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Things You Can Do if Your SiteGround Website Is Not Secure - WP Loop

SiteGround is one of the leading hosting providers in the game, with more than 2,800,000 domains around the globe. Among other things, SiteGround makes installing WordPress a piece of cake. It also guarantees high uptime, automatic backups, and free SSL… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy “Not Secure” Fixes You Should Try - WP Loop

Your GoDaddy website is showing the “Not Secure” message, and you don’t know why? There are a few possible reasons for this, though it’s not necessarily because you’re using an unsecured connection.  Follow this guide to remove the “Not Secure”… Continue Reading →

How To Fix GoDaddy Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress - WP Loop

If your GoDaddy website is showing the “Error establishing a database connection” instead of your home page, don’t panic.  This can be due to your database server being down or corrupted, or you entered the wrong login credentials. Fortunately, this… Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Follow When Writing Your First Blog Post + Examples - WP Loop

Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. What niche should you choose? What should you write about to engage your readers and compel them to return for more? What writing style to use to attract the right audience? How should… Continue Reading →

A Complete New Blog Checklist You Need To Know in 2023 - WP Loop

If you’re thinking about starting a new blog in 2023, there are several things you must first consider. From finding your niche and target audience to getting reliable hosting to optimizing your content to perform better, you’ll need to go… Continue Reading →

Good Blog vs. Bad Blog: What Are the Main Differences? - WP Loop

Everyone knows what a blog is.  But when defining what makes it good vs. bad, only some are experts. Nevertheless, understanding the difference between what works and what doesn’t is crucial in this highly competitive field.  Lucky for you, we… Continue Reading →

How to Blog With Notion: Simple Checklist  - WP Loop

Getting into the world of blogging can be overwhelming.  Where do you get started? Do you have to learn how to code? How do you make your blog go “live”? Though it may seem like too much work to figure… Continue Reading →

Google Cloud Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners - WP Loop

In an internet-driven world, you need a recognizable and memorable domain name and a responsive, user-friendly website to get ahead of the curve. These elements are the foundation of your digital business.  Since your total website traffic depends on your… Continue Reading →

How Often Should a New Blogger Post? - WP Loop

Ask your fellow bloggers how often you should post as a beginner, and they’ll all give you different answers. Some might say that several times per week or month is the ideal blogging frequency, while others will advise you to… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Not Showing My Website – Possible Solutions  - WP Loop

If you’re wondering, “Why is GoDaddy not showing my website?” you’ll be pleased to learn it’s not uncommon.  You can try a couple of possible culprits for this issue and a few corresponding solutions. One of these is guaranteed to… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Email Not Sending In Outlook – Causes & Fixes - WP Loop

There are many reasons why your Outlook emails aren’t being sent with GoDaddy.  Today we’ll look at some common causes and all the fixes you can try to get your Outlook back to work. Here’s what you need to know. … Continue Reading →

InMotion Hosting Not Receiving Email – Six Ways You Can Solve This Issue - WP Loop

InMotion is a versatile tool for your business needs – whether you need web hosting services, domains, or other essentials in the digital world, this company has your back. However, since more and more people are using InMotion for professional… Continue Reading →

Things You Can Do if Your HostPapa Email Isn’t Working - WP Loop

HostPapa is one of the top hosting companies for organizing, sending, and receiving business emails. While this hosting provider has a good track record, many users complained that they can’t access their accounts or have had trouble sending and receiving… Continue Reading →

Five Common iPage Email Problems and Solutions - WP Loop

If you’re paying for some of the popular services offered by iPage – cheap web hosting, domain names, and dedicated servers  – you’re likely using iPage email as well.  iPage is well known for its affordable pricing and user-friendly solutions…. Continue Reading →

A Step-By-Step Guide on Fixing A2 Hosting Mail Issues - WP Loop

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable and trustworthy hosting companies. You can customize your email experience using their services, making it an excellent option for all business emails.  As with any other hosting company, you may encounter working… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Wix Blog Not Working? Possible Fixes - WP Loop

If you’re having problems with your Wix blog, you’ll be happy to know that most of them aren’t serious and that you can deal with them independently with some work.  Let’s look at common issues and how to resolve them… Continue Reading →

How to Index Blog Posts in Google Right Away - WP Loop

How quickly Google indexes your blog posts depends on the search engine’s crawl rate. This rate refers to the time Google bots need to crawl posts in your blog. The higher the rate, the faster the bots will index your… Continue Reading →

WordPress Blog vs Substack – How Do They Compare? - WP Loop

In recent years, blogging has become a popular way for individuals and businesses to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories online. Two popular platforms for blogging are WordPress and Substack.  Let’s take a closer look at what these two platforms… Continue Reading →

How to Blog Like James Clear  - WP Loop

Blogging is all about expressing yourself. It’s about sharing your unique insights and understandings of the world, business, marketing, behaviors, and everything in between in your own words. However, it’s often challenging to start expressing yourself, so it’s always a… Continue Reading →

How to Blog With Showit: Everything You Need to Know - WP Loop

Blogging has become one of the most popular forms of communication and self-expression in today’s digital age. With the rise of platforms such as Showit and many others, creating and publishing blog posts has never been easier. Below, we’ll take… Continue Reading →

Blogs Like Thought Catalog That Can Help You Develop Your Style - WP Loop

The internet houses over 572 million blogs, so standing out can be challenging. A unique style and voice can help, among other factors, but how can you develop them? You can find inspiration in top-performing blogs like Thought Catalog and… Continue Reading →

Blog Like Seth Godin in a Few Simple Steps  - WP Loop

Blogging isn’t just a simple matter of writing essays and informative articles, hoping that someone someday would come across your website. If you want to attract attention and increase your website traffic, you must get serious about blogging.  That means… Continue Reading →

How to Import Blog Posts Into WordPress From Different Platforms - WP Loop

Knowing how to import blog posts into WordPress can be really useful, especially if you have recently started using WordPress or are planning to do that soon. However, before you begin importing your blog content, there are a few things… Continue Reading →

How to Add a Blog to Squarespace: A Quick and Simple Tutorial  - WP Loop

You may be familiar with Squarespace already since it’s one of the most popular website builders currently. With the help of Squarespace’s tools, you can easily create professional-looking websites. However, this toolset isn’t helpful for just building a website design… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Shopify Not Working? (4 Possible Fixes) - WP Loop

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms today. It’s used for many reasons, but most people use Shopify to build their websites quickly and efficiently while avoiding spending vast amounts of money.  Even though this is one of the… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Google-Hosted Email Not Working & How Can I Fix It? - WP Loop

Not receiving emails, missing specific messages, or being unable to access your Gmail business account or send emails can be frustrating.  These problems are more common than you think and arise for many reasons. The most common reasons for Google-hosted… Continue Reading →

Blog vs. Vlog Income Differences You Should Know - WP Loop

Choosing between blogging and vlogging comes down to your preferences. Starting a blog is a no-brainer if you love writing and are a subject matter expert. A vlog is perfect if you’re a visual storyteller who loves being on camera… Continue Reading →

How To Add a Blog to Shopify - WP Loop

Creating an online store on Shopify and running it from the comfort of your home is an excellent business idea.  Adding a blog is even better as you can connect with your readers, often turning them into customers and driving… Continue Reading →

Blog vs Vlog vs Podcast – Main Differences - WP Loop

Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts are all great mediums for content creation, and each has its unique features that you can take advantage of. You must choose the right medium based on the type of content you want to create, your… Continue Reading →

Can Couples Make Money Online? Options You Need to Know  - WP Loop

If we’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that working from home is possible – and, in many instances, preferable. No one wants to commute to work, spend eight hours at the office, waste time returning home,… Continue Reading →

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