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Utilizing DevOps and Kinsta’s staging environments for WordPress site development - Kinsta Blog

If you picture a Venn diagram, Kinsta’s staging environments would converge with both developing for WordPress and your chosen DevOps Lifecycle. They can be a part of your workflow from the initial planning, right up to your operations phase. This… Continue Reading →

Advanced SEO strategies for headless WordPress sites - Kinsta Blog

Opting for a headless WordPress site over a traditional site architecture changes the SEO game quite a bit. This approach separates the site’s front end from its back end, boosting flexibility and speed. But it also brings new SEO challenges…. Continue Reading →

8 Node.js alternatives for modern developers to consider - Kinsta Blog

Node.js is a runtime for JavaScript, one of today’s best and most widely used programming languages. With features that support flexibility and scalability, developers frequently use Node.js for backend development. Although Node.js has several benefits, it also has flaws: It has limited CPU-bound… Continue Reading →

Automated testing and Continuous Integration in WordPress development - Kinsta Blog

If you work in WordPress development, now’s the time to embrace automated testing and continuous integration (CI). It can significantly boost efficiency, ensure code quality, and streamline deployment processes! Here, we’ll explore how these modern development practices can transform your… Continue Reading →

How to add a comment section to your static site - Kinsta Blog

Static websites deliver content through a predefined collection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, making them a straightforward and economical choice for many. Despite their fixed nature, static sites can be enhanced with elements of dynamic content to foster user interaction. Integrating… Continue Reading →

How to set up TypeScript with Express - Kinsta Blog

TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language that extends JavaScript capabilities. It offers a range of features to help you develop scalable applications with Node.js and Express. One of the critical advantages of TypeScript over JavaScript is that it provides type… Continue Reading →

How to integrate a payment gateway and checkout with your static site - Kinsta Blog

In the past, static websites commonly featured product images and descriptions, prompting customers to order via email or phone. Today, however, customers anticipate a more dynamic experience with robust ecommerce functionalities. This streamlines the purchasing process, encouraging users to complete… Continue Reading →

Mastering advanced CSS techniques: a deep dive into transitions, animations, and transforms - Kinsta Blog

CSS isn’t just about making sites look pretty anymore. It’s evolved into a tool that brings websites to life with movements and interactions that were once thought to be impossible. So this guide is all about getting you up to… Continue Reading →

How to implement forms in static sites - Kinsta Blog

Websites vary in design, purpose, and complexity but are generally static or dynamic. Static sites are pre-rendered and serve the same content to all visitors. Their simple structure means they’re typically easy to manage and have fast loading times. On the… Continue Reading →

How To Master WordPress Database Optimization on Kinsta - Kinsta Blog

While all of the components of a WordPress website are important, your database is arguably key. This is where practically all of your site’s information is stored and accessed. As such, your WordPress database optimization game has to be perfect…. Continue Reading →

Node.js and WordPress: Building Dynamic APIs for Custom Applications - Kinsta Blog

As a web developer, you’re likely familiar with Node.js and WordPress. Node.js is a powerful runtime environment that runs JavaScript outside the browser, and WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS). These platforms might seem worlds apart — Node.js,… Continue Reading →

Mastering Postgres: From Database Creation to Administration With Adminer - Kinsta Blog

Postgres, also known as PostgreSQL, stands as a cornerstone in object-relational database management. With decades of work put into its development, Postgres is a reliable, flexible database that delivers high performance. This hands-on guide explores how to create databases and… Continue Reading →

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