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How To Delete Twitter Search Suggestions in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Everything we do on our socials is recorded in a big stockpile of data and keeping our history undeleted could be a problem in the future. Platforms like Twitter track our social media algorithm 24/7 and use our activity history… Continue Reading →

How to Delete an Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Deleting a social media account can lead to many benefits. It is also very easy to do! However, there are instances where we cannot do it since we have lost login access to the account we want to delete. Good… Continue Reading →

How to Tag Someone on Twitter in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Tagging someone on social media posts has become a popular trend in the world’s digital culture in the past years. The words ‘I tagged you’ directly mean giving them access and encouraging more of their participation in a post, and… Continue Reading →

How to Make Twitter Account Public in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Keeping things private on social media is the way to live a quiet, undisturbed life. On the other hand, it also prevents us from sharing relevant information or fostering meaningful new connections in the digital world. Now that everything has… Continue Reading →

How to Promote OnlyFans on Twitter in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Paying for content has become a norm during the pandemic, especially for high-quality and entertaining materials. OnlyFans has generated massive attention during the pandemic, at a time users are in search of new sources of leisure and entertainment, even at… Continue Reading →

How to Go Viral on Twitter in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Fitting an interesting post to Twitter’s 280-character limit might seem undoable, but there are many ways to get around this challenge. For some, especially famous personalities like Elon Musk, this task is an easy feat. But for regular users, the… Continue Reading →

How to Hide Likes on Twitter in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Since the birth of social media, it has paved the way to connect millions of people across the planet and interact with them anywhere. Some people enjoyed this opportunity to form digital relationships and the ability to express themselves. Liking… Continue Reading →

How Many People Use Spotify Worldwide in 2022? (Statistics) - WP Dev Shed

How many people use Spotify worldwide in 2022? We will be answering this question du jour and addressing other facts and figures related to Spotify. For instance, Spotify is known for being the world’s biggest music streaming service because of… Continue Reading →

How to See Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Credits: Users can only see photos, videos, and reels they have previously liked through the Instagram application. This means this feature is not yet available on the platform’s desktop version or even on the browser. Following the social media… Continue Reading →

How to Reply to a Message on Instagram in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Replying to a message on Instagram is one of the easiest things to do! Aside from the traditional direct reply method where a user just types and sends a message, Instagram has also introduced a ‘quote reply’ feature which lets… Continue Reading →

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Based on Instagram’s rules, you can pin up to three comments from other people in your post, and these will appear on the top of your comment section. This way, these are the first comments that people will see when… Continue Reading →

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Instagram, often referred to as IG, is a social networking service founded in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012. It is an application allowing users to upload photos and videos that can be edited with filters and can be… Continue Reading →

How to Get Instagram Link in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Instagram is one of the most mobile devices-friendly and easy-to-use social media platforms. Have you experienced finding a photo or video exciting and wanting to share it with your friends or family? Or a new friend cannot locate your private… Continue Reading →

How to Change Instagram Icon in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Like any other applications, social media networks require updates for security, feature updates, or adding fantastic feature options. And Instagram had updated its application with some incredible hidden options and features to change its icon. How can you change the… Continue Reading →

How to Clear Instagram Cache in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Many users prefer to clear the Instagram cache for several reasons. For instance, if the cached data increases, it might slow down the whole device if its memory is only little or limited. Sometimes, it causes the application to be… Continue Reading →

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Many of us have developed anxiety about putting a message on “seen” to which we do not intend to give a reply. Upon accidentally clicking the conversation, we feel obliged to send a message back as not doing so means… Continue Reading →

How to Get TikTok Famous in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

If you want to know how to get TikTok famous in 2022, then read on. TikTok’s growth has been nothing short of amazing. Since its inception in 2016 as merely a karaoke app, the platform has gone on to become… Continue Reading →

How Many Users Does Salesforce Have in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

How many users does Salesforce have in 2022? That is the topic of this article. Salesforce has been the number one customer relationship management platform for eight years in a row. That’s a major accomplishment.  Salesforce holds a market share… Continue Reading →

How Many People Are On Truth Social in 2022? - WP Dev Shed

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, business person, and philanthropist, has started his own social media app called Truth Social. How many people are on Truth Social now? Its users account for many male college- and university-educated… Continue Reading →

Snapchat Streak Lost? How to Get a Streak Back on Snapchat - WP Dev Shed

Experiencing snap streak lost? Snapchat streaks are one of the hottest trends in the world of instant messaging. Snapchat lets you grow a snap streak when you exchange snaps with your Snapchat followers and friends. This streak is a number… Continue Reading →

6 Best TikTok Scheduler Tools in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Are you looking for the best TikTok scheduler for 2022? Growing a loyal following on TikTok comes at a great expense and maintaining the following is even hard. For instance, the users have to be extremely particular about the posting… Continue Reading →

22 Best Spotify Promotion Services in 2022 [Real & Organic] - WP Dev Shed

Are you searching for the best Spotify promotion services for 2022? The music industry is growing and Spotify is one of the best ways of boosting your music career. There is an artist promotion tool, which helps musicians gain more… Continue Reading →

How to Cancel LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Sometimes, a monthly subscription could be a waste of resources, especially when you barely use the service. That is why it is better to cancel than to keep it running for months without valuable use. While LinkedIn could be worth… Continue Reading →

How to Remove a Connection on LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

2022 is all about maintaining healthy connections, be it in our real or virtual networks. Year after year, we outgrow people, including childhood classmates, acquaintances from years ago, and the like. This means a deliberate review of who stays on… Continue Reading →

How to Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

If you are a job-hunter who already found a career with the assistance of LinkedIn’s paid subscription or a recruiter who thus far hired a new employee, you might be wondering how to subscribe from LinkedIn Premium. This article will… Continue Reading →

How to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

As our world is facing a transition to the post-coronavirus pandemic, many of us are also looking for a life-changing experience, and several people choose to start again by changing careers. LinkedIn is a platform where people could search for… Continue Reading →

How to Unblock on LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that connects job seekers and employers to be more productive and successful. It allows job seekers to create an account, make a post about educational attainment, work experiences, skills, and interests. It also… Continue Reading →

How to Block on LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

The internet bridged the communication gap across the world. Social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn paved the way for people to connect millions using a small device anytime, anywhere. Since the birth of social media, communicating with… Continue Reading →

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

Landing a new job is a matter of great pride for many. Did you know this could also be strategically done to increase presence on your new network? LinkedIn has become an efficient platform to build our professional profiles and… Continue Reading →

How to Add Interest on LinkedIn in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

There are many reasons why LinkedIn is the best platform to find peers with similar interests. More often than not, we fail to leverage this advantage as we do not know how to add interest on LinkedIn. This costs us… Continue Reading →

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