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X-post: Help us Analyse the WCUS Gutenberg Usability Videos! - Make WordPress Design

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24 Best WordPress Themes for Art Gallery - WP Beginner

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for art galleries? Most WordPress themes for business and personal websites do not match the creativity and features required for an art gallery website. In this article, we have hand-picked some of… Continue Reading →

WordCamp US 2017 Recap: Gutenberg, Accessibility, and Wapuu — Oh my! - GoDaddy Garage

This year, WordCamp US 2017 was held in Nashville, Tenn. A couple thousand WordPress users, of all levels, met at Music City Center to learn more about WordPress, and to hear about what the future holds for this content management system…. Continue Reading →

WordPress Plugin Conflicts: How to Check for Them and What to Do - WPMU Dev

When you think about the potential problems plugins can cause for your WordPress site, you probably think about poorly coded plugins that lead to performance issues and security vulnerabilities, right? Or maybe you’ve read something recently about fake plugins and… Continue Reading →

WordPress Monthly Roundup November 2017: WPTS Monthly Schedule #5 - WP Team Support

Howdy and welcome to the fifth episode of the WordPress monthly roundup of WP Team Support. We are almost at the end of 2017 and a lot had happened in the WordPress world in November. To narrow things we have… Continue Reading →

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost? (YouTube Video) - WinningWP

Home / Basics / How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost? (YouTube Video) By WinningWP Editorial December 15, 2017 The question of ‘how much does a WordPress website cost’ is a difficult one to answer – and the first question… Continue Reading →

5 Factors that Make for a Compelling WordPress Portfolio Site - WP Mayor

Image source: Pixabay If you want to acquire more clients for your business, then you need to put your best foot forward. And what better way to do that than by creating a beautiful portfolio page? It can help attract… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Backup Plugins Comparison – Find Out Where BackUpBuddy, UpDraftPlus, BlogVault and BackWPUp Stands - WP Newsify

With over 50,000 WordPress plugins in WordPress library, it can be hard to pick out the right plugins for any website. In the battle of total domination, the need to be the best has never been more in demand. As… Continue Reading →

How to Reduce Server Response Time in WordPress - WhatsWP

One of the big concerns for almost all the WordPress users is how to make the website run faster. In fact, the reduction of the server response time can achieve a large improvement. And in the following, we have listed… Continue Reading →

How to Find Your WordPress Page ID and Post ID (And What You Can Do With Them) - Elegant Themes

If you’ve been using WordPress for any significant amount of time, you’ve probably come across a situation where you need to find a WordPress page ID or post ID. Page and post IDs can come in handy both when you’re… Continue Reading →

Accelerated Mobile Pages: AMP for WordPress Mobile Optimization - WP Explorer

Surfing and browsing on the internet should be fast and easy. Webmasters are constantly trying to make this possible by optimizing website performance and improving site speeds, and a great way to achieve this is with AMP for WordPress. Websites… Continue Reading →

How To Create A Landing Page On WordPress Without Any Code - WP Lift

WordPress does a lot of things well. But, at least out of the box, being able to create a conversion-hungry landing page is not one of those things. Let’s change that – in this post, I’ll teach you how to… Continue Reading →

How to Attach a Featured Image to your WordPress Post - WP Shout

It’s common practice for publishers to try to make links to their articles and content more visually engaging by selecting an image to go with that content. In WordPress, these images that aren’t in the article but represent it at… Continue Reading →

Top WordPress Jobs to Kickstart Your WordPress Career - WP Blog

WordPress was launched as a content management system for bloggers 15 years ago. Now, it caters to huge organizations that have much more complex websites than a simple blog. This has given way to career paths with lucrative and sustainable… Continue Reading →

18 tips for starting a WordPress blog in 2018 - GoDaddy Garage

No matter what year it might be, starting a WordPress blog can be a little exciting, a little confusing, and sometimes even a little frustrating. There are so many things to learn, and it can be a lot to take in…. Continue Reading →

Yoast SEO: How to make your site stand out in search results - Yoast

In this article, I’d like to highlight the snippet preview in our Yoast SEO plugin. What is it, how does it work and what should you pay attention to? First of all, I have to point out that Google makes… Continue Reading →

What’s the Best WordPress Translation Plugin? WPML vs Polylang vs Weglot vs TranslatePress - Code In WP

You can find yourself looking for the right WordPress translation plugin in a couple of scenarios. Chief of them – when creating a multilingual website. The task in itself is usually a pretty big undertaking, so it makes sense that… Continue Reading →

How to Use One Query to Run Multiple Loops - WPMU Dev

I’ve written a few posts here on the blog about the WP_Query class and how to use it to create multiple queries and multiple loops. I’m a big fan of WP_Query, and often use it on client sites and my own… Continue Reading →

Episode 49 – Automating Lead & Client Nurturing w/ Mailchimp - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode, Scott walks through the process of using WordPress categories to target your photography business leads and photography clients using MailChimp. If you aren’t already using categories to segment your genre’s of photography then get started doing it immediately. When… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate eCommerce Tactics to Beat Your Competition - WP Mayor

E-commerce is rocketing and there is no stopping it. The rate at which brick-and-mortar stores are taking the e-route is completely proportional to the growth in your competition. It’s not just about your products anymore; it’s about the added benefits your… Continue Reading →

How To Create Custom User Roles On WordPress (And Edit Capabilities) - WP Lift

User roles are what allow you to control which actions other users on your site can perform and what content those users have access to. By default, WordPress single site installs come with five user roles, but many plugins add… Continue Reading →

Comment on EP257 – How to Submit a Winning WordCamp Talk (Results May Vary) by Brianna Privett - WP Watercooler

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EP257 – How to Submit a Winning WordCamp Talk (Results May Vary) - WP Watercooler

This week on WPwatercooler we’ll be discussing how to submit a winning WordCamp talk. Most of the folks on our panel at one time or another have had to dig through 100s of submissions looking for the few diamonds in… Continue Reading →

Episode #150 – Building Client Relationships with Laura Elizabeth - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. Who is Laura Elizabeth? Laura has been a designer for the last 7 years. She started out with one year in an agency then became a freelancer. Last year she transitioned into product development of… Continue Reading →

Tips to Make WordPress Mobile Friendly - WP Explorer

It’s quite common to see people using hand held devices to catch up on their reading or to search for anything online. One report estimates that 60% of searches start from a mobile device. If your target audience is a… Continue Reading →

How to create new phone leads with your mobile device [worksheet] - GoDaddy Garage

In today’s society, operating your business from the palm of your hand is a must. Your phone goes with you everywhere, traveling from one location to the next only to rest on the nightstand when it’s time to call it… Continue Reading →

Business consultants: Grow your business with these 6 WordPress plugins - GoDaddy Garage

Business consultants are always looking for innovative strategies to generate clients. While word-of-mouth and referrals are excellent ways to drive new leads, it should not be the only method you use to build your book of business. Many forward-thinking business advisors are… Continue Reading →

7 Best Sites to Find CSS Snippets and Inspiration - WPMU Dev

You’ve taken the time to learn and master CSS. And it’s probably fair to say that you’re a proficient coder now. Great! But understanding how to code well with CSS doesn’t necessarily make you fluent in the latest web design trends…. Continue Reading →

How to Export WordPress Users Data to a CSV File - WP Beginner

Do you want to export WordPress users data to a CSV file? Sometimes you may need the user data to add into a new website or to use in other marketing campaigns. The default WordPress export tools do not let… Continue Reading →

How to Create an Event Listing Website in Less than 30 Minutes: Detailed Walkthrough - WP Mayor

Events are probably the best ways to increase your social connections. Many pro bloggers and website owners have gained popularity and build a good reputation by attending various events. It is a platform where compatible people meet and influence big… Continue Reading →

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