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Buy Spotify Plays, Followers, & Streams: 10 Best Sites for 2021 - WP Dev Shed

How hard can acquiring a big enough following on Spotify really be? If you ever tried your hands at making it up there, you know what we’re talking about. Popular names occupy the top positions while newcomers compete for the… Continue Reading →

13 Best YouTube Video Promotion Services (Real & Legit) - WP Dev Shed

Back in the day, YouTube was more about sharing funny cat and baby videos with your nearest and dearest. While this is still a platform that you can use for this, it’s expanded to become so much more as well…. Continue Reading →

How to Buy Real Twitch Viewers & Where to Find Them: 6 Best Sites - WP Dev Shed

Hailed by many as the form of media that will topple conventional TV, Twitch has been exponentially growing, especially with the younger audiences. With such a steep rate of growth, new players on the platform often struggle to reach their… Continue Reading →

How I Grew My Instagram Faster with Growthsilo: A Quick Review - WP Dev Shed

Sounds like a fantasy story, I know. But I thought the very same when I stumbled upon Growthsilo! It’s all the more satisfying if you’re sceptical when the growth starts rolling in. Well, at least it was for me. How… Continue Reading →

30 Best Free Number Fonts - WP Dev Shed

Number fonts. Hmm. Letters are overrated a really big deal. Without them, you couldn’t read this blog right now. In fact, you couldn’t read much of anything because no one could write anything down. But what if I told you… Continue Reading →

My UseViral Review – Setting the Standards for Social Growth Services - WP Dev Shed

I’ve been all over the Internet reading heaps of reviews praising all sorts of newest and trending growth software services, and you know what? I still compare them to UseViral, as it undisputedly sets the bar for quality. So, what… Continue Reading →

5 Amazing Facebook Hacks to Go Viral - WP Dev Shed

Facebook is more crowded than ever. It has become difficult to generate awareness and rank in the organic results. Many things have changed, people have become specific about their choice of content, and you no longer have the liberty to… Continue Reading →

How to Become an Influencer on YouTube? - WP Dev Shed

On the contrary to what most people think, Instagram is not the only platform for influencers to use. You would be surprised to know that YouTube was one of the first social media platforms that connected influencers to its audiences… Continue Reading →

15 Best TikTok Bots You Need To Check Out - WP Dev Shed

How tough is it to get your break with TikTok? If you’ve only just recently joined, you might feel like it’s more difficult than ever. This is because the competition is now well and truly there, and you’ve got to… Continue Reading →

What is Excerpt in WordPress? - WP Dev Shed

An excerpt in WordPress is a lot like what you might imagine it to be: a summary of an article, with a link to it included somewhere. It can be automatically produced by a specific WordPress theme, or you can… Continue Reading →

What is Trash in WordPress? - WP Dev Shed

Trash in WordPress is the equivalent of the recycling bin on your computer, or trash on your Mac. Users that have the proper permissions, for example editors and administrators, can delete a page, post, or comments. When you get rid… Continue Reading →

How to Show Recent Comments in WordPress Sidebar - WP Dev Shed

Are you hoping to figure out how to include recent comments to your WordPress sidebar? In this article, we will talk about how you can easily show recent comments in WordPress sidebar, or any other areas of your website that… Continue Reading →

What is Backend in WordPress? - WP Dev Shed

Backend is a term that is used to describe the configuration aspect of an application. In regard to WordPress, backend defines the administration area of the website where you can install plugins, create your content, and manage your design settings…. Continue Reading →

How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using - WP Dev Shed

Have you ever stumbled across a website that you think looks really good, and wish that you could use the same thing for your own? You might have even gone onto third-party forums trying to get answers for the name… Continue Reading →

How to Change Your WordPress Username - WP Dev Shed

Have you ever tried to change the username of your WordPress profile, just to figure out that it actually can’t be changed? If this is the case, then you need to read this article. In it, we will talk about… Continue Reading →

SidesMedia Review – Get More SocialProof! - WP Dev Shed

These days, one-platform social media users are few and far between. If a user is on one social media network, chances are they are also registered users or other sites. Many social media networks even use integration these days.  The… Continue Reading →

TokUpgrade Review – How To Get More TikTok Followers - WP Dev Shed

TikTok has exploded into one of the most popular social media networks, and with over 500 million monthly active users, you have a huge opportunity to get your content in front of many people and make yourself a solid presence… Continue Reading →

What is a Database? For WordPress. - WP Dev Shed

A database is a set of data that is organized in a structured way. When it comes to computing terminology, a database is software that is used to organize and store data. You can think about it as a virtual… Continue Reading →

How to Buy Real Twitter Followers that Actively Engage with You - WP Dev Shed

It’s definitely no secret that you can buy Twitter followers for your Twitter profile. In fact, people have been doing it for a long time now, as they see it as a way to streamline the engagement side of things,… Continue Reading →

Task Ant Review – Our Favorite Instagram Hashtag Generator - WP Dev Shed

Instagram has more users these days, so creating a long-term strategy that helps to give you a competitive advantage on the platform is important if you want to facilitate your long-term success.  Most people know that using hashtags is important,… Continue Reading →

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