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A Multi-Theme System, the Decade-Long Wait for Grandchild Themes, and Themeless Templates - WP Tavern

Around 2010, child theming had finally caught its stride. Bigger theme shops were starting to take note, and some were implementing advanced parent themes that were meant to serve as a “framework” for creating child themes. The theme development community… Continue Reading →

Show and Hide Content via the Block Visibility WordPress Plugin - WP Tavern

Nick Diego’s Block Visibility is not the only plugin to take on the challenge of controlling when blocks are visible on the front end. Other plugins like EditorsKit do a fine job of it. However, Block Visibility is a solution… Continue Reading →

WordPress Proposal To Align Release Cycle With Industry Standard - WP Tavern

Yesterday, Francesca Marano opened a proposal for changing the phases of the core WordPress release cycle. It was a recap of a discussion the began in October 2020. The goal is to align the platform’s phases with the larger development… Continue Reading →

EatsWP Brings Virtual Restaurant Menus to the WordPress Block Editor - WP Tavern

Yesterday, Jack Kitterhing launched EatsWP, his new restaurant-related WordPress plugin. It is a menu creation system that works in the block editor. It also has a built-in QR code feature to work with customers’ phones. Kitterhing is the Product Manager… Continue Reading →

Blocked-Based Version of Twenty Twenty-One Nearing Readiness for the Theme Directory - WP Tavern

Twenty Twenty-One Blocks, now renamed to TT1 Blocks, is inching its way toward the WordPress theme directory. Kjell Reigstad mentioned the prospect in this week’s block-based themes meeting. Contributors to the theme, which is part of the Theme Experiments project,… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.7 Improves User Experience, Updates Reusable Blocks, and Brings Page Templates to FSE Themes - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.7 landed yesterday with several updates and improvements. Users should expect to see changes to the interface for block variations, transforms, and patterns. Reusable blocks are being worked on after what seemed to be a hiatus. Developers can also… Continue Reading →

Liquid Web Acquires The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin From Modern Tribe - WP Tavern

Liquid Web announced today via the iThemes blog that it acquired The Events Calendar from Modern Tribe. The acquisition gives them ownership of the plugin, its suite of event-related plugins, and the team behind it all. “We’ve acquired all the… Continue Reading →

2021: Reshaping the Tavern Experience - WP Tavern

Resolutions. Goals. Guidelines for the year ahead. Call them what you want. Not everyone takes part, but I am a firm believer in having a vision for the coming months. That vision can be malleable, flowing with the changes of… Continue Reading →

2020: Step Away From the Fire - WP Tavern

If there was a common theme that held humanity together in 2020, it was that most of us agreed that the year was nothing short of a dumpster fire. That and sweatpants. As people learned to cope with a new… Continue Reading →

Understanding the Query Block and Its Importance in Site Editing - WP Tavern

I really don’t understand this Query block even though it’s been mentioned in several Tavern posts. My eyes seem to gloss over when reading about it – ha! Is it important that regular WordPress users understand this block, or is… Continue Reading →

Armando WordPress Theme Provides Insight Into the Current State of Full Site Editing - WP Tavern

As we inch closer to a year in which WordPress’s primary focus will be on Full Site Editing, it is fortunate timing that Themes Team representative Carolina Nymark publicly announced her latest theme, Armando. It is a blogging theme that… Continue Reading →

Navigate the Content Canvas With the Block Editor Outline WordPress Plugin - WP Tavern

Last week, Kalimah Apps released its Editor Block Outline plugin to the WordPress plugin repository. The idea is simple. The plugin adds a bordered outline to each block in the document along with their associated labels. For some users, this… Continue Reading →

Exploring Photo Blocks, an Experimental FSE-Ready Photoblogging Theme - WP Tavern

Kjell Reigstad announced the Photo Blocks theme on December 9. It is a part of an ongoing set of experimental work from the WordPress Theme Experiments repository on GitHub. It is essentially a testbed of ideas that are helping to… Continue Reading →

What Is Full Site Editing and What Does It Mean for the Future of WordPress? - WP Tavern

Block-based Twenty Twenty-One theme in the site editor. As I said last week, 2021 will be the year of the site editor. Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word confirms it. WordPress 5.7’s release planning is focused on it. It has… Continue Reading →

Ask the Bartender: Integrate With Third-Party App or Use Native WordPress Plugin? - WP Tavern

My question to you is how you see the future (or even the present) of integrating software with WordPress and when you should make the distinction of going the integration vs. native approach. In other words, with the vast ecosystem… Continue Reading →

Help Steer the Future of WordPress via the FSE Outreach Program - WP Tavern

All hands on deck. 2021 will be the year of the Site Editor. Anne McCarthy announced the official start of the Full-Site Editing (FSE) Outreach Program last Friday on the Make Core blog. The program is primarily geared toward end-users…. Continue Reading →

Jump Start Block-Based Theme Development With the FSE Theme Generator - WP Tavern

Block-based themes are not complicated. Their structure is almost simple enough that developers are unlikely to need a tool to generate a blank theme. However, for those unfamiliar with how themes are built for the upcoming full-site editing (FSE) feature,… Continue Reading →

Record and Track Past Events With the LifePress Calendar Plugin - WP Tavern

Two weeks ago, Ashan Jay released LifePress to the WordPress plugin directory. It is an interactive, front-end calendar for tracking past events — a journal of sorts. For a version 1.0 launch, it has enough features with just the right… Continue Reading →

G2 Components, a From-Scratch Reimagining of WordPress Components - WP Tavern

Update some of the things. That was the goal that Jon Quach, a Principal Designer at Automattic, laid out in the roadmap for integrating the G2 Components project into Gutenberg and, eventually, core WordPress. The project is a reimagining of… Continue Reading →

EditorPlus 2.4 Released, Builds Upon Its ‘Extend Core Blocks’ System - WP Tavern

On Tuesday of this week, Munir Kamal released version 2.4 of his EditorPlus plugin. Aside from a few bugs and making sure the plugin was compatible with WordPress 5.6, he added an icon selector for the Button block and SVG… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.6 “Simone” Includes New Twenty Twenty-One Theme and Improved Editor - WP Tavern

Nina SimoneLicense: CC0 | Credit: Noord-Hollands Archief / Fotoburo de Boer WordPress 5.6 “Simone,” named in honor of American performer and civil rights activist Nina Simone, was released today and is now available for download. The release was led by… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.5 Improves Site Editor and Adds New Options for Cover and Code Blocks - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.5 went live today. The development team is continuing forward with work that we will start seeing down the road in WordPress 5.7 and beyond. The big user-facing highlights for this release were the additions of a full-height alignment… Continue Reading →

Block-Based Bosco, Second Full-Site Editing Theme Lands in the WordPress Directory - WP Tavern

Fränk Klein, a Principal Engineer at Human Made, is now the second theme developer to release a block-based theme to the WordPress theme directory. Block-Based Bosco is a recreation of his Bosco theme, which he released in 2014. Block-based themes,… Continue Reading →

Block Navigation Plugin Provides Missing Context-Based Outline for the WordPress Editor - WP Tavern

Álvaro García wrote the first code for his Block Navigation plugin back in November 2018. It is one of those hidden gems that I wish I had known about two years ago as I began using the block editor. It… Continue Reading →

Something To Be Thankful For - WP Tavern

Over the past several weeks, I have received around four dozen emails, texts, PMs, and other messages related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Last year, we ran a roundup of deals happening throughout the WordPress ecosystem. However, we… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.7 Wish List: Save Block Editor Settings Per User - WP Tavern

WordPress 5.6 development is winding down as we begin to close out the beta testing round, inching toward the final release on December 8. That means it is time to think about what WordPress 5.7 will look like. This is… Continue Reading →

Genesis Block Theme Beta, StudioPress Pursuing a Block-First Future - WP Tavern

On November 11, StudioPress announced an open beta for its Genesis Block Theme. This is a pivotal moment, or at least one moment in a series of significant moments, for adoption of the block editor. Feel free to call me… Continue Reading →

Build Editor Blocks for Clients With the Genesis Custom Blocks Plugin - WP Tavern

In early September, WP Engine announced the launch of Genesis Custom Blocks, a block-creation plugin made possible by its StudioPress team. The concept should feel familiar to developers who have made use of Advanced Custom Fields and similar plugins. However,… Continue Reading →

Should WordPress Notify Users of Plugin Ownership Changes? - WP Tavern

Potential idea for showing plugin ownership change. That is the question posed by Ian Atkins in a recent ticket for WordPress. “I’ve experienced a few plugins change ownership, and it’s really not clear as a user, developer, and maintainer of… Continue Reading →

Proposal to Create an Expanded View or Overlay for the Block Patterns Inserter - WP Tavern

The “version 1.0” launch of block patterns in WordPress 5.5 was overall successful. However, it was easy to overlook the problems while waiting for this feature to land after months of anticipation. Now that we have had a couple of… Continue Reading →

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