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11 Best Bluehost Alternatives Based on Performance, Support & Price - WP Dev Shed

Without a doubt, Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers. They’ve been officially recommended by WordPress for years and are one of the biggest brands in the EIG portfolio. But they are certainly not without their detractors, and… Continue Reading →

Tips For A Smooth Transition To Remote Development Teams - WP Dev Shed

A 2021 study showed that more than 97% of employees said they would prefer to work remotely (at least some of the time) for the rest of their careers. Remote work has become mainstream and developers are leading the charge…. Continue Reading →

45 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2024 (Cloud-based Software) - WP Dev Shed

Whether you are looking to generate new leads for your brand, connect with more people within your industry, or simply share your content with people that you think will find it interesting, outsourcing different aspects of your LinkedIn growth can… Continue Reading →

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram in 2024 - WP Dev Shed

Instagram is now among the most downloaded apps of any kind. About 1.21 billion people throughout the world used Instagram that year. Numerous users have uploaded several personal details and memories about their lives to this app through images, videos,… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Effective Communication Strategies Are Essential For Business Success - WP Dev Shed

Effective communication is a crucial component of business success. Clear and open channels of communication allow organizations to operate efficiently, meet objectives, and keep employees, partners, and customers informed and engaged. Mastering a few key communication strategies can make a… Continue Reading →

Top 5 WordPress Themes Of 2024 For Your Cryptocurrency Website - WP Dev Shed

Nowadays, a fascinating website is a must-have for any new crypto firm to demand attention and stand out in the crowd.  Interestingly, with the skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there has been a surge in the demand for cryptocurrency WordPress themes… Continue Reading →

Chatbase Review: Features, Use Cases, & More (2024) - Elegant Themes

Imagine waiting in lengthy queues for assistance as a thing of the past, and support agents are liberated from monotonous inquiries. AI-driven chatbots are making this concept a reality in the fast-evolving tech landscape, revolutionizing customer service and marketing. Countless… Continue Reading →

How to Hack into Someone’s Snapchat in 2024 - WP Dev Shed

Are you trying to learn how to hack into someone’s Snapchat? Snapchat might not be Instagram or Facebook, but it still holds a place in the world of social media, and it is still a viable option if you are… Continue Reading →

Proposal: Host 3rd-Party Blocks in Gutenberg’s GitHub Repository - WP Tavern

Matias Ventura, Gutenberg’s Lead Architect, recently made a pitch to incorporate some 3rd-party blocks in the Gutenberg GitHub repository: “There’s a growing subset of blocks that we may contemplate creating that are either more niche or—for various reasons—not necessarily an… Continue Reading →

WordPress 6.5 adds AVIF support  - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 6.5 supports AVIF, a modern image format that offers significant improvements in image quality and compression over previous formats like JPEG, PNG, and even WebP.  AVIF images can be up to 50% smaller than JPEGs while maintaining the same… Continue Reading →

Recap Hallway Hangout: What’s next for the outreach program? - Make WordPress Core

A group of contributors came together to discuss the Proposal: What’s next for the Outreach program. Participants were @fabiankaegy @ndiego @greenshady, @poena and @bph (facilitator). We recorded the discussion and it’s available on YouTube. The meeting discussed ways to improve… Continue Reading →

5 Best VPN for Israel in 2024 (Free & Premium) - WP Dev Shed

Want to jump straight to the answer?The best VPN for Israel, as found in our independent testing, is NordVPN! If you are looking for the best VPN for Israel to try out right now, you have landed on the right… Continue Reading →

Download a Free Business Coach Theme Builder Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

It’s time for another freebie! This time, we’re giving you a free Theme Builder Pack for Divi. Combining these with our beloved Divi Layout Packs is a great way to build the Divi website of your dreams with ease. This… Continue Reading →

Surviving the Leap from College to Real-World Design - Web Designer Depot

So, you’ve finished college and are ready to showcase your design skills to the world. This is a pivotal moment that you’ve worked hard for. But you may find that design in the real world is quite different from what… Continue Reading →

6 Best VPN for ShowBox in 2024: How to Unblock Showbox Anywhere! - WP Dev Shed

Are you wondering about the best VPN for ShowBox? Good news, we’re about to unfold the most promising options. Accessing any successful and legally operating streaming service providers’ websites or apps requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee. ShowBox,… Continue Reading →

29 BEST SMM Panels 2024: YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - WP Dev Shed

There are so many cheap SMM panels to choose from it can be difficult to decide on one. If you have been looking for the best SMM panel for 2024, then you have come to the right page. Cheapest &… Continue Reading →

7 Best Sites to Buy Steam Accounts in 2024 (Bulk Accounts for Sale) - WP Dev Shed

Originally a game hosting platform, Steam has evolved into a community for gamers. People discuss gaming news and tips. They share screenshots, artwork, and broadcast videos. Friendships turn into multiplayer gaming, exchanging game items, and views for your videos. If you… Continue Reading →

11+ Best Places to Buy Google Reviews in 2024 (Positive, 5 Star) - WP Dev Shed

If you are trying to buy Google reviews, then you’ve come to the right place. The long and short of it is that we get it. We get that it is difficult to boost your credibility on Google, especially if… Continue Reading →

10 Best Sites to Buy Gmail Accounts in Bulk (Accounts for Sale) - WP Dev Shed

When you buy Gmail accounts, you are getting access to multiple accounts without any additional effort. Our research has proven that Gmail accounts are using the best security measures in the industry to steer away from hidden online threats. Gmail… Continue Reading →

6 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Accounts in 2024 (PVA, Aged, in Bulk) - WP Dev Shed

One of the common trends for saving time and energy in the marketing efforts of today’s brands is to buy Facebook accounts. Social media has become an essential component of marketing strategies for companies all around the world. Utilizing well-known… Continue Reading →

Introducing the WordPress Core Trac Sustainability Focus - Make WordPress Core

Sustainability for WordPress Core One component of the WordPress Sustainability Team’s effort is to improve the sustainability of our codebase, which led to the creation of a Sustainability Focus on the WordPress core Trac bug tracker. What does sustainability mean… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Releases 8.6 & 8.6.1 - WP Tavern

tl;dr WooCommerce 8.6, delayed due to an Order Attribution Tracking issue, has been released. It features a new Product Details block style, six new layouts for the Product Collection block, and a sales column for marketing analytics. For developers, it… Continue Reading →

6+ Must-Have Email Automations for Selling WooCommerce Products - WP Mayor

WooCommerce email automations help you earn more from your online store. Learn what 6 must-have automations you can implement today. The post “6+ Must-Have Email Automations for Selling WooCommerce Products” first appeared on WP Mayor.

6 Best Twitter Automation Tools (Reviews for 2024) - WP Dev Shed

Social media managers have a lot on their plate in terms of monitoring and customizing content in all possible ways to ensure increased engagement and monitor growth; therefore, they need to have the requisite tool for monitoring content performance. One… Continue Reading →

11 Best Cloud Web Scraper Tools & Services in 2024 (Free & Paid) - WP Dev Shed

Deciding on the best web scraper to use is tricky business. Luckily we’ve got you covered with the best cloud web scraping tools on the market. Businesses need data to operate, and while the majority of data is displayed on… Continue Reading →

Navigating the Nexus: A Chronicle of Recent WordPress Acquisitions - WP Tavern

Over the past four months, some exciting developments have been bustling in the dynamic mergers and acquisitions arena of WordPress. To catch everyone up let’s grab a beverage of choice and take a stroll down the calendar of memories. In… Continue Reading →

Summary, Dev Chat, February 21, 2024 - Make WordPress Core

Start of the meeting in Slack. Curated agenda and facilitation: props to @joemcgill Announcements WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 was released on February 20, 2024. Thanks to everyone involved and who came to help test. Gutenberg 17.8 release is planned for Feb… Continue Reading →

Upgrade/Install Chat Summary: 21 February 2024 - Make WordPress Core

The full chat log is available beginning here on Slack. Highlighted Posts Merge Announcement: Plugin Dependencies Priority Projects Plugin Dependencies Notes from today’s meeting: When Plugin Dependencies landed, @costdev posted a comment on the ticket to ask if there are… Continue Reading →

WordPress 6.5 Is Around the Corner; Test Beta 2 - WP Tavern

WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 was released yesterday, featuring exciting capabilities and dozens of updates and bug fixes. The first major release of 2024, WordPress 6.5 will officially launch on March 26, 2024. Now’s the best time to start poking around,… Continue Reading →

Agenda, Dev Chat, Wednesday February 21, 2024 - Make WordPress Core

The next WordPress Developers Chat will take place on  Wednesday February 21, 2024 at 20:00 UTC in the core channel on Make WordPress Slack. The live meeting will focus on the discussion of proposals and releases, updates on 6.5, and have an open… Continue Reading →

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