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New createBlocksFromInnerBlocksTemplate Block API - Make WordPress Core

There is a new Block API in WordPress 5.6: createBlocksFromInnerBlocksTemplate, with which you can create blocks from InnerBlocks template. Given an array of InnerBlocks templates or Block Objects, it returns an array of created Blocks from them.It handles the case… Continue Reading →

Changes to Toolbar components in WordPress 5.6 - Make WordPress Core

Toolbar shouldn’t be used within other toolbars To better reflect its semantics, the Toolbar component shouldn’t be used to group a set of toolbar controls within another toolbar anymore and will show a deprecation warning if used like so. ToolbarGroup… Continue Reading →

Editor styling changes in WordPress 5.6 - Make WordPress Core

These changes are important enhancements for both accessibility and user experience on small screens. Block styles use relative instead of absolute values Previously, blocks were using hardcoded pixel values for all their sizing properties (paddings, margins, font-sizes etc). Starting with… Continue Reading →

Reusable Blocks extracted into a separate package - Make WordPress Core

Reusable blocks are a feature available in the post editor. They were previously part of the @wordpress/editor package. To make them available in other editors, they have been moved to a separate package called @wordpress/reusable-blocks. How it works To enable… Continue Reading →

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