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How to Switch Your WordPress Site from HTTP to HTTPS - Delicious Brains

Just about every WordPress website should be served over HTTPS instead of HTTP, for reasons of both security and SEO. HTTP content isn’t encrypted, leaving your site vulnerable, and Google started using HTTPS as a ranking signal in 2014. It’s… Continue Reading →

Installing, Updating, and Managing WordPress Plugins With WP-CLI - Delicious Brains

WP-CLI allows you to do practically anything you can do in the WordPress admin, but on the command line. This saves a lot of time and provides a cleaner workflow. You can use WP-CLI to manage WordPress core, run theme… Continue Reading →

How to Fix ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ Error in WordPress - WP Kube

The post How to Fix ‘Another Update is Currently in Progress’ Error in WordPress is written by Tom Rankin and appeared first on WPKube. Lots of your site maintenance time will involve updating WordPress’ core, themes, and plugins. This is… Continue Reading →

Our Guide to WP-CLI Command Structure - Delicious Brains

The WordPress command line interface (WP-CLI) is an incredible tool for improving your development workflow. Understanding how commands are structured is key to using WP-CLI to its full potential. In this article, you’ll learn how to structure WP-CLI commands, including… Continue Reading →

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