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Best Selling Desktop Screen Template Mockups of 2020 - Victor Themes Blog

Mockups are the best selling design templates this shows that how often the mockups are used. What is a mockup? it is nothing but a design structure of a product where you can edit them and also you can reuse… Continue Reading →

The Google Analytics reports to look at when you only have 15 minutes to spare - WP Dev Shed

According to technology survey company W3Techs, Google Analytics (GA) is used by roughly 55% of all websites. But just having GA—or any other analytics tool—installed on your website doesn’t mean you’re reviewing your traffic trends and metrics on a regular… Continue Reading →

Call for Testing: WordPress for Android 15.2 - Make WordPress Mobile

WordPress for Android version 15.2-rc-1 is available for testing on the Beta channel. You can ask to join the Beta Program at Android App Testing on Google Play. Once you have been accepted, click the “Become a Tester” button at… Continue Reading →

Call for Testing: WordPress for iOS 15.2 - Make WordPress Mobile

WordPress for iOS version 15.2 beta is available for testing on TestFlight. You can sign up for our TestFlight program and join as a beta tester by opening that link on your iPhone or iPad. Bugs & Feedback If you find a… Continue Reading →

New Block-based Navigation and Widgets Screens Sidelined for WordPress 5.5 - WP Tavern

The new navigation block and navigation and widget screens that were originally planned for WordPress 5.5 have been pushed back to the next release. These projects are currently available in the Gutenberg plugin experiments screen but are not yet ready to land… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg Phase 2 Friday Design Update #56 - Make WordPress Design

Happy Friday! Gutenberg 8.4 was recently released. Let’s take a look at some features that got into 8.4, and then we’ll dive into some new features currently being worked on. Gutenberg 8.4 Inline image editing Multi-block controls Block Directory Improved… Continue Reading →

Google Launches Beta of AMP-Powered Web Stories Plugin for WordPress - WP Tavern

Google announced a public beta of its new Web Stories WordPress plugin this week. The plugin’s description aptly reads, “Visual storytelling for WordPress.” It is essentially a custom editor for creating AMP-powered stories within WordPress. Users can download the beta… Continue Reading →

Download a FREE Blog Post Template for Divi’s Psychologist Layout Pack - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new freebies. In the past, we shared the beautiful Psychologist Layout Pack. To help you get… Continue Reading →

What’s next in Gutenberg? (July) - Make WordPress Core

This is a monthly update containing the high-level items that Gutenberg contributors are focusing on for July. Please join us in our efforts and let us know in the comments if anything is blocking you from doing so. As a… Continue Reading →

Improvements to the Figma Libraries - Make WordPress Design

The Design Team is in the process of updating our WordPress Figma libraries. For those that aren’t aware, these design files provide community designers and developers creative resources to help build their projects using the latest WordPress design patterns and… Continue Reading →

What is a Permalink? - iThemes

A permalink is the full address of a post or page on your website. They are the “permanent address” of where a specific piece of content is available. Think of permalinks as you would physical addresses and road signs. Your… Continue Reading →

What is Spaghetti Code and How to Avoid It - Elegant Themes

While it may make for a delicious Italian dinner, one of the last things you want to hear about regarding your codebase is spaghetti. The idea that your code is as tangled as a plate of spaghetti is horrifying, but… Continue Reading →

Expert Tips For Moving Your Home Business To A Legitimate Office - WordPress Arena

Around 69% of U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses from the comfort of their own homes, Small Biz Trends reports. Whether you’re starting in your living room, garage, or a cheap leased space, launching an online business is an exciting yet challenging time…. Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams vs Slack: Which Collaboration App Is Better? - Kinsta Blog

In 2019, the team collaboration software market reached $9.5 billion globally. Try a free demo And with the COVID-19 situation leading to a major shift towards remote work, collaboration and chat tools are more important than ever. Businesses are rushing… Continue Reading →

WordPress Contributors Seek Sponsorship for Improving Gutenberg Developer Docs - WP Tavern

WordPress developers Milana Cap and Jonathan Bossenger are starting a fundraiser for improving Gutenberg developer documentation. The conversation began yesterday when Cap tweeted about how documentation is often overlooked when companies hire full-time contributors to work on WordPress. I wish… Continue Reading →

Editor features for WordPress 5.5 – update - Make WordPress Core

As a continuation of the previous post outlining the WordPress 5.5 Editor features, here’s an update on which of those features will be in 5.5, and which will not. In the previous post, there were two “sets” of features. The… Continue Reading →

X-post: WCEU 2020 Online Contributor Day: Feedback and achievements - Support Everything WordPress

X-post from +make.wordpress.org/updates: WCEU 2020 Online Contributor Day: Feedback and achievements

Decision Time: What Block Patterns Should Ship With WordPress 5.5? - WP Tavern

Inserting the Numbered Features block pattern into the editor. The first beta release of WordPress 5.5 is mere days away. This test release is expected to ship on July 7, and it carries with it a slew of new features… Continue Reading →

Accessibility Team Meeting Agenda: July 3, 2020 - Make WordPress Accessible

This is the proposed agenda for the weekly Accessibility Team meeting on Friday July 3, 2020 at 15:00 UTC. Discuss changes to the “Transform to” and block “movers” in Gutenberg Discuss this Gutenberg issue that proposes to add a ‘description’… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg + Themes: Week of June 29, 2020 - Make WordPress Themes

Hi everyone! Here’s the eighth weekly roundup of theme-related discussions, fixes, and developments in Gutenberg. This one’s coming a day early this week. Since conversations are ongoing, some of the issues & PRs mentioned were also present in previous weeks. We’ve… Continue Reading →

Download a FREE Header & Footer Template for Divi’s Upholstery Layout Pack - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new freebies. Recently, we shared a brand new Upholstery Layout Pack. To help you get your… Continue Reading →

What Is SEO Marketing? - iThemes

SEO marketing is a digital marketing technique that utilizes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a key strategy for finding new customers. By creating content that addresses search terms and answers questions asked by your potential customers, you have the opportunity… Continue Reading →

Block-based Theme Meeting Notes 1 July, 2020 - Make WordPress Themes

This post summarizes the latest bi-weekly Block-based Themes meeting (agenda, slack transcript). This meeting was held in the #themereview Slack channel on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 12:00 PM EDT and was moderated by @kjellr. Gutenberg Update Gutenberg 8.4 has been… Continue Reading →

Voice Marketing Basics: What You Need to Know - Elegant Themes

The use of voice-enabled AI devices has exploded over the past few years. While still in its infancy and not yet widely used, voice marketing is shaping up to be an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy for many… Continue Reading →

Retainful Review: Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce and Shopify - WP Mayor

Retainful helps you recover abandoned shopping carts by sending a series of cart recovery emails. It can also help you turn one-time customers into repeat customers by sending out unique coupons for future purchases.

Devchat meeting summary: July 1st, 2020 - Make WordPress Core

@whyisjake led the chat for this agenda Highlighted/Need Feedback Blog Posts A few blog posts and announcements were shared by @whyisjake ‪ @azaozz recently published a plan to update the version of jQuery that is shipped with WordPress: ‬Updating jQuery… Continue Reading →

The Month in WordPress: June 2020 - WordPress.org News

June was an exciting month for WordPress! Major changes are coming to the Gutenberg plugin, and WordCamp Europe brought the WordPress community closer together. Read on to learn more and to get all the latest updates.  WordPress 5.4.2 released We… Continue Reading →

Build Static or Dynamic Blocks With the WP Block Builder Script - WP Tavern

Today, Jeffrey Carandang released WP Block Builder, an npm script for developers to begin building WordPress blocks. It is just one of many such scripts in a sea of block scaffolding tools, but Carandang may just have the experience and… Continue Reading →

Editor chat Summary: 1st July, 2020 - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting agenda here. Held on Wednesday, 1st July 2020 held in Slack. Moderated by @andraganescu. Gutenberg version 8.4.0 Gutenberg version 8.4.0 was released. A huge thank you to @noisysocks for helping for tackling the huge… Continue Reading →

iThemes Security Pro Feature Spotlight #1: Magic Links & Passwordless Login - iThemes

Welcome to the first edition of the iThemes Security Pro feature spotlight. In these posts, we are going to highlight a feature and share a bit about why we developed the feature, who the feature is for, and how to… Continue Reading →

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