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Random widget area after second post in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

This tutorial provides the steps to register four widget areas and display one of these randomly below the second entry on non-singular pages (like posts page, archives) in Genesis using rand() and WordPress’s built-in loop counter. Step 1 Add the… Continue Reading →

How to add a CTA section below Home Bottom in Enterprise Pro - Sridhar Katakam

Looking to add a Call to Action widget area on Enterprise Pro‘s homepage similar to that in Executive Pro? This tutorial provides the steps to register a Home – CTA widget area below Home – Bottom section in Enterprise Pro…. Continue Reading →

Checkered Post Archives in Atmosphere Pro - Sridhar Katakam

In my tutorial requests board, a user asked: Hi Sridhar As an additional expansion to the checkerboard tutorial in your previous post: https://sridharkatakam.com/replace-featured-pages-atmosphere-pros-front-page-featured-posts/, I’m interested in carrying over the same checkerboard formatting to the taxononmy archive view for categories and… Continue Reading →

A Guide to Re-Ordering WordPress Blog Posts - WP Dev Shed

For a high end content management system, WordPress sure makes it difficult to implement seemingly simple functionality every now and then. If you’ve ever tried to change the default order of how blog posts appear on your site then I’m… Continue Reading →

Blog | Mobile Application Development, Web Development & SEO - Solwin Infotech

We are excited to bring you several months of hard work and determination. Blog Designer PRO 1.4 is live now with most required features to enjoy. Blog Designer PRO 1.4 with the new upgrade has been our most successful update… Continue Reading →

How To Disable Auto WordPress Responsive Images - Paul Underwood

How To Disable Auto WordPress Responsive Images | Paulund As of 4.4 WordPress will automatically add the srcset attribute to the images in your content. The srcset attribute allows you to define different images to use at different viewport breakpoints…. Continue Reading →

How to Add a Floating About Card to Your Divi Site with the Divi Code Module - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation, I’m happy to be back with another pen you can add to your Divi website using the Divi Code Module. This time I’ve created a floating about card that displays your image, name, title, description, and a… Continue Reading →

Simple Link Directory Pro for WordPress - WP Solver

January 21st in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Deal on: WordPress Hosting Link directories have been around for a long time. While paid directories are not as relevant as they used to be, it makes sense for large organizations… Continue Reading →

Brace yourselves; Super Bowl is coming – show NFL news on WordPress site - WP Loop

Super Bowl LI (that’s the 51st for you non-Romans) is closing up on us. It is scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2017, so that’s only two weeks away! If you live in Houston, Texas or have a chance to go… Continue Reading →

A Super Quick Guide to Writing Proposals for WordPress Projects - WPMU Dev

Flash proposals – we’ve all sent them. You know, when a potential client wants the next steps, more details, a quote, or maybe even a proposal … and you rush to crank out an email that – you think –… Continue Reading →

Gravity Forms – A Detailed Look at the Personal Edition - Elegant Themes

Gravity Forms from Rocket Genius is a powerful tool for creating simple or advanced forms for WordPress. It’s a premium plugin that lets you easily create and manage forms, even adding conditions and styling, creating multiple pages, limiting entries, and… Continue Reading →

WordPress Shortcode To Display Logged In Author Posts - Paul Underwood

In this tutorial we’re going to build a WordPress shortcode that will allow us to only show the posts of the logged in user. This is useful if you have a website which allows authors to post their own content… Continue Reading →

Responsive, JavaScript-Free Masonry Layouts with CSS3 Columns - WP Shout

I recently needed to create a number of masonry layouts for a WooCommerce website I’m building for a friend. I didn’t want to resort to jQuery, and that’s how, at long last, I found CSS3’s columns property. It lets you… Continue Reading →

Adding Visual Studio Code Debug Configuration - Tom McFarlin

In earlier posts, I’ve talked a bit about Visual Studio Code the least of which not being the importance of debugging your code with Xdebug. One of the questions I’ve received (and seen elsewhere around the web) is how to actually setup… Continue Reading →

To www or not to www – Should you use www or not in your domain? - Bjorn Johansen

For 20 years or so, there has been the debate over whether you should use www or not in your web site’s canonical hostname. So should you use www or not? Some historical background Even though people often use the… Continue Reading →

20 Tools to Turn Your WordPress-Powered Site into Money Making Machine - Torque

One of the main objectives of an online business is to make the visitors convert into customers by taking a certain number of actions on the website. These actions might include registering for a free trial of a product, providing… Continue Reading →

Bouncing Back From Failure to Succeed in Web Design featuring Tami Heaton – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 30 - Elegant Themes

I’m really excited to share this episode of Divi Nation with the Community. I think this topic is something we all have to face to varying degrees as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Something we all have to learn to deal with…. Continue Reading →

Weekly WordPress News: SiteGround SSL and How to Contribute to WP - WP Lift

The past week or so brought some very cool news from SiteGround – they’ll now be automatically issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to all domains. Jetpack also announced a new integration with WordAds. And you can now peruse the official… Continue Reading →

10+ Great-Looking Wix Templates vs WordPress Themes - Code In WP

Wix is one of the most popular website builders on the web. I mean, it’s still nowhere near WordPress’ popularity (currently powering more than 27% of the entire web and counting), but it’s still a force to be reckoned with,… Continue Reading →

WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 1/20 - WP Ninjas

Welcome to the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! We’re excited to announce the release of PDF Form Submissions and CleverReach into our version 3.0 compatible library! PDF Form Submissions lets you attach PDF copies of every form submission to the email… Continue Reading →

5 Plugins to Duplicate WordPress Posts, Pages, Menus - WP Solver

January 20th in Plugin Lists, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Plugins to: Get more Facebook Likes! Have you ever needed to duplicate a bunch of posts, pages, or even menus? Doing so manually is not the best way to… Continue Reading →

Keep the internet healthy – Internet for people, not profit. - Bjorn Johansen

“A healthy Internet needs all of us”, Mozilla states. And they’re right. If you consider the health of the internet valuable, or believe that your privacy is worth protecting, please consider making a donation to the Mozilla Foundation. You can… Continue Reading →

What is WordPress Multisite? - WP Newsify

Have you ever heard the term multisite and wondered what it meant? Well, the Codex defines WordPress Multisite as: “…a collection of sites that all share the same WordPress installation.” First introduced into the WordPress community in 2010, WordPress Multisite… Continue Reading →

HTTP status codes and what they mean for SEO - Yoast

HTTP status codes, like 404, 301 and 500, might not mean much to a regular visitor, but for SEOs they are incredibly important. Not only that, search engine spiders, like Googlebot, use these to determine the health of a site. These… Continue Reading →

How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress - WPMU Dev

So you’re clickity-clacking away on your keyboard, working on your WordPress website, when suddenly your sidebar appears below your content where it shouldn’t be. Worse still, there’s no clear error message. Zeus’ beard! What happened? Did your theme implode?? Before you… Continue Reading →

18 Best WordPress Restaurant Themes For Your Cafe (2017) - WP Beginner

Are you looking for WordPress restaurant themes? Restaurant websites have specific requirements to showcase their menu, photos, location, business hours, and other useful information. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress themes for restaurants. Building a… Continue Reading →

Community Management: Tools, Tips, & Best Practices - Elegant Themes

Community management is a hot topic these days. Brands are itching to not only find new customers but also retain existing ones. And one of the best ways to simultaneously achieve both goals is developing engaged communities. In this post,… Continue Reading →

List of WordPress Hosting Companies Now Offering Easy Let’s Encrypt Integrations - WinningWP

Home / Hosting / List of WordPress Hosting Companies Now Offering Easy Let’s Encrypt Integrations In case you aren’t already aware: since about a year or so ago there’s been a huge drive to encourage website owners to encrypt their… Continue Reading →

4 Effective Ways to Help Grow Your WordPress Blog Aside from Content - WP Mayor

Image taken from Pixabay Many bloggers misuse the marketing concept: “If you build it, they will come.” Content may be the primary building block of any website or online marketing strategy. However, creating tons of premium content can only get… Continue Reading →

How to Display Selective Tweets in WordPress - WhatsWP

Twitter is a powerful social networking platform with a large user base. With the great popularity, this platform has been used by plenty of webmasters to carry out the effective website promotion. Therefore, to tighten the relationship between Twitter and… Continue Reading →

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