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How AI Will Change The Gaming Space - WP Dev Shed

The intelligence that we humans display is natural. In other words, it’s developed on its own. The term ‘artificial intelligence’, or ‘AI’, refers to intelligence that’s displayed by computers or even robots run by computers, like for example Google AI…. Continue Reading →

Tips For Creating An Effective Landing Page - WP Dev Shed

The landing page should always be the center of attention, even if it’s the last step in an advertising campaign. But at the same time, you should not forget about it and it is better to pay due attention to… Continue Reading →

Why The UK’s iGaming Businesses Use GamStop - WP Dev Shed

Over the last five years, online gambling has become the rage among UK adult residents. They truly seem to enjoy having the opportunity to stay at home and wager on sports or play their favourite online casino games. Given the… Continue Reading →

How To Make A Mobile Meditation App - WP Dev Shed

Everyone dreams of having a startup. And if you have an idea for an interesting meditation app, start by researching potential users. Good audience research has two parts: 1) quantitative research (that is mass surveys to probe demand); 2) qualitative… Continue Reading →

Understanding Watermarks And The Role Of Watermark Software - WP Dev Shed

What exactly is a watermark and why is it recommended that you use watermark software to get the job done? If you’re the average consumer, then it is quite likely that your idea of what a watermark is sounds something… Continue Reading →

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Their Phone in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Let us discover how much time does the average American spend on their phone in 2022. Nowadays, we spend more time with our phones compared to any gadget we have. Fair enough, this small gadget is a jack of all… Continue Reading →

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