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WordPress Plugin Conflicts: Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Them, Identifying Them, and Resolving Them - Elegant Themes

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You: My computer went crazy. Support: Okay. Have you tried restarting it? You: Yes. And it’s still crazy. Maybe even crazier. Support: Well, let’s try it again. Just in case. Sound familiar?… Continue Reading →

The 11 Best Blog Name Generators – Find The Perfect Domain - WP Loop

When starting a blog, one of the things that you must decide on is the name of your blog. When you choose your blog name, it will be there forever, and this name will be what represents you online. It’s… Continue Reading →

Cloudways Simplifies WordPress Cloud Hosting - WP Blog

Cloudways is a popular name in managed PaaS industry. In just seven years, it has become one of the most affordable managed cloud hosting provider in the market today. Starting from very humble beginnings, Cloudways managed to acquire a staggering… Continue Reading →

“jQuery is Not Defined”: Fixing the Common jQuery Error in WordPress - Template Toaster

Are you feeling trapped in WordPress jquery errors? Do you want to fix the “Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined” in WordPress website? Then, let’s see how to identify and finally, remove this error. JavaScript is used for anything from inducing… Continue Reading →

How to Highlight New Posts for Returning Visitors in WordPress - WhatsWP

In daily life, you may have noticed that some popular websites highlight unread posts for returning visitors by appending some marks like a “New” label to the titles. Then you may fall into a thought that how to follow their… Continue Reading →

Design meeting summary February 22 - Make WordPress Design

Housekeeping Needs discussion cards – Between meetings anyone is welcome to jump into Trello to review the cards marked as needs discussion. The intention is that we will only discuss these cards async until they’re ready for the meeting. (https://trello.com/b/fnHScayo/design-team?menu=filter&filter=label:Needs%20discussion)… Continue Reading →

How to start a website from A to Z: A 5-step guide - GoDaddy Garage

It’s no secret that more than three billion people across the world have access to the internet. From mobile devices to desktops, it seems like everyone these days is plugged in — and if your business isn’t claiming space on the… Continue Reading →

Dev Chat Summary: February 21st (4.9.5 week 3) - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from February 21st (agenda, Slack archive). 4.9.5 planning @danieltj self-nominated to lead this minor release, but as a first time lead we’d like someone who already led one to be deputy. Please reach… Continue Reading →

I asked Troy Dean if he was doing this for the money. The answer will shock you. - Matt Report

In this episode, Matt Medeiros follows up with Troy Dean to discuss what he is doing with his business in 2018. They cover the online and education space. Matt and Troy talk about advanced education in the United States, online… Continue Reading →

February 22nd Support Team Meeting Summary - Support Everything WordPress

General announcements A reminder that if you flag a user you should always add a user note and leave a reply informing the user that they are flagged and why. If we don’t educate the users they are destined to repeat… Continue Reading →

Quickly Switch to Different WordPress Users - WP Shout

One the most common features that makes living with a membership site easier is the ability to quickly see what a given user is seeing. This can be a hard to do if you’re make a web app yourself, but… Continue Reading →

Organizing the “Client Side” of our Divi Web Design Business - Elegant Themes

Welcome to part 5, the final chapter in our series Scaling Your Divi Web Design Business where we’re exploring proven tactics and actionable strategies that will help you grow your Divi based web design business. In the final post of… Continue Reading →

How to succeed with WooCommerce Subscriptions: Technical Tips Learned from 15,000 Stores - Woo Themes

You’ve decided to take the leap. You or your client is going to start an online business. You’ve chosen WooCommerce and WordPress to power your store. You’re planning to include a subscriptions component to sell more with less work. You’ve… Continue Reading →

Wix vs WordPress: Which One Should You Choose To Build A Website? - Kinsta Blog

When it comes to building a website, we’re pretty strong proponents of WordPress (the fact that we specialize in WordPress hosting might give that away). But despite powering a whopping 29% of the world’s websites, WordPress isn’t the only way… Continue Reading →

How to Display Popular Posts by Day, Week, and Month in WordPress - WP Beginner

Do you want to display your most popular posts by day, week, month, and all time in WordPress? Popular posts allow your visitors to quickly discover your top content which helps you increase user engagement and page views. In this… Continue Reading →

How to take advantage of the power of contact forms for selling online - GoDaddy Garage

When I visit websites, I regularly pop into the contact page to see if they’re using contact forms for selling online. Frequently, however, I find that forms are too general and aren’t gathering the kinds of information that could be… Continue Reading →

Finance Management Tips and Tools for WordPress Freelancers - WPMU Dev

It’s always exciting when a new year rolls around. So many new opportunities abound and, if last year’s analytics taught you anything, you’re about to have an even more profitable year of business if things keep up. But finance management… Continue Reading →

Fitness Trainer Membership Plugin for WordPress - WP Solver

February 22nd in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of people are passionate about health and fitness these days. If you know a thing or two about training and would like to share training plans online, you may want… Continue Reading →

How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2018 - Elegant Themes

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a major force in marketing these days. It’s no longer a social network for just the cool kids. Instagram has hit the mainstream, and that’s excellent news for you. Like anything else going… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Themes for Photographers & Designers in 2018 - WP Explorer

There are a lot of well-designed WordPress themes out there. Serving a lot of different purposes. There are even some that can pretty much carry a site design by themselves. But as a photographer, designer or visual artist, you don’t need… Continue Reading →

Help us test Yoast SEO 7.0 - Yoast

We have got something special for you, but before we release it for real, we need your help testing it: Yoast SEO 7.0. This is one of the biggest releases we have ever done, hence the jump from version 6.3 to… Continue Reading →

4 Tips For Branding Your Wedding Business Website - WP Aisle

The wedding business can be one of the most competitive industries. Not only are there are a lot of companies working with a much more extensive network than you, but some who are coming up with new and innovative solutions… Continue Reading →

What happens when you let 16 year olds run a mission-critical fundraiser? - Ninja Forms

When Kimberly Ohlson’s daughter joined the Vandegrift High School Band four years ago, things were a lot different than they are today. Nestled in the rolling farmlands of the hill country surrounding Austin, Texas, the VHS Band serves their local… Continue Reading →

Beaver Builder Review – Is It Really Worth The Hype - WordPress Arena

The real beauty of WordPress is its flexibility and easy to use. Recently, a more robust way of building WordPress websites has been landed in the market and is crowded with a lot of WordPress tools aka. Plugins called Page… Continue Reading →

WordCamp Incubator 2.0 - WordPress.org News

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by a team of local WordPress users who have a passion for growing their communities. They are born out of active WordPress meetup groups that meet regularly and are able to… Continue Reading →

25+ Best Fashion WordPress Themes for Blogs & Shops - WP Explorer

Bill Cunningham, a legendary Times fashion photographer once said: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” You cannot help but totally agree with this statement. Fashion betters our life and spices it up with bright colors,… Continue Reading →

Design meeting agenda for February 22 - Make WordPress Design

Hi everyone! We’ll be discussing the topics below. If you have any other design related questions, please feel free to join us. Housekeeping Design team related Reminder: review cards that need more discussion before becoming a meeting agenda item planning… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Styling Themes for Gutenberg - WP Shout

This is a great little post about the process of making a theme compatible with the much-discussed Gutenberg editor slated to come out in WordPress 5.0. ThemeShaper — the (maybe) official WordPress.com theming blog — goes into a lot of… Continue Reading →

Effectively Growing and Managing Your Divi Web Design Team - Elegant Themes

Welcome to part 4 of 5 in our series Scaling Your Divi Web Design Business where we’re exploring proven tactics and actionable strategies geared towards helping you grow your Divi based web design business. Once you’ve taken the plunge to… Continue Reading →

Indie websites can set you free from the constraints of social media - GoDaddy Garage

Social media has transformed the way every business shares on the web. With indie websites, you can embrace this social transformation without losing any ownership over your brand, your site or your audience. Picture the scene For years, you’ve poured time,… Continue Reading →

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