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How To Install Laravel on Windows, macOS, and Linux - Kinsta Blog

Having a strong and efficient framework is important when working in web development. Laravel is an elegant and powerful PHP web application framework that simplifies the development process while offering a range of key features and functionality. But if you’re… Continue Reading →

How To Make a Link Clickable - Kinsta Blog

Online links lay the foundation for simple interactivity online, whether it’s sending users to webpages, downloadable documents, or other applications. What’s great is that you can make clickable links in many applications, including as content management systems, website builders, word… Continue Reading →

A Complete Guide to Using WebPageTest (and Interpreting the Results) - Kinsta Blog

Every website should load as fast as possible. However, achieving great site performance requires you to be on top of things all the time. That means monitoring the site’s performance, making changes to improve it, and ensuring that every page… Continue Reading →

How To Display Code in WordPress (and Make It Look Pretty) - Kinsta Blog

Learning how to display code in WordPress is crucial for bloggers and content creators who consistently publish code online for their readers to use. Computer code, by design, renders something new on the frontend of a website rather than the… Continue Reading →

Laravel API: Create and Test an API in Laravel - Kinsta Blog

Laravel Eloquent is an easy way to interact with your database. It is an object-relational mapper (ORM) that simplifies the complexities of databases by providing a model to interact with tables. As such, Laravel Eloquent has excellent tools for creating and… Continue Reading →

Using Laravel Scout To Enable Full-Text Search - Kinsta Blog

The Laravel framework has become a go-to resource for developers building web services. As an open-source tool, Laravel offers a myriad of out-of-the-box functionalities that enable developers to build robust and functional applications. Among its offerings is Laravel Scout, a library… Continue Reading →

15 Patreon Alternatives to Monetize Your Audience in 2023 - Kinsta Blog

Patreon is a popular platform among content creators and artists. It allows them to connect with their fans and receive ongoing financial support from their supporters to fund their work. Patreon comes with benefits like zero upfront costs (you can… Continue Reading →

Redis vs MongoDB: Which One Should You Choose? - Kinsta Blog

When developing your application, the database you choose can affect the speed of data retrieval, scalability, and overall performance. MongoDB and Redis are popular choices in modern database management. They’re both scalable, open-source NoSQL databases that offer highly comparable results in… Continue Reading →

Data Validation in Laravel: Convenient and Powerful - Kinsta Blog

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that the data in your applications is valid, accurate, and meets all system requirements. It addresses the need to maintain data consistency and avoid security vulnerabilities. Laravel makes data validation easy and intuitive. It follows a… Continue Reading →

Cover Your Tracks: How to Hide Things in GitHub Actions Logs - Kinsta Blog

GitHub Actions is GitHub’s built-in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that enables development teams to automate their workflow, including the build, test, and deployment pipeline. One disadvantage of using GitHub Actions is that your logs are public, and anyone… Continue Reading →

Stripe vs Adyen for Business: Which Is Best? - Kinsta Blog

In the highly competitive world of online payment tools, two companies go head to head: industry-leading Stripe and the upcoming platform Adyen. Both offer innovative features to help businesses accept payments from customers around the world. Stripe is ideal for… Continue Reading →

Learn Deno and Go Beyond Node.js - Kinsta Blog

Although Node.js remains the most-used server-side JavaScript runtime by a huge margin, alternative runtimes like Deno and Bun have garnered attention as they attempt to improve upon the Node.js concept. Deno, the more popular of the two newer runtimes, addresses some security issues… Continue Reading →

Tor Browser Review: An Essential and Anonymous Way to Surf the Web - Kinsta Blog

While it might not have been a primary concern in the early days of the web, for modern internet users, the ability to reserve the right to withhold personal information is paramount. Hacking is a big (albeit illegal) business too,… Continue Reading →

Why MariaDB Is a Good Fit For Your Python Backend - Kinsta Blog

Choosing the right database for your application is important, especially for backend applications that interface directly with the database. Many options are available, each suited to certain use cases and with different prices, speeds, and scaling options. Python is typically used… Continue Reading →

Key GitHub Statistics in 2023 (Users, Employees, and Trends) - Kinsta Blog

GitHub has long been the go-to platform for storing and sharing code. It enables developers from around the world to create code repositories and collaborate on open-source projects. However, you might be asking yourself: is it still worth the time and… Continue Reading →

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