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How To Migrate From MySQL To MariaDB - Kinsta Blog

If you’re considering migrating from MySQL to MariaDB, there’s a solid case for making the switch. As one of the first database management system (DBMS) platforms, MySQL has dominated the industry for a long time and remains remarkably relevant. However,… Continue Reading →

How and Why To Run Redis in Docker - Kinsta Blog

Redis is a highly available in-memory database. Its disk-persistent key-value data store is ideal for multiple high-availability uses. On the other hand, Docker is a tool for containerizing applications and services, isolating their environments and allowing them to run separately. You can… Continue Reading →

Rest API vs Web API: Everything You Need To Know - Kinsta Blog

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are a way for computer programs or services to communicate with each other. This communication usually happens over an API endpoint, exposed by a program that a client consumes. This article will compare two popular… Continue Reading →

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