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Fortify Your WordPress Against Brute Force Attacks - iThemes

Imagine waking up to find your WordPress website compromised, your data stolen, and your server overwhelmed. This nightmare often stems from a brute force attack, where hackers use automated scripts to guess usernames and passwords until they gain access.  These… Continue Reading →

Solid Security Pro Feature Spotlight – File Change Detection - iThemes

window[“03da2e5a_673f_4ee1_abf6_6b5ec5349c18”] = {“blockId”:”03da2e5a-673f-4ee1-abf6-6b5ec5349c18″,”className”:””,”isOpen”:true}; Table of Contents1. 3 Reasons You Need File Change Detection For Your WordPress Site1.1 1. A security breach can happen to even the most vigilant site owners. 1.2 2. The time it takes to detect a security… Continue Reading →

Solid Security Pro Feature Spotlight – Passkeys - iThemes

window[“435d3828_5c05_4079_8a7f_6ce0d528f2db”] = {“blockId”:”435d3828-5c05-4079-8a7f-6ce0d528f2db”,”className”:””,”isOpen”:true}; Table of Contents1. What are passkeys?2. Why use passkeys?3. Why we developed passkeys for WordPress4. Advantages of using passkeys4.1 Eliminate the risk of stolen or leaked passwords4.2 Protect against phishing attempts4.3 Adopt user-friendly security4.4 Simplify mobile logins4.5… Continue Reading →

Solid Security Pro 8.5.0 Release: Enhanced Security with NEW Account Registration with Passkeys - iThemes

We are thrilled to announce the release of Solid Security Pro 8.5.0! This latest update brings a host of new features designed to enhance your security experience and make your digital life even more seamless and protected. Here’s what’s new… Continue Reading →

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