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5 Tips to Take Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns to The Next Level - WP Blog

Making last minute preparations for the holiday season is what keeps many ecommerce marketers insomniac. With the holiday season just around the corner, it is important that not only marketers but business owners plan ahead to cater to the increased… Continue Reading →

How to Write a Professional Email Signature that Converts - Elegant Themes

An email signature is perhaps the most neglected opportunity in business communications. A well-designed email signature gives you one last chance to provide information or even a call to action. If your email signature is designed well it will make… Continue Reading →

Episode 68 – Making Client Onboarding Awesome w/ Latoya Dixon Smith - Imagely Photography Podcast

Latoya Dixon Smith is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Greenville, SC. She has been widely featured in publications, including The Huffington Post, 99U, and The Greenville Business Magazine. Along with photographing couples eager to create their own, new… Continue Reading →

JavaScript Chat Summary – November 6th - Make WordPress Core

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack transcript). Have a topic for discussion for the next meeting? Leave a suggested edit on next week’s agenda. Node LTS 10.13.0 With the tagging of a new Node… Continue Reading →

Creating Unique Divi Button Designs Using a Text Module - Elegant Themes

Creating unique Divi button designs using a text module may have already crossed your mind. If so, you are more creative than you know! With the release of hover options in Divi, all modules can be made clickable. This opens… Continue Reading →

Fixing a website for your client (after you accidentally broke it) - GoDaddy Garage

We all desire smooth relationships with our clients and customers. Issues and emergencies only drive up our stress level and make us doubt our career choice. As a website professional, breaking your client’s live website is one of the most… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Digital Magazine in Canva for Your Blog (And Why You’d Want To) - Elegant Themes

Even if you’re a content creator, you aren’t necessarily a graphic designer. You probably have enough skills to get by, but you may not be the Photoshop and InDesign whiz that other folks on your team are. But with Canva magazine… Continue Reading →

Classic Editor Plugin Support Window - Make WordPress Core

The Gutenberg project is a fundamental shift for WordPress. We recognise that there will be a transition period as everyone adjusts to building plugins, themes, and sites using these new tools. To ease the transition for businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s… Continue Reading →

How to manage DNS and hosting for client WordPress sites - GoDaddy Garage

Editor’s note: This post is part of our collection on managing multiple WordPress sites. *** These days, every successful business needs a strong online presence. A well-designed and well-managed WordPress website is one of the best ways for potential customers and… Continue Reading →

A Deep Dive Into the Pingdom Speed Test Tool - Kinsta Blog

Today we want to dive into how to better use and understand the data from the popular website speed test tool Pingdom. You can use it to do what we call a waterfall analysis of your WordPress website. This can… Continue Reading →

Creating Animated Titles Using Divi’s Hover Options - Elegant Themes

Every week, we provide you with new and free Divi layout packs which you can use for your next project. For one of the layout packs, we also share a use case that’ll help you take your website to the… Continue Reading →

Behind-the-Scenes: Planning The Future of WP Migrate DB Pro - Delicious Brains

We often get questions about what’s coming next to WP Migrate DB Pro or if we ever plan to include X feature or support Y sites. After shipping our latest major release, the new Theme & Plugin Files addon, a… Continue Reading →

YouTube Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Using YouTube - Elegant Themes

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Second only to Google, which technically owns YouTube. So if you’re optimizing your content for Google and not specifically for YouTube, you’re missing out on an incredibly important and lucrative… Continue Reading →

14 Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Boost Sales in 2018 - WP Blog

With the holiday season already upon us, there is a reason to believe that modern tactics of marketing would work. This is simply not true. Today we will look into a rather old way of marketing; Email Marketing, and use… Continue Reading →

How to Fix a 500 Error On Your WordPress Website - iThemes

Did you just experience a 500 error on your WordPress website? Don’t panic. In this post, we’ll cover an example of how to fix a 500 error so you can quickly get your site back online. What is a 500… Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Daycare Layout Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. For the first layout… Continue Reading →

8 off-the-rack retail blog ideas - GoDaddy Garage

You might think having a blog for your retail business is a bit moot. What’s the point? Your customers are there to shop for clothes, not read about them. But having a retail blog helps build your brand. It can provide… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.0 Beta Available, Gutenberg Not Accessible, New Default Theme Almost Here 🗞️ November 2018 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP - Code In WP

Hello friends, welcome to our November 2018 WordPress news roundup! Now that I think about it, I can’t believe we’re nearing this year’s end…which kind of frightens me because I realize once again how fast time is flying.

How to Say No (And Why It’s an Essential Skill to Master) - Elegant Themes

When someone asks us to do something, our first instinct is almost always to say “Yes”. This goes for both our business and personal lives, even in situations where it makes us uncomfortable. If you want to move ahead in… Continue Reading →

How to Build an Email List Fast and Effectively (Proven Strategies) - Kinsta Blog

Is there any procrastination method more time-honored than the Monday morning email catch up? Or, with 3.7 billion email users in 2017 alone, more widespread? But email isn’t just good for banishing the Mondays. It’s even better for marketing. Consider… Continue Reading →

How to Test a WordPress Site in Different Browsers (Cross Browser Testing Made Easy) - WP Beginner

Do you want to test your WordPress site in different browsers? Cross Browser Testing is extremely important when changing WordPress themes or implementing a new design because it helps you make sure that your website looks good on all different… Continue Reading →

5 Unique Ways to Style Divi’s Contact Form Module - Elegant Themes

Contact forms are a vital part of many websites. Their primary purpose is being intuitive and helping visitors easily get in touch. But that doesn’t mean all contact forms should look a certain and predefined way. You can easily combine… Continue Reading →

Getting started with IDX integration for WordPress - GoDaddy Garage

Editor’s Note: This article on IDX integration was first published on August 4, 2017. It was updated on November 4, 2018. WordPress offers a lot of options for IDX integration. Unfortunately, many IDX driven real estate websites leave something to… Continue Reading →

How to Write a Press Release (Free Template) - Elegant Themes

When running a business, you’ll sometimes need to spread news about what you’re up to. For these situations, a press release is ideal. If you don’t know how to write one, you might miss out on a lot of potential… Continue Reading →

The what, why, and how of WordPress A/B testing - GoDaddy Garage

Editor’s Note: This article on WordPress A/B testing was first published on October 20, 2014. It was updated on November 4, 2018. WordPress A/B testing, or A/B split testing, is a way to test two different types of web pages… Continue Reading →

5 Creative Ways to Use Divi’s Built-In Margin and Gutter Controls - Elegant Themes

The Divi margin and gutter controls are two powerful design settings that can really transform your layouts in creative ways. And, if you understand how they work, you’ll be less afraid to break out and try new things for yourself…. Continue Reading →

Why Is WordPress Free and Are There Hidden Costs? - Newt Labs

WordPress has eclipsed the market share of other content management systems (CMS), which grew 2.9% between June 2017 until June 2018 alone. Joomla, the second biggest CMS, is only 3.1%. WordPress’ growth market share per year is almost the same… Continue Reading →

How to Create Canned Responses in Gmail (+5 Templates You Can Use) - Elegant Themes

Communicating with clients is a key aspect of running any business and email is one of the best tools at your disposal to do so. However, chances are you’re going to get a lot of emails that tread the same… Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Podcast Layout Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. For the second layout… Continue Reading →

Is a default WooCommerce installation really ready for a live client site? - GoDaddy Garage

WooCommerce is often touted as a great solution for setting up an online storefront. However, can it really be used straight out of the box, with a bare minimum of tweaks? Many think so, but we’re not so sure — although… Continue Reading →

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