom than you’ve ever had before. Kadence Blocks add custom blocks and options that extend… Continue Reading →

10 WordPress Theme Features You Need - iThemes

Have you been wondering which WordPress theme features you need to build a great website? Having a website gives you the ability to reach out to a broader audience in a variety of directions, but having the right theme features… Continue Reading →

How to Be Invested in Planning for Success: 3 Reasons It Is Important - iThemes

Are you planning for success with your business? You would think that every business begins with the idea of success. Some just have an idea for a business, or a creative name, or an end goal. You need to be… Continue Reading →

Do You Have the Right Stuff for Business Success: 12 Things You Need - iThemes

Have you ever wondered if you have the right stuff for business success? People who consider stepping into an entrepreneurial position often consider if they have what they need to make it work. Sometimes it feels more comfortable staying in… Continue Reading →

Best Online Marketing Strategies: 16 Tips for Beginners - iThemes

The best online marketing strategies are to start with making connections and finish with being helpful to those connections. A business blog is more than a corporate website with regularly updated content. Your business blog is your unique brand solving… Continue Reading →

Changing Your Attitude Changes the World: 8 Steps to Get You Moving - iThemes

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou How important is it to change your attitude? It seems like a little thing, but that one little choice will change your… Continue Reading →

How to Interrupt the Distractions: 7 Tips to Help Keep Your Focus - iThemes

What if you could interrupt the distractions before they knocked you out of balance?  What if you could interrupt the distractions even before they became distracting? What if you could interrupt the distractions and find ways to turn them into… Continue Reading →

What is Kadence Theme? 10 Reasons to Use Kadence - iThemes

Have you been wondering just what is Kadence Theme? Since Kadence WP joined the iThemes family, there has been a lot of talk about the Kadence Theme and the Starter Templates. It’s time to dig deeper into what is Kadence… Continue Reading →

What Are the Building Blocks to Winning: 6 Questions to Find Definitive Desire - iThemes

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is a definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” – Napoleon Hill Are you trying to win at a… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons You Should Invest in Building Community: How to Unlock the Benefits - iThemes

Do you recognize the benefits of building community? At the core of every great business lies community, the people in the company, around the company, and for the company. Call the community superfans, a management team, or whatever you want,… Continue Reading →

What is a WordPress Subscription Plugin? 5 Things to Know Before You Choose - iThemes

Nearly four out of every five people have at least one online subscription. What most people don’t know, however, is that many of these online subscriptions are run by a WordPress subscription plugin. As a WordPress site owner, you have… Continue Reading →

How You Can Choose to Live a Happy Life: Motivation Moment - iThemes

“You can’t wait until life isn’t difficult anymore before you decide to be happy.” – Nightbirde What life are you choosing? It’s okay to be happy even when things aren’t going right. It’s okay to find joy even through the… Continue Reading →

How to Define What Is Important to You: 10 Questions to Ask - iThemes

You define what is important to you. How you define what’s important guides your steps and determines your direction. Until you know what’s truly important and you embrace it with bold purpose, you will not have the balance or focus… Continue Reading →

What is Malware and Why It Matters - iThemes

What is malware? Malware is an umbrella term used to define malicious software (get it – MALicious softWARE) that’s leveraged to exploit a website’s weaknesses, with the intent of carrying out a number of harmful activities. When you look at… Continue Reading →

Creative Ways to Be Excellent to One Another - iThemes

Motivation Quote: “Be excellent to one another.” – Bill and Ted Do you treat others the way you want to be treated (or even better than you expect)?  Society tells us to watch our backs and to take care of… Continue Reading →

WPprosper: How to Harness the Power of NO - iThemes

Are you so busy you feel like you never get anything done? The world may spin in constant motion, but you don’t have to. Despite the 24 hour/7 day-a-week cycle of news, entertainment, and noise, you can stop. You can… Continue Reading →

Why WordPress is the Best Website Builder for Memberships - iThemes

Are you looking for a website builder for Memberships? Look no further. WordPress offers many options for creating the membership sit you need to grow your business. WordPress is somewhat intimidating to people for the same reasons why it’s so… Continue Reading →

How to Live Your Exceptional Life - iThemes

Are you exceptional?  Motivation Moment: “Every individual is an exception to the rule.” – Carl G. Jung Before you answer, think about this. Exceptional happens when you step into your unique design. You break down the barriers of the box… Continue Reading →

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