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Build a tool to bulk update WordPress plugins on multiple sites with Kinsta API - Kinsta Blog

Plugins play a vital role in customizing and enhancing your WordPress sites. They are used to add functionality like contact forms, ecommerce, and analytics to your sites with no coding required. Like WordPress, which receives regular updates, plugins also receive regular… Continue Reading →

Isolated container technology: Everything you need to know - Kinsta Blog

When choosing the right web hosting for your sites, you consider factors like speed, security, pricing, and scalability. Hosting providers try to meet those needs in different ways: with shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server hosting, and more. In the… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Blocks: Add WooCommerce capabilities to your WordPress site - Kinsta Blog

WooCommerce Blocks helps you create custom store pages, showcase your products, and add advanced ecommerce functionality like filtering and searching — all without writing a single line of code. Many blocks ship with WooCommerce by default, but several new ones… Continue Reading →

What Is Bun? An All-in-One Runtime Taking on Node.js - Kinsta Blog

JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular and widely adopted programming languages. It ͏powers web applications, mobile apps, desktop software, and even embedded devices. Despite its widespread use, it’s not without its challenges. Like all technologies, JavaScript grapples with issues related… Continue Reading →

Create Custom ChatGPT for Managing Kinsta Services With GPTs and Kinsta API - Kinsta Blog

When ChatGPT was unveiled to the public, it sparked a global sensation with its exceptional ability to provide accurate and detailed answers from simple prompts. Its capabilities, ranging from summarizing extensive texts to offering detailed explanations in various tones and… Continue Reading →

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