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Dev Chat Summary: June 20th (4.9.7 week 5) - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from June 20th (agenda, Slack archive). 4.9.7 planning Leads nominated so far: @sergeybiryukov able to help as deputy (e.g., committing, backporting); @danieltj, @tristangemus, @pbiron, and @danielbachhuber open to help contribute during 4.9.7 Potential… Continue Reading →

Is WordPress The Best Blogging Platform? - Newt Labs

The number of WordPress-powered websites is still growing; there has been a 1.5% growth from January 2017 to January 2018. The signs are that this trend will not change shortly, which shows that WordPress is a reliable and robust content… Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Wedding Planner Layout Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. For the second layout pack… Continue Reading →

Property management marketing: How to track and measure your results - GoDaddy Garage

Property management marketing can take many forms. You might host an open event to meet property investors in person, or use search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more people to your services. You might even have an entire wing of your… Continue Reading →

3 unique business models shaking up the marketplace - GoDaddy Garage

With so many unique business models to choose from, entrepreneurs and business owners have an opportunity to truly create something new and exciting. Selecting the right business model weighs heavily on your success — the correct one can lead to explosive… Continue Reading →

Top 30 Expenses You Can Expect When Launching a WordPress Business - WPMU Dev

As WordPress gains more and more of the global CMS market share, there are a lot of opportunities to help businesses establish a strong digital presence with it. Needless to say, launching a WordPress business in this environment is a… Continue Reading →

7 Best WordPress Accordion Plugins (2018) - WP Beginner

Are you looking for the best accordion plugins? An accordion is a neat web design technique which allows you to display content in collapsible tabs. In this article, we have hand-picked the 7 best WordPress accordion plugins that you can… Continue Reading →

Does It Still Make Sense to Run Ads on Your WordPress Website? - Elegant Themes

Online advertisements have always been one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. However, the rise of adblockers threatens to change that. At this point, anyone starting a new site needs to seriously consider whether running ads on… Continue Reading →

7 Ways To Leverage LinkedIn for Marketing Success - Kinsta Blog

In its early years, LinkedIn was simply your online Rolodex — a place where you could keep track of colleagues, business connections, and others in your network. Today, nearly 15 years after its inception, it stands as so much more…. Continue Reading →

20+ Best Bootstrap 4 Templates (Free and Premium) - Code In WP

Need to add new sections, or maybe whole new elements to your website? This is actually possible without having to rebuild everything completely. Some of the best Bootstrap 4 templates will help you do that.

How to Create a Child Page in WordPress - WhatsWP

Creating a child page can be a problem which gets in the way to better run your WordPress site. WordPress has the default feature which allows pages to be hierarchical or standalone, which gives a page the possibility to have… Continue Reading →

OpenCart SSL Certificate Error and its Solution - Template Toaster

SSL certification provides complete privacy and security against the data infringement. And it will be really annoying that even after having a valid SSL authentication your OpenCart site shows an error. Right? Well, read the blog post to know quick… Continue Reading →

Divi Feature Update! Design Pages Even Faster Than Ever Before With Divi Quick Access - Elegant Themes

Quickly Identify And AccessElement Design Settings Now it’s even faster and easier to identify and access design settings for module sub elements. Today we are releasing yet another major design efficiency improvement for Divi, making it easier and faster to… Continue Reading →

June 21st Support Team Meeting Summary - Support Everything WordPress

General announcements Our international support admins (not moderators) are now able to move topics between plugin/theme support forums. This does not mean we can (or should) move reviews though, and is limited to administrators as we do not see it… Continue Reading →

What’s New in Gutenberg? (21st June) - Make WordPress Core

Coming back from a great WCEU, it was cool to see a lot of examples of what people are already building with Gutenberg and the overall sense of shared enthusiasm. This release includes a new system for walking a new… Continue Reading →

Why you should build your next theme using WP Rig - WordPress Arena

If you’ve built a WordPress theme from scratch in the past 5 years there’s a good chance you’ve used a starter theme like _S or Roots or similar. And there’s an equally good chance you now have your own custom… Continue Reading →

New Feature: Custom Premium Development Subdomains - Wordfence Blog

Two weeks ago we announced the release of a new Wordfence feature that automatically allows Wordfence Premium customers to use their premium license key to secure a specific list of staging, development or test subdomains. This week we’ve taken that… Continue Reading →

9 strategies for growing your business during the summer months - GoDaddy Garage

Warmer weather is finally here and that means summer is just around the corner. And while many people are planning a vacation and enjoying the great outdoors, business owners dread the summer slump in sales and productivity. But, even if you’ve… Continue Reading →

What does the future hold for WordPress? - WPMU Dev

WordPress has been undergoing some pretty big changes lately. With the REST API promising to revolutionize WordPress development, and Gutenberg promising to do the same for the user interface, it’s not surprising if you find it all a lot to… Continue Reading →

How to Greet Each User With a Custom Welcome Message in WordPress - WP Beginner

Do you want to greet each user with a custom welcome message in WordPress? Greeting users with a welcome message can help boost engagement on your website. It can also be used to generate leads and increase sales. In this… Continue Reading →

Overview of the Gutenberg accessibility merge proposal issues - Make WordPress Accessible

At this moment there are 13 issues open with the label Merge Proposal: Accessibility These are the most complex issues with high priority. That doesn’t mean that the other 70 open issues are trivial, they also need to be addressed… Continue Reading →

20+ Best Industrial & Manufacturing WordPress Themes 2018 - Macho Themes Blog

By choosing one of the industrial WordPress themes featured on this list you will make the development process a whole lot simpler. You just have to install the theme, import the demo content, and then customize it to fit your… Continue Reading →

Contributor day at WordCamp Europe 2018 - Make WordPress Accessible

The accessibility tables where divided in two parts as always: people who wanted help understanding a11y or needed a review of their work accessibility experts that wanted to help out But now we also had developers from the Gutenberg and… Continue Reading →

Business Mastermind - WPRiders

The concept of mastermind dates back to 1900 when Napoleon Hill introduced it in his books. Mastermind refers to a group of people working harmoniously to reach a common goal. Famous businesspeople of that time such as Andrew Carnegie and… Continue Reading →

Change in the WP accessibility team meetings time/day - Make WordPress Accessible

Hey all, We are changing the day for the bug scrub and team meeting back to the Mondays. The reason is that Rian has her weekly day off on Wednesday and we didn’t see an increase of attendees when we… Continue Reading →

Create Magento Theme From Scratch – A Step by Step Guide - Template Toaster

If a thought of creating a Magento theme from scratch makes you anxious then I assure you after reading this blog post you will be all ready to create a beautiful Magento theme all by yourself !!  As you know… Continue Reading →

JustHost VS FatCow – Budget WordPress Hosting Comparison - WhatsWP

The comparison between JustHost VS FatCow is on price, speed, uptime, features and technical support. Readers could learn about the two companies comprehensively and then make the right choice. Before the coming of details, we would like to give scores… Continue Reading →

Cooked Pro Plugin Review – A True Solution For Foodie Bloggers - WordPress Arena

WordPress users will understand and signify the importance of high performing plugins. If you fancy having a catchy and user-friendly website, you will have to integrate a couple of these because WordPress decor is based on installing the right plugins… Continue Reading →

Design meeting notes for June 20, 2018 - Make WordPress Design

Transcript of the whole meeting can be found in our Slack-channel. Triage Inbox Call for badge design for core-privacy, in line with the other badges It was a request from core-privacy. After implementing the privacy function in core, following the… Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Section Background Image Selectively Show Through with Divi - Elegant Themes

You can basically apply a background image to anything within the Divi Builder. Whether it’s a section, row, column or module, the possibilities are endless. And with blend modes, you can even make background images show through selectively. This allows… Continue Reading →

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