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The 8 Best Triberr Alternatives: Tried & Tested - Blogging Wizard

Are you looking for the best Triberr alternative to give your social media presence a boost? Maybe you want to replace the content promotion functionality within triberr, the community elements or the content curation functionality. Either way – I’ve got…… Continue Reading →

What Changed In Blogging Wizard’s Latest Redesign (And Our Updated Tech Stack) - Blogging Wizard

I’ve been making some subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes to Blogging Wizard over the past month. In this post, I’m going to share all of these changes so you can glean some useful insights to help your own blogging efforts. I’ll…… Continue Reading →

The 7 Best Hootsuite Alternatives: Tried & Tested - Blogging Wizard

Are you looking for the best Hootsuite alternative to manage your social media presence? Maybe you want a social media tool with more features, a better user interface or sensible pricing for teams & reporting. Or maybe you want nothing…… Continue Reading →

How To Boost Engagement On Your Blog (So It Doesn’t Look Like Like A Ghost Town) - Blogging Wizard

Does your blog look like a ghost town? You put so much effort into writing great content, and it deserves more engagement. So how can you encourage your readers to engage with you? It could be in the form of…

7 Effective Backup Plugins For WordPress: Keep Your Data Safe - Blogging Wizard

Are you looking for the best WordPress backup plugin for your website? You have invested a huge amount of time in your website and having redundant backups is critical. You need backups you control. So, in this article, I am…

How To Set Up Goal Tracking In Google Analytics: Conversion Tracking Made Easy - Blogging Wizard

Do you want to improve conversions on your website?  Whether you want to track leads, sales or just understand what traffic sources are contributing to your bottom line – you need the right tracking in place. In this post, you… Continue Reading →

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