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WordPress 5.9 and PHP 8.0-8.1 - Make WordPress Core

PHP 8.1 was released on 25 November 2021. PHP 8.1 contains new features, performance improvements, deprecations, and backward compatibility breaks. For more information, see the PHP 8.1 release page, changelog, and migration guide. WordPress is not fully compatible with PHP… Continue Reading →

Updates for Settings, Styles, and theme.json - Make WordPress Core

Changes in v2 of theme.json WordPress 5.9 is evolving the theme.json v1 introduced in WordPress 5.8 to a v2. The existing v1 theme.json files will still work as expected, and they’ll be transformed at runtime to the v2 format by WordPress. Please, refer to… Continue Reading →

Locking Blocks in WordPress 5.9 - Make WordPress Core

To facilitate creating better patterns and templates, WordPress 5.9 comes with a block level locking mechanism that works alongside templateLock. Instead of applying a lock to all inner blocks, you can apply it selectively to individual blocks via the lock… Continue Reading →

Theme-focused changes and filters in WordPress 5.9 - Make WordPress Core

A few theme-related notes are already published in the Miscellaneous Core Changes developer note, including: The comment text field is now marked as required, and some themes that have special styling for the asterisk or that create a custom logged_in_as… Continue Reading →

The new Navigation block - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.9 sees the introduction of a Navigation block which allows users to create, manage, and reuse menus built with various blocks from page links to site logos and more. For full information on using the block please see the… Continue Reading →

Bundled theme updates with WordPress 5.9 - Make WordPress Core

Besides creating the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, 30 tickets related to existing bundled themes have been closed as fixed during this major release cycle. Below are some of the significant changes. Privacy policy link in Twenty Twenty and Twenty Twenty-One When… Continue Reading →

New Capability Queries in WordPress 5.9 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.9 adds support for capability queries in WP_User_Query. Similar to the existing role/role__in/role__not_in query arguments, this adds support for three new query arguments in WP_User_Query: capabilitycapability__incapability__not_in These can be used to fetch users with (or without) a specific set of capabilities, for example… Continue Reading →

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