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Why Matomo is the WordPress Analytics upgrade you need over GA4 - Kinsta Blog

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the latest iteration in Google’s suite of analytics tools, has been met with mixed reactions due to its revamped interface and features. Many website owners, marketers, and everyone in between who’s accustomed to the familiar comfort… Continue Reading →

Pushing a WordPress site through development using Kinsta API endpoints - Kinsta Blog

The Kinsta API isn’t only for monitoring your site’s security or fetching environment information. In fact, part of our philosophy here is to help you streamline your development workflows. As such, the endpoints can accompany you from your initial local… Continue Reading →

Integrating SvelteKit with headless WordPress - Kinsta Blog

Headless WordPress has been a big trend in web dev spheres for a while now. Decoupling the front end and back end can lead to a finer degree of control, omnichannel applications, and some interesting usages of this new technology…. Continue Reading →

How to build a WordPress theme with React - Kinsta Blog

This hands-on article harnesses WordPress’s flexibility and React‘s powerful user interface (UI) for theme development. It demonstrates how integrating WordPress and React elevates your WordPress projects by walking you through the steps needed to create a theme. Prerequisites To follow along with this article,… Continue Reading →

Restricting IPs and monitoring activity using the Kinsta API - Kinsta Blog

We talk a lot about how your WordPress website’s security is not a set-and-forget task. It needs constant and vigilant monitoring from you, and the job can be daunting. In situations where you have to monitor the security of multiple… Continue Reading →

How to build WordPress web apps using a microservices architecture - Kinsta Blog

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that can lay the foundation for different types of sites and apps. This uses a typical ‘monolithic architecture,’ but as a site grows, this may not be the best fit. This is… Continue Reading →

A step-by-step guide to connect your spreadsheets to a database in the cloud - Kinsta Blog

Spreadsheets are valuable for organizing and managing customer data, especially for small-scale businesses handling small datasets with few complex relationships. As your data grows and becomes more complex, with more users needing to access it, managing data with spreadsheets becomes… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce access control: tailoring user roles for optimal store performance - Kinsta Blog

In WooCommerce, user roles and permissions are essential to how you manage your ecommerce store — and how secure it is. With user roles, you can add team members or user accounts and assign them different roles and permissions. User… Continue Reading →

The ultimate WooCommerce REST API handbook: practical examples included - Kinsta Blog

Managing an online store is expensive, and owners often have to deal with many manual processes. The WooCommerce REST API simplifies this workflow, enabling you to control ecommerce platforms and manage and scale WooCommerce stores programmatically. Performing integrations, automation, and extending… Continue Reading →

How to optimize your WordPress site environment with Kinsta API - Kinsta Blog

If you’ve been using Kinsta for a while now, you’re likely more than familiar with MyKinsta. This helpful dashboard is available to all Kinsta users and allows you to easily manage your websites, databases, and applications. Whether it’s clearing the… Continue Reading →

How to install PHP dependencies and extensions with Docker - Kinsta Blog

Docker is a popular open-source platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. It encapsulates applications and their dependencies in containers to promote consistency across different environments. This consistency helps prevent issues related to dependency conflicts and “it works on my machine” discrepancies…. Continue Reading →

First Contentful Paint explained: how to improve your time - Kinsta Blog

Struggling with First Contentful Paint (FCP) times on your site? Whether you’re not even sure what First Contentful Paint is or you’re looking for some specific tips on how to speed up First Contentful Paint times on your site, this… Continue Reading →

Customizing WordPress for developers: developing custom REST API endpoints - Kinsta Blog

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMSs), helping small and large businesses set up and create various forms of website content. But WordPress has evolved past just supporting traditional blog content — and that’s largely thanks to… Continue Reading →

Headless WooCommerce: from setup to deployment on Kinsta - Kinsta Blog

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for building ecommerce applications. In addition to using WooCommerce in a traditional WordPress application, you can use it as a headless solution. This article teaches you how to build a headless WordPress application… Continue Reading →

How to parse Gutenberg content for headless WordPress - Kinsta Blog

Gutenberg is the default editor for WordPress. The editor lets you craft and style content using discrete blocks for text, images, video, and other site elements through a drag-and-drop interface. This approach enhances WordPress’s flexibility and design capabilities. This guide… Continue Reading →

Build a headless blog with WordPress and Frontity - Kinsta Blog

Frontity is a cutting-edge server-side framework designed for swiftly building contemporary websites using WordPress and React. It fetches data from WordPress via a REST API and then uses React to generate the final HTML displayed in the browser. You can continue using the WordPress… Continue Reading →

How to use Edge Caching to improve WordPress performance - Kinsta Blog

When your website is serving visitors from all over the world, slow load times and high latency can really bog down the experience. Whether you’re running a personal blog, an ecommerce store, or hosting an application, speed and responsiveness can… Continue Reading →

Object-oriented programming in PHP: transforming WordPress development - Kinsta Blog

Object-oriented programming (OOP), an important paradigm in software, is centered on “objects” — instances of classes that include data and behaviors instead of “actions.” PHP, known for server-side scripting, benefits greatly from OOP. This is because OPP supports modular and… Continue Reading →

Building and optimizing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with WordPress - Kinsta Blog

Progressive Web Apps are transforming the way users engage with websites. They’re technically a blend of the best a mobile app and a traditional website can offer. Starting from zero with PWA tech in WordPress will not only step your… Continue Reading →

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