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How to Start a WordPress Blog for Your School or University - Torque

In the modern world of social media, having an online presence is essential if you want to spread the word about anything. That includes making prospective students and parents aware of your school or university. If you want to get… Continue Reading →

Understanding Your Client’s Perspective with Meg Long – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 53 - Elegant Themes

Welcome back everyone to this week’s episode of Divi Nation. We’ve got a great conversation to share with you this time around with web designer Meg Long. Meg’s a fairly new face in the Divi community but I wouldn’t be… Continue Reading →

How To Create Custom Taxonomies In WordPress - WP Blog

Not many people know what Taxonomy means in WordPress, even when they use the feature almost daily. Taxonomy in WordPress is a way of grouping posts (native and custom posts types) together in easily manageable groups. For WordPress users, the popular… Continue Reading →

How to get your blog noticed in 10 easy steps - GoDaddy Garage

Do you ever feel like you’re publishing into the void? Do you struggle to bring audiences to your amazing content and then get them to share it? If you have ever wondered how to get your blog noticed, you’re not… Continue Reading →

A tour of the best real estate website designs - GoDaddy Garage

Have you heard? Real estate’s a digital game. In 2016, 51 percent of U.S. property buyers found their dream homes via the internet. Real estate agents came in second as a source of homes at 34 percent. So I toured the… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Themes with Sidebar Navigation [2017 Update] - WP Lift

Sidebar navigation menus have become a thing of the past when it comes to most designs. They make an appearance every now and again through the use of hamburger menus, especially on mobile devices, but most designers prefer header/horizontal navigation… Continue Reading →

Understanding bounce rate in Google Analytics - Yoast

“I came, I puked, I left” is a very famous definition of the bounce rate by Avinash Kaushik. But what does it mean exactly? When does a visitor bounce? Is it purely a visitor that hits the back button or… Continue Reading →

10 Steps to Finishing a Website Project So Everyone’s Happy - WPMU Dev

Approaching the finish line of a web development project is an exciting time. Knowing that you’re almost done is part of the excitement, but there’s also a sort of rush you get as you tick off those last pieces before… Continue Reading →

24 Best WordPress Themes for bbPress - WP Beginner

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for bbPress? bbPress allows you to easily add forums to your WordPress site. However, many WordPress themes are not designed to be suitable for forums and bbPress. In this article, we have… Continue Reading →

Search Social Stream for Visual Composer - WP Solver

July 21st in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . In the past few months, we have covered plenty of social feed plugins that let you bring all your social networking updates to one place. Search Social Stream for Visual Composer… Continue Reading →

Productivity Tips for Freelance Developers, Designers, and Creators - Elegant Themes

Whether you’re a freelancer, a company employee, or you’re just doing what you do for the love of creating, the art of productivity could be the most important skill you ever master. After all, no matter how much you learn,… Continue Reading →

How To Find The Right Social Media Network For Your Business - Newt Labs

To get the best results out of social media you need to know where your potential customers are and get your content in front of them. There’s no point trying to be everywhere as your target audience will most likely… Continue Reading →

How to Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress - WhatsWP

For the better management of your posts, you will classify them into different groups on the basis of the similarities. There are some instances when you have the desire to add images to the terms of your taxonomies (categories, tags,… Continue Reading →

‘A TO Z’ of Web Hosting and Hosting Services - WP Mayor

Web Hosting and Hosting Services In layman terms, a web hosting means “hosting your website” on the Internet whereas a web hosting service is a service which provides space for you to host your website on the internet. If you… Continue Reading →

20 Top Photography WordPress Themes for a Stunning Portfolio - DART Creations

If you’re a photographer, your photography WordPress theme is critical to your website’s success – it’s going to have to present your best work to ensure more business for you.  As a photographer, it’s indispensable to run a photography site to… Continue Reading →

SeedProd’s Coming Soon Pro Review - WP Warfare

Become Successful Even Before Launching Your WordPress Website Are you planning on launching a new WordPress website in the near future? If so, you should strongly consider creating a coming soon page prior to going live.  A coming soon page… Continue Reading →

10 Amazing WordPress Sketch Plugins for Web Developers - WP Newsify

Before creating a genuine web design, experienced web designers make sample designs on a rough sketch template. It helps them to do experiments with different design patterns, make necessary corrections in rough design and map out a final blueprint for… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Product Comparison Table on WordPress for Free - WP Lift

If you’ve ever shopped for something online, you’ve probably come across a product comparison table. That’s because, in addition to being used by nearly every Amazon niche site, product comparison tables are just flat-out a helpful way to help your… Continue Reading →

Easily Add Tables to Posts with TinyMCE Advanced - WP Shout

For those who don’t know, TinyMCE is the technology that under-pins WordPress’s “Visual” editing experience. And if you enjoy that, but wish it had more features, then the plugin TinyMCE Advanced is definitely for you. TinyMCE Advanced gives you lots… Continue Reading →

An In-depth Tutorial on How to Use Yoast SEO (Updated 2017!) - Torque

Question: Which plugin appears first in Google when you type in “WordPress SEO,” has over one million active installs, a 4.8-star rating in the WordPress directory and is a regular on the favorite plugins list? If you just answered Yoast… Continue Reading →

How and When to Talk About Pricing with your Divi Web Design Clients - Elegant Themes

Welcome to Part 4 of 4 of our mini series Divi Website Design Pricing where we’re exploring effective Divi website price ranges and providing some actionable ideas on how to price your web design services. How and when you bring… Continue Reading →

Block Ads to Bitcoin Plugin - WP Solver

July 20th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Many webmasters worry about their visitors using ad blockers. Considering that many websites mainly rely on ads to stay alive, that is a big problem. While you don’t want to be… Continue Reading →

Outsourcing IT vs. in-house IT: The pros and cons of each - GoDaddy Garage

Outsourcing IT (information technology) started in the 1980s and has continued to dominate the services sourcing industry, with 60 percent devoted to IT outsourcing. Today, we’re starting to see the tides turn as more and more companies bring IT in-house… Continue Reading →

WordPress Weekly News 028: Gutenberg Boilerplate, Gutenberg 0.5.0, bbPress 2.5.13 and more! - WP Blog

It’s never a dull week with WordPress. Today, we will cover all that is happening in the world of WordPress. We will start off by discussing Gutenberg Boilerplate, Gutenberg 0.5.0, bbPress 2.5.13, and a new weather plugin that you might… Continue Reading →

Safe Updates now come with an automatic restore - ManageWP Blog

Since we released the Safe Update feature we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from you all. Making updates safer is something that we have been prioritizing recently, and right now we are back with an additional perk; the rollback… Continue Reading →

The Most Complete 101+ Step WordPress Checklist Ever - WPMU Dev

Some might say that it’s easy getting a WordPress website up and running. And truth be told, it is. But when you’re actually creating a new WordPress website from scratch, for a client, well, things tend to get a bit… Continue Reading →

How to Limit the Number of Archive Months Displayed in WordPress - WP Beginner

Do you want to display the number of archive months displayed in WordPress? If you have been blogging for years, you will notice that your archives list will become too long. In this article, we will show you how to… Continue Reading →

Mobile SEO: the ultimate guide - Yoast

Why is mobile SEO important? Mobile SEO is so important because it helps you get in the right place at the right time and makes sure the experience you offer consumers is stellar. Mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic. Every… Continue Reading →

How to Add an Amazon Wishlist Button to Your WordPress Website - Elegant Themes

Adding an Amazon wish list button to your WordPress site makes it easy for visitors all around the world to quickly save your products or content straight to their Amazon wish list. While Amazon does offer a universal bookmarklet with… Continue Reading →

A2 Hosting Review – Fast Load Times at Low Prices - WP Kube

Looking for affordable WordPress hosting for your next site? A2 Hosting offers some surprisingly fast performance at a similarly surprising low price. If you’re in the market for budget hosting that doesn’t feel like budget hosting when you run it… Continue Reading →

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