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How To Create an Effective WordPress Workflow for Developers - Kinsta Blog

WordPress is a great platform, but it can also be a bit unorganized at times – at least from a code perspective. This is because the code has gone through many iterations, and as updates roll out, sometimes things are… Continue Reading →

A Complete Guide to Improving Your Localization Strategy - Kinsta Blog

All companies want to grow, and in the internet age, global growth has never been more attainable. But expanding into new markets can prove difficult if you’re unwilling to change your marketing tactics based on geographic location. A one-size-fits-all strategy… Continue Reading →

How To Build a WordPress Site Offline (in 3 Simple Steps) - Kinsta Blog

When you’re editing a live website, any changes you make will be immediately implemented. That means, if you want to try out new coding or experimental software, you could end up breaking your site and alienating new visitors. To solve… Continue Reading →

A Cookieless Future: Preparing for the End of Third-Party Cookies - Kinsta Blog

Everyone loves cookies. Or do they? Just like oatmeal raisin, people either love or hate third-party web cookies. Now, major players like Google are trying to phase them out altogether. This emerging shift away from third-party cookies has become known… Continue Reading →

How To Create a WooCommerce Members Only Store: Complete Guide - Kinsta Blog

Debating creating a WooCommerce members-only store? Offering special members-only perks is a popular ecommerce strategy, with some well-known examples being Amazon Prime (shipping perks) and Costco (restricted purchasing club). With the right plugins and tools, you can easily add members-only… Continue Reading →

The Definitive Guide to Finding and Reporting Fake Facebook Pages - Kinsta Blog

Facebook impersonators are targeting business and public figures to scam users out of their money. When one of these scammers sets its sights on your business, it can be highly stressful. How do you protect your brand and your customers… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Guide to Creating a WordPress Wiki - Kinsta Blog

The gathering and sharing of information online gets messy. That’s why people use WordPress wiki: websites with special organizational tools for multiple users to file, display, and navigate content efficiently. Wikis are helpful for many reasons, whether it’s for brands… Continue Reading →

How Hosting Affects SEO and How to Choose the Best Host for Your Site - Kinsta Blog

What do you think of when you think of SEO? If you’re like most people, your mind goes immediately to keywords, content, and, of course, backlinks. On the technical side, you might be familiar with factors like site structure and… Continue Reading →

8 Best Reading Progress Bar WordPress Plugins (Most Are Free) - Kinsta Blog

Want to add a reading progress bar to WordPress? A reading progress bar is a great way to improve your site’s user experience by giving readers a visual indicator of their progress through a post. If you want to add… Continue Reading →

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