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David Hayes

Making Your Site Faster with the WP Super Cache Plugin - WP Shout

As developers, one of the first things we always do on a shared host is install a full-page-caching plugin called WP Super Cache. Some shared hosts now offer caching outside of WordPress; SiteGround does. If they do, use that instead… Continue Reading →

A Good Talk on Personal Data Security - WP Shout

In an effort to make sure I miss nothing for my forthcoming security course (which may or may not be coming in November…), I’ve been watching a lot of WordPress.tv talks tagged with “security”. Many of the talks are very… Continue Reading →

The Three Development Paradigms: Procedural, Object-Oriented, and Functional - WP Shout

When you’re brand new to development in PHP or JavaScript, you don’t really need or want to think too hard about programming paradigms. You just want to get things to work. And that makes a lot of sense. But eventually… Continue Reading →

WordPress Widget Visibility with Jetpack - WP Shout

If you’ve ever set up a WordPress site with widgets, you know they’re a powerful way to customize sidebars and other areas. If you’ve set up a few dozen sites with widgets, you’ve probably at some point wanted the ability… Continue Reading →

How to Log In To Your WordPress Site - WP Shout

Logging in to WordPress is pretty fundamental to the whole editing experience. But I’ve always found it a little confusing and complicated, if I’m honest. I’ve been at this so long that I now have an easy time finding the… Continue Reading →

Optimizing Site Performance: How I Made WPShout (A Little) Faster - WP Shout

Here’s what I learned about making our site even faster. Our goal here at WPShout is to have a fast site. There are lots of reasons this is an important goal: it’s better for you, it’s better for us, and… Continue Reading →

Do the WordPress Wiggle - WP Shout

WordCamp Denver was last weekend. And it was a really great event which I would recommend that everyone try to get to in future years. I got to hang out lots of nice friends, old and new, and it was… Continue Reading →

Minify CSS and JS with Autoptimize - WP Shout

A common piece of advice when it comes to optimizing the browser performance of your website is to concatenate and minify your CSS and JavaScript. There are many reasons and place you’ll see this recommended but Google PageSpeed Insights was… Continue Reading →

How to Change a Post’s Author in WordPress - WP Shout

How to Change a Post’s Author in WordPress – WPShout Skip to nav menu Skip to content 👋   We’re social! Main Topics: Link Topics: David Hayes / August 17, 2017 Posted In: Using WordPressDifficulty: Beginner For a multi-author website,… Continue Reading →

Understanding PHP Output Buffering, and Why It’s Great for Shortcodes - WP Shout

When I was learning PHP, one of the first things that really stumped me was the difference between code that created output and code that didn’t. I knew, vaguely, that things that had an echo statement in PHP meant something… Continue Reading →

How To Create a Temporary Account for Support Agents - WP Shout

A problem I had recently was that I needed to give a support agent from a plugin company Admin-level access to a WordPress site. The cause was an obscure bug they couldn’t help with any other way. But I was… Continue Reading →

Cool Tricks to Better Run Remote WP-CLI Commands - WP Shout

Shawn Hooper’s got a great new article up about running WP-CLI commands on a remote server. At first, based on his title, I worried the answer was “there’s this thing called SSH…” But my worry was unnecessary. This is not… Continue Reading →

How to Link Related Posts in WordPress with Jetpack - WP Shout

Helping readers of your WordPress site find more of your content that may be interesting to them is one of the most requested features in WordPress. And it’s one of the hardest things to do, from a processing perspective. Here… Continue Reading →

A Thorough Introduction to PHP Arrays - WP Shout

Maybe you’ve never written PHP before. Maybe you’re thinking that you’re so experienced in it that this article isn’t for you. If you fall into either of those camps, please keep reading. My goal today is to give a pretty… Continue Reading →

Add a Yelp Widget to Your WordPress Sidebar - WP Shout

Add a Yelp Widget to Your WordPress Sidebar – WPShout Skip to nav menu Skip to content 👋   We’re social! Main Topics: Link Topics: David Hayes / July 27, 2017 Yelp is a force to be reckoned with in… Continue Reading →

Easily Add Tables to Posts with TinyMCE Advanced - WP Shout

For those who don’t know, TinyMCE is the technology that under-pins WordPress’s “Visual” editing experience. And if you enjoy that, but wish it had more features, then the plugin TinyMCE Advanced is definitely for you. TinyMCE Advanced gives you lots… Continue Reading →

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