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Inside DE{CODE} 2024, WP Engine’s Upcoming Developer Conference - WP Tavern

If you ask a WordPress builder or developer to list the most important tools in their toolkit, chances are that at least a few will be WP Engine products and possibly their managed hosting platform itself. Plugins like Advanced Custom… Continue Reading →

The WordPress Training Team’s Big Changes: Learning Pathways and Website Redesign - WP Tavern

Knowledge and training for WordPress has traditionally been very decentralized. There’s the official documentation, the developer documentation, the support forums,, and then the wide array of community blogs, tutorials, and YouTube videos. Resources like documentation and support forums exist… Continue Reading →

Automattic Doubles Down on the Developer Community - WP Tavern

There’s something in the water at Automattic, and I don’t think it just started with Matt Mullenweg’s “samattical“. The last few months have seen a number of interesting changes across the company and its approach to the broader WordPress community…. Continue Reading →

Synced Pattern Overrides punted, Font Library approved, as WordPress 6.5 nears release - WP Tavern

As the WordPress 6.5 release date is just around the corner, contributors have been racing to complete work on a few outstanding issues and bug fixes. Two of the most prominent features, Synced Pattern Overrides and the Font Library, have… Continue Reading →

WordPress Developer Docs Shows Off a New Block-Based Redesign - WP Tavern

Over the years, WordPress’s developer documentation, originally the Codex but now the WordPress Code Reference, has served the project well. However, there’s been a sense in the community that much of the more recent documentation- for example, the JavaScript APIs… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg’s Project Leadership Sits Down with New Outreach Team to Discuss Problems with the Site Editor - WP Tavern

What do you get when you put a handful of outspoken WordPress developers, agencies, product owners, and community advocates on a video call with both the Lead Architect and the Product Owner of the entire Gutenberg project? Hopefully progress. Matt… Continue Reading →

The Block Bindings API Brings Dynamic Data to Blocks - WP Tavern

As the block editor continues to evolve its content management capabilities, the lack of support for custom fields has been one of the key roadblocks for users and developers. While custom fields in WordPress are still widely used, in the… Continue Reading →

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