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Tech Talk: Scaling WordPress With DevriX & Pagely - Pagely Blog

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the second episode of the series “Webmasters Unleashed: Empowering Websites with Pagely and DevriX”. Today, we will be focusing on scaling WordPress for high traffic websites, and how it can cater to both startups… Continue Reading →

Mastering Frontend WordPress Website Accessibility: Best Practices and Tools - Pagely Blog

Writing books on WordPress for nearly two decades has taught me a thing or two about the platform and its capabilities. The internet is our modern-day playground, a hub for news, and, in many ways, our lifeline to the broader… Continue Reading →

The Unparalleled Value of Digital Agency Partnerships - Pagely Blog

As we step into the fourth quarter of 2023, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the challenges facing enterprise digital marketing teams are getting more intricate and arriving at lightning speed. With the new financial year in 2024 just around the… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting: Why You Should Consider It - Pagely Blog

Are you still managing your WordPress hosting? That’s cool! However, if you aren’t set up for that, you can pass on the heavy lifting to a good Managed WordPress Host. With fully managed WordPress hosting, the day-to-day technical responsibility for… Continue Reading →

The Power of AI: How It’s Changing Development and Hosting - Pagely Blog

Web development used to be hard work, full of endlessly sleepless nights of coding and testing. But those days are fading fast as artificial intelligence (AI) lights the way to a brighter future. The power of AI is totally transforming… Continue Reading →

The Future of WordPress: Exciting Trends and Updates to Look Forward to in 2024 - Pagely Blog

Hey there, WordPress enthusiasts! As we gear up for the year 2024, it’s time to put on our tech-savvy glasses and dive into the exciting trends and updates that will shape the future of our beloved content management system. From… Continue Reading →

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