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PHP 8.3: What’s New and What’s Changed In the Latest Release - Kinsta Blog

PHP 8.3 was released on schedule on November 23 and packs many new features and improvements since the launch of PHP 8.2. Even though it’s officially considered a minor release, some of the changes in 8.3 might directly affect your… Continue Reading →

Ruby vs Ruby on Rails: What’s the Difference? - Kinsta Blog

Many people conflate Ruby and Ruby on Rails. As a result, despite several principal differences, their similar names and shared origin continue to confuse — especially among newer developers. This article will clear up that confusion, exploring their connected history… Continue Reading →

What You Need To Know About Hashing in Python - Kinsta Blog

Python programmers use hashing to transform input data into a fixed-size value. This value represents the data uniquely, and the hashing technique makes it easy to transmit and store various forms of data securely. Hashing protects data from unauthorized access… Continue Reading →

10 Vue Component Libraries You’ll Want to Know - Kinsta Blog

Vue.js (simply, “Vue”) is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It’s a progressive framework that’s accessible, adaptable, and performant. Vue is one of the most popular frontend frameworks in use today, with a vibrant ecosystem of third-party libraries… Continue Reading →

Under the Hood of Kinsta’s Free Static Site Hosting - Kinsta Blog

When the “World Wide Web” was first revealed to the public in 1991, all websites were collections of static HTML documents — each file containing the markup required to render a complete page in a web browser. Almost immediately, the… Continue Reading →

Learn Redis CLI Basics With WordPress and Docker - Kinsta Blog

Redis is a schemaless, in-memory key-value data store for real-time applications. Developers can use it as a NoSQL database, a secondary data layer, or a cache layer for computing-intensive processes. Redis offers persistent storage that can cache website session states… Continue Reading →

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