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Best ways to delegate tasks and when to do it - GoDaddy Garage

The best ways to delegate tasks aren’t always straightforward. Your team members are unique. They have different abilities and distinct approaches to work. We all work with team members who do things differently, but that doesn’t make their approach wrong…. Continue Reading →

Demo this! Everything you ever wanted to know about AI (but were afraid to ask) - GoDaddy Garage

There is so much that people want to ask about artificial intelligence (AI), and with ChatGPT’s meteoric rise, the questions continue to increase. You can’t turn on any network news channel – or even fintech news – without hearing about… Continue Reading →

Demo this! Habits and trends of ecommerce buyers you must know - GoDaddy Garage

We’re nearly at the end of the first quarter of 2023 – a year of seeing the rise of AI (if you read Twitter enough) – and yet, we’re emerging from the pandemic changed. But how much have we changed?… Continue Reading →

Demo this! Business tools and resources for entrepreneurs to run their freelance business like a real business - GoDaddy Garage

The imposter syndrome is strong among WordPress freelancers. We get it, but keep repeating to yourself: “Freelancing is a real business. Freelancing is a real business.” Being a real business is a mindset. So, to feel like your freelance business… Continue Reading →

Demo this! The best industry events (and hidden gems) for agencies to attend in 2023 - GoDaddy Garage

It’s been a comfortable year or two in the home office, so why pack a suitcase, jump onto a crowded plane, and get lost in a strange city searching for an eight-dollar low-caf-mocha-freddo? Whether it be a conference, congress, seminar,… Continue Reading →

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