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How to Fix the “Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection to the Server” Error (6 Solutions) - Kinsta Blog

When you’re browsing the web, the last thing you want is to run into an error message. If you’re a macOS user, one of the issues you might come across is: “Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server”… Continue Reading →

How to Become a Java Developer: Everything You Need to Know - Kinsta Blog

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are more than 1,469,000 software developers around the country. According to data from 2021, 35.35% of those developers use Java, one of the world’s top five most widely used programming languages. Try… Continue Reading →

The Top 13 Grammarly Alternatives in 2021 - Kinsta Blog

Whether you’re sending an email to a customer or posting a blog about your business, writing is an essential skill. Good writing makes you sound more professional, engaging, and persuasive. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-30″,”description”:”Want to test out the… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Membership Website (in 5 Steps) - Kinsta Blog

Thanks to user-friendly platforms such as WordPress, it’s never been easier to create a website. However, at some point, you may want to be reimbursed for all of your hard work. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-25″,”description”:”Want to test… Continue Reading →

What Is Google Cache? Everything Website Owners Need to Know - Kinsta Blog

Google’s web crawlers are constantly searching the internet for new and updated web pages. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-18″,”description”:”Want to test out the MyKinsta dashboard without opening a Kinsta web hosting account? Now you can! Visit to… Continue Reading →

How to Scan WordPress for Malware in 4 Easy Steps - Kinsta Blog

There are around 90,000 attacks targeting WordPress sites every minute. Malware attacks are nothing to joke about. If you don’t manage your cybersecurity properly, it could put your site and business at risk. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-09″,”description”:”Want… Continue Reading →

How to Fix the HTTP 302 Error (5 Methods) - Kinsta Blog

HTTP 302 codes are a valuable way to redirect website users to a different URL temporarily. However, if your website is delivering 302 redirects in error, it’s a sign that something’s wrong. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-04″,”description”:”Want to… Continue Reading →

How To Migrate From Weebly to WordPress (Complete Guide) - Kinsta Blog

Weebly is one of the many website builders out there people might look at when they’re considering publishing their website. Why? It provides a free plan. However, what happens when you outgrow a basic setup and don’t want to upgrade… Continue Reading →

How To Edit the Footer in WordPress Using Every Method Possible - Kinsta Blog

Since a WordPress footer is so useful, at some point, you must learn about the footer, how it works, what’s possible in terms of editing it, and how to remove preset footer content that’s not relevant to your brand. That’s… Continue Reading →

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