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David Hayes

Quickly Switch to Different WordPress Users - WP Shout

One the most common features that makes living with a membership site easier is the ability to quickly see what a given user is seeing. This can be a hard to do if you’re make a web app yourself, but… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Styling Themes for Gutenberg - WP Shout

This is a great little post about the process of making a theme compatible with the much-discussed Gutenberg editor slated to come out in WordPress 5.0. ThemeShaper — the (maybe) official WordPress.com theming blog — goes into a lot of… Continue Reading →

WordPress Hooks, Actions, and Filters: What They Do and How They Work - WP Shout

This article introduces one of the most important topics in WordPress: hooks, including action hooks and filter hooks. We’ve jam-packed this explanation of WordPress hooks with a helpful overview video, key points, a detailed infographic, a quiz, and even a… Continue Reading →

Easily Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your WordPress Posts - WP Shout

Amazon sells just about everything. And if you’re in the US, or another country where they have a big presence, using your site to make a little money linking to Amazon’s pages for products you love is a very appealing… Continue Reading →

Talking Gutenberg on Shop Talk Show - WP Shout

While I’ve not been a regular listener recently, I do love the Shop Talk Show with Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. Both Dave and Chris are smart and talented guys, and their attitude is consistently friendly and positive. In Episode… Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Abandoned on WordPress 4.9.3 - WP Shout

A pretty unfortunate and important issue happened when WordPress 4.9.3 was released a few days ago: it has an error that makes it impossible for WordPress to update itself again. After the error was understood, they stopped rolling out automatic… Continue Reading →

Control WordPress Widgets without Jetpack: Widget Options - WP Shout

Control WordPress Widgets without Jetpack: Widget Options – WPShout Skip to nav menu Skip to content 👋   We’re social! Main Topics: Link Topics: David Hayes / February 5, 2018 Posted In: Using WordPressDifficulty: Beginner Sidebar widgets are an important… Continue Reading →

The Complete Guide to WordPress Security - WP Shout

WordPress sites are on of the most common targets for attack on the internet. They’re hacked more than any other type of site. If you, your friends, or someone you know has never had an experience of a WordPress site… Continue Reading →

Control Your Widgets with Code with Widget Logic - WP Shout

Widgets have been a core feature of WordPress. Controlling them, however, is something that a patchwork of solutions are devised for and done with. The one we’re covering today is Widget Logic, a plugin. The plugin is great if you’re… Continue Reading →

Mika Epstein’s Case Against Security Plugins - WP Shout

I made a whole course about WordPress security last year. So I’ve got some opinions on how and what it means to keep a WordPress site secure. I think I won’t fully endorse Mika’s whole argument—I think there are clear… Continue Reading →

How to Customize Your WordPress Sidebar - WP Shout

How to Customize Your WordPress Sidebar – WPShout Skip to nav menu Skip to content 👋   We’re social! Main Topics: Link Topics: David Hayes / January 18, 2018 Customizing is at the heart of the reason you build a… Continue Reading →

Learn Git for Free with Dan Gitschooldude - WP Shout

Last year I put together a conference talk on Git. While researching it, and wanting to make sure I really understood Git, I stumbled upon a free YouTube channel that is just chock-full of good practical advice about Git. Admittedly,… Continue Reading →

When Coding, Make the Smallest Possible Change - WP Shout

After you develop for a while, and especially if you keep an ear out for wisdom that others offer, you get some habits. Those habits aren’t things you consciously think about, but they can make a big difference. I recently… Continue Reading →

I’m speaking at Nomad PHP: Banishing Loops with Functional Programming - WP Shout

I’ve written a couple posts here on WPShout about functional programming, the best of which is “Gentle Introduction to Functional PHP for WordPress Developers: Using Filter and Map on Arrays of Posts“. That post inspired me to give a conference… Continue Reading →

Check out Gutenberg.courses! - WP Shout

Our friend Zac Gordon rushed home from WCUS and made a great course (I’m still working my way through, but so far I’m impressed) about developing your own blocks for WordPress’s forthcoming Gutenberg editor. He published it just a few… Continue Reading →

Conditions for Gutenberg’s Success - WP Shout

Whether if lands in your dashboard now, or in April, or next year, there’s no doubt that the new WordPress editor that is Gutenberg will really shake things up. There’s a lot of dust that still hasn’t settled, and lots… Continue Reading →

Sandi Metz: You Are Insufficiently Persuasive - WP Shout

Sandi Metz: You Are Insufficiently Persuasive – WPShout Skip to nav menu Skip to content 👋   We’re social! Main Topics: Link Topics: David Hayes / January 3, 2018 Posted In: Videos One of my favorite very nerdy hobbies is… Continue Reading →

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