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How To Generate and Use Fake Records with Laravel Model Factories - Kinsta Blog

Testing is essential to web development. Laravel Model factories define database records in a predictable and easily replicable way so that your app tests are consistent and controlled. Model factories define a set of default attributes for each of your… Continue Reading →

How To Use Laravel’s Built-In Client to Interact with External APIs - Kinsta Blog

Laravel makes API interactions a breeze for both new and experienced web developers. The Larvel HTTP client is built on top of PHP’s Guzzle HTTP client to give developers a smoother experience when making HTTP requests. Its primary features include… Continue Reading →

Kubernetes vs Docker: The Difference Explained - Kinsta Blog

If you’re trying to decide between Docker and Kubernetes, you’re unlikely to reach a definitive answer. These two technologies are so fundamentally different that you can’t compare them directly. However, “one versus the other” underscores the importance of understanding the two. What… Continue Reading →

Persistent Storage: Long-Term Memory in the Era of Containers - Kinsta Blog

Persistent storage refers to the retention of data in a non-volatile manner so that it remains available even after a device or application powers off or restarts. Storage and retrieval of data allow web applications to save user information and… Continue Reading →

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