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A Farewell from Justin Tadlock - WP Tavern

Around three years ago, I was at a crossroads. I had spent nearly my entire adult life and most of my professional career within the WordPress space. However, the responsibilities of being a solo theme/plugin shop owner were like a… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 13.2 Adds Persistent User Preferences and a Visualizer for Margin and Padding Controls - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 13.2 was released earlier today. While much of the developer community is gearing up for the WordPress 6.0 release in two weeks, work continues steadily on the plugin, driving future updates. The latest release is not as hefty on… Continue Reading →

Catch FSE Is a Bold, Business-Friendly WordPress Block Theme - WP Tavern

And another theme shop hops on the block bandwagon. Catch Themes’ first block-based theme, Catch FSE, landed on over the weekend. The company is one of the most prolific authors in the official WordPress theme directory, touting a total… Continue Reading →

WordPress 6.0 To Ship New Block Locking Feature - WP Tavern

WordPress 6.0 has several new features that should make any extender happy about building on top of the platform. However, one of the more advanced tools is the ability to lock blocks, which can be used to prevent specific blocks… Continue Reading →

How To Build Coupon Cards With WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

Last year, I designed several patterns for showcasing coupon codes on a site. They were part of a larger theme project that I never finished. However, I had a ton of fun playing around with variations. Disliking them withering away… Continue Reading →

FSE Outreach #14: Building Recipe Posts With Lists and Quotes - WP Tavern

Round #14 of the FSE Outreach program is now open to the public. Anne McCarthy, who oversees the program, calls for testers to build a recipe post using existing tools like the template editor and some new and experimental blocks…. Continue Reading →

WordPress Should Support Featured Images for Categories, Users, and More - WP Tavern

One of the features that I have long wanted for WordPress has been on my mind lately. It is not a new idea, and it has been implemented in some form or fashion by plugin and theme authors in the… Continue Reading →

The Image Filters Plugin Adds Over 20 Filters, Including Vintage, Pastel Pink, and More - WP Tavern

Kevin Batdorf released the Image Filters plugin for WordPress yesterday. It is a block that allows users to select from curated list of filters and apply it to their images. Batdorf is the creator of one of my favorite “fun”… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg Hub Launches an Online Page Builder App Using WordPress Patterns - WP Tavern

I have been raving about the power of patterns for what feels like forever at this point. And, just when I start wondering what this feature will look like next, someone surprises me with a new idea. Often that person… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 13.1 Ships a Batch of Improvements and Implements a New Border Design Component - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 13.1 landed in the WordPress plugin directory earlier today. Not quite as heavy on the feature list as its predecessor, the update focuses more on improvements and bug fixes. The highlight of the release is the overhauled border design… Continue Reading →

Building a “Polaroid” Image Block Style - WP Tavern

I am a child of the late ’80s and ’90s. Before we all had cameras built into our mobile phones—well, before mobile phones took off, really—families would lug around Polaroid cameras to capture those special moments. Even though I hated… Continue Reading →

A Look at Twenty Twenty-Two’s Upcoming Global Style Variations - WP Tavern

It is no secret that I have been excited about global style variations. The upcoming feature will allow theme designers to bundle multiple design presets. In turn, end-users can cycle through them, selecting their preferred look without changing their active… Continue Reading →

Munir Kamal Updates and Overhauls the Block Slider Plugin - WP Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, Munir Kamal updated his Block Slider plugin for WordPress. While not as popular as some of the other projects he has spearheaded, such as Editor Plus, he wanted to breathe some fresh life into it…. Continue Reading →

Failure and Learning: My Experience Building 4 Block Plugins in a Week - WP Tavern

I built four block plugins last week. It was not something I had set out to do. I did not wake up one day and declare, “I think I will build a suite of custom block types over the next… Continue Reading →

A Pared Back Web Fonts API May Land in WordPress 6.0 or Not at All - WP Tavern

Anyone who has been watching or participating in the development of the web fonts API can attest that it has been an emotional rollercoaster. At one point, it seemed to be a shoo-in for WordPress 5.9. Then, it was punted… Continue Reading →

Phi Phan Launches a Separator Block With an Icon Option - WP Tavern

Less than a week after launching Block Enhancements, Phi Phan has released another project: Icon Separator. It is a block plugin for creating custom dividers with an SVG icon. “I’ve tried to support icons in the core/separator,” Phan said when… Continue Reading →

Plugin Directory Limits Ownership and Committer Changes on Official Featured and Beta Plugins - WP Tavern

Plugin review team representative Mika Epstein announced changes for officially-recognized featured and beta plugins last Friday. Under the new rule, plugin owners will no longer be able to directly change ownership to someone else or add/remove commit access. The purpose… Continue Reading →

How to Align a Nested, Partial-Width Group Block via the WordPress Editor - WP Tavern

I was slightly frustrated last week when sharing a tutorial on a hero-style post header. I had planned to create a layout with a left-aligned Group with a maximum width, as shown in the following screenshot: This would allow the… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 13.0 Adds Text Selection Across Multiple Blocks, New Stack Group Variation, and Featured Cover Blocks - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 13.0 landed earlier today in the WordPress plugin directory. It is one of the heftier releases lately, containing the final features that should ship with WordPress 6.0. The more prominent features include multi-block partial text selection, Cover blocks with… Continue Reading →

WordPress 6.0 Might Ship a Feature for Picking a Block Pattern on Page Creation - WP Tavern

I once said that full-page patterns were the missing link for block theme development. Theme authors have been able to include such layouts since the patterns feature was rolled out in WordPress 5.5 last year. However, core WordPress has never… Continue Reading →

Phi Phan Launches Block Enhancements WordPress Plugin - WP Tavern

WordPress developer Phi Phan has been making small splashes lately, but in a sea of 1,000s of plugins, it is increasingly tough to make a wave. Over the weekend, he released the Block Enhancements plugin, the first pass on a… Continue Reading →

New Comment-Related Blocks Arriving With WordPress 6.0 - WP Tavern

WordPress 6.0 will attempt to tackle comments lists via the block system. It is an area that has fallen behind other features, which have received the bulk of the work in prior releases. Last week, JuanMa Garrido called for volunteers… Continue Reading →

Making an Impression: How To Build a Post Hero Header With Blocks - WP Tavern

I have been obsessed with art direction on the web for as long as I can remember. The term is often used to describe the act of designing individual pages around the content itself. This is the opposite of how… Continue Reading →

Grigora Blocks Has the Potential To Be a Solid Starter Theme - WP Tavern

On its face, Grigora Blocks by Latracal Solutions seems almost pedestrian. It feels like a theme you would use as a starting point to build your own thing. It will not have enough personality for everyone to give it a… Continue Reading →

Featured Cover Blocks and the Future of Binding Data to Generic WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

Over the past year, I have been on a mission. I have eagerly awaited each release of the Gutenberg plugin, followed tickets, and chimed in when I could. I have been holding out some sliver of hope for one feature… Continue Reading →

Displaying Post Modified and Reading Times via WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, Rich Tabor announced a GitHub repository that listed all of his block plugins. These were already publicly available. However, some had yet to land in the WordPress plugin directory. As a fan of his simple… Continue Reading →

FSE Outreach #13: Building an Author Template from the WordPress Site Editor - WP Tavern

Anne McCarthy announced round #13 of the FSE Outreach Program on March 31. This call for testing focuses on creating an author template via the site editor. Several of the new features used during this round were only added in… Continue Reading →

How To Build Book and Book Review Cards with WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

I was neck-deep into the block system during the months leading up to its debut in 2018. This also just happened to coincide with the first November I had ever completed National Novel Writing Month, a 30-day challenge to write… Continue Reading →

WebMan Design Launches Abs, Additional Styles for Native WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

WebMan Design owner Oliver Juhas released the first version of the Abs – Additional block styles plugin on Monday. Unlike many block-related extensions, it does not offer any blocks of its own. Instead, it registers custom styles to enhance those… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 12.9 Adds Block Locking UI, Automatic Pattern Registration, and Full Theme Exports - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 12.9 landed in the plugin directory today, and it is a beefy release, packed with a little something for everyone. Even after tinkering with new features over the last few days, I have yet to explore everything as… Continue Reading →

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