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WPRiders To Offer WordPress development Services in Geneva and Lausanne Through its Local Representative  - WPRiders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lausanne, Switzerland – May 28, 2024 – WPRiders, a leading global provider of Web development and WordPress programming services, is pleased to announce its expansion into Switzerland with the appointment of Marius Vetrici as its local representative… Continue Reading →

How to Evaluate Freelancers for Your Growing WordPress Business - Pagely Blog

I was reading something the other day about the differences between entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Basically, solopreneurs build a business based on their passion and are completely content with handling the workload on their own. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, might… Continue Reading →

Win Back your Day with Automation and WordPress - Pagely Blog

If you spend any amount of time online, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid the topic of automation — marketing automation, in particular, has been the buzzword of choice for the past few years. lists an astounding 225 software… Continue Reading →

Bulletproof: Configuring Your Site For Zero Downtime - Pagely Blog

Understanding the True Cost of Website Downtime Website downtime can be truly frustrating for both your business and customers. It can break a line of communication, leave both parties in the dark, and has the potential to impact your brand… Continue Reading →

What Does “Best” Really Mean in a Google Search? - Pagely Blog

The best of the best–that’s what customers are hoping to find when they browse or shop online. Google’s search engine powers a wide variety of purchase experiences, but those that focus on the “best” as a search qualifier are quickly… Continue Reading →

5 Key Elements of a Successful Enterprise WordPress Site - Pagely Blog

Introduction: From generating qualified leads to boosting SERP rankings, a successful enterprise WordPress site must achieve a balance between driving sales and generating brand awareness. For corporations that want to take advantage of all WordPress has to offer, there are… Continue Reading →

How Can Martech Integration with WordPress Elevate Your Marketing Strategy - WPRiders

The world of marketing technology (Martech) has become a vast and dynamic field, filled with tools that are transforming how businesses connect with customers. This journey into the Martech landscape isn’t just about understanding different software options. The Martech integrations… Continue Reading →

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