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Website Weekend LA Recap - The WP Crowd

This past weekend, Oct 22-23, 2016, was website weekend Los Angeles. The event was put together by Natalie Maclees and Alex Vasquez, who set out to bring together developers, designers, and project managers to help non-profits that need website work, but… Continue Reading →

Monstroid vs. Divi. Which One Would You Choose? - WP Daily Themes

We are living in the age of highly developed web design industry. Every day brings us more and more top-quality products of the scope. New authors, names, startups, items, ideas and concepts. Sometimes, you might even ask yourself “What else… Continue Reading →

How to handle common holiday shipping issues - Woo Themes

If you run an online store, shipping is the one area where everything you do becomes tangible to your customer. At no time is this more critical to a positive customer experience than the holidays, when the product your customer… Continue Reading →

What Type of WordPress Hosting is Best for Me? - ManageWP Blog

With WordPress being so popular as a website building tool, there are now many WordPress-specific hosting options available to power your website. With so many choices, it is becoming more difficult to make a decision of which type of WordPress… Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Engage Your Customers Via Their Receipts - WP Mayor

About a month ago we announced the latest addition to our receipts: Feedback. At the time, we said that Feedback was designed to leverage the engagement opportunity that e-mail receipts presents. To be brutally honest though, this was based purely… Continue Reading →

Ask Yoast: how to get most out of cornerstone content - Yoast

You’ve did it! You’ve written that awesome post that’s designated to be one of the cornerstone articles of your site. And now what? How can you show Google that it is one of the most important articles of your site?  This… Continue Reading →

WordPress REST API in Core — Draft podcast - Post Status

Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle — the CTO of Human Made — and Brian Krogsgard. In this… Continue Reading →

WordPress REST API Example (One of Many) - Tom McFarlin

With the second-half of the REST API merge confirmation coming to WordPress 4.7, it’s safe to say that there are going to be there clearly be more than one WordPress REST API example made available in the next few months. Then… Continue Reading →

WordPress Careers Masterclass: Selling Your Code (Themes and Plugins) - WPMU Dev

Are you interested in a career selling your code? Specifically, coding themes and plugins that you can then sell for profit. Welcome to the second post in this series on how to build a successful career with WordPress! If you… Continue Reading →

Surfing WordPress Theme - WP Solver

October 24th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . Learn How to Code: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, WP Coding Every business needs to have a professional online presence these days. That applies to surfing websites too. Surfing for WordPress is a… Continue Reading →

30 Best Photography WordPress Themes for Photography Pros in 2016 - Elegant Themes

In 2016, about 41 million people practice photography either as a career or as a hobby. Additionally, the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram, sees 94 million new photos/videos published to it every day. In short: that’s a lot of… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Google AMP in WordPress - Kinsta Blog

The web is constantly evolving and for a lot of business owners this means the need for staying on top of all the changes with Google. If you don’t adapt it means you could get left behind. Google AMP, their mobile initiative… Continue Reading →

ManageWP Orion Review: A Complete Overview of Arguably the Best Website Management Tool for WordPress - WinningWP

ManageWP is one of the biggest names in the WordPress world. The tool has revolutionized website management, providing WordPress users with an easier way to manage multiple websites at once. In June 2016, this groundbreaking tool got even better with… Continue Reading →

22 Best Food WordPress Themes For Sharing Recipes - IndexWP

Food Blogging has grown very popular in recent times. Because restaurants aren’t always the plausible alternative and tasteful food is no doubt our birthright, finding working recipes on the internet to cook your favorite dish is a great benefit. So… Continue Reading →

How to Generate WordPress Sticky Navigation - WhatsWP

The sticky navigation now becomes a common utilization for most large and successful websites or platforms, such as Facebook, CNN, Google Plus and many more. With this special design, you can have your navigation bar displayed and showcased all the… Continue Reading →

How to Move WordPress Content from One Site to Another - WhatsWP

Looking to move your WordPress posts, pages and media from one website to another? This is a stressful task for most WordPress users, especially for newcomers. After all, this requires you to take the backup of the original site, copy… Continue Reading →

Request a support video call - WPML

October 24th, 2016by Amit you know how a “picture is worth a thousand words” ? well imagine how many words in a video call 🙂 Sometimes you really need to show us your side of the screen, and explain with… Continue Reading →

Display Data With VueJS - Paul Underwood

This is the first post from the learning VueJS series, you can see all the code examples in this series on the following Github repository. Vue Examples The first thing you need to learn with VueJS is how you can… Continue Reading →

Customer Story Emails to Promote Your Brand - Sell with WP

Customer stories highlight the type of experiences your customers have while using your products. Periodic customer stories can be great additions to your store blog. Customer story emails help promote these posts and drive traffic from your mailing list. In… Continue Reading →

Customize Update 2016-10-23 - Make WordPress Core

This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda. 4.7 Feature Proposals & Merges Three proposal posts have been published and approved since our… Continue Reading →

REST API: Agenda for October 24 Meeting - Make WordPress Core

Here’s the agenda for Monday’s weekly meeting for the REST API project, at 2016-10-24 14:00 UTC in the #core-restapi channel in slack. The meeting will run for one hour. Discuss post-merge Process Changes & the future of the WP-API GitHub… Continue Reading →

Best Of WordPress Themes For Artists - JustWP

We covered about same niche in the past also, but thanks for more and more readers of ours interested in exploring more new themes option under same niche. Here in this article you will find the best of WordPress themes… Continue Reading →

Test 3 - David Bisset

Test Gallery (Ignore) - David Bisset

How to prepare for the post-holiday tax season - Woo Themes

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jennifer Dunn at TaxJar. Try a 30-day-free trial of TaxJar today and eliminate sales tax compliance headaches from your life! Please note that this post applies primarily to U.S. store owners or those who collect… Continue Reading →

How to Duplicate WordPress Menus - WP Solver

October 23rd in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Learn How to Code: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, WP Coding I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of time customizing menus for each of my sites. Duplicating them… Continue Reading →

How to Use Google Alerts to Monitor Your Brand and Track Interests - Elegant Themes

This post is by Colin You may have noticed that there’s a lot of content bouncing around online. There’s all the news from traditional media companies. And then in case that’s not enough, there are millions of new blog posts… Continue Reading →

How to create professional recipes with Meal Planner Pro Recipes - WP Loop

Preparing food has become an art. If you want to surprise someone with a meal, you can’t just throw in ingredients and call it a day. Preparing delicious meals takes time, skill and it requires you to think about what… Continue Reading →

How to display Posts and entries of a CPT together with different layout for each in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

In my tutorial requests Trello board, a user asked: Request for displaying a combined list of normal posts and a CPT together and showing the posts differently depending on if it´s a normal post or a CPT. If a normal… Continue Reading →

Taking Sides - Ma.tt

From Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech in 1986: And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and… Continue Reading →

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