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Quick Tip: Verify Minimum PHP Version - Tom McFarlin

Here’s how you can prevent activation of your plugin if the minimum PHP version requirement is not met. Source

Manipulate Incoming WordPress REST API Requests - Tom McFarlin

There’s a number of reasons you may want to manipulate incoming WordPress REST API requests before they begin interacting with the core application. Source

How to Run Custom Functionality Once in Multiple Plugins - Tom McFarlin

Here’s a function that makes it exceptionally easy to ensure that we run custom functionality once in multiple plugins. Source

Bankruptcy on Block Editor Blocks (But It’s Not What You Think) - Tom McFarlin

I’m declaring not only bankruptcy on building block editor blocks, but on my entire blogging strategy, too. Source

Quick Fix: Module ‘imagick’ already loaded - Tom McFarlin

To fix module ‘imagick’ already loaded, there are two things you need to do: locate the PHP configuration file for your version and ignore a version check. Source

Using Custom Tables for ACF Data - Tom McFarlin

Overtime, this won’t scale. More specifically, you’re going to hit a point as to where adding a new row in the repeater won’t work. And this is where the alternative solutions for custom data tables tables for ACF comes into… Continue Reading →

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