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Divi Feature Sneak Peek: A New Divi Builder Experience is Coming! - Elegant Themes

An Enhanced Divi Builder in the Backend We are bringing a whole new level of functionality to the Divi Builder on the backend. If you use Divi or the Divi Builder Plugin, you are going to love this new feature…. Continue Reading →

Is Discord The Free Slack Alternative for Your Growing Team? - Elegant Themes

Almost everyone who communicates with people online have heard of Slack. It’s communication software designed to replace email and make team communication a cinch. In a lot of ways, Slack is the industry standard for this kind of app. But… Continue Reading →

How To Fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” In WordPress - Shout Me Loud

The “error establishing a database connection” message is an especially frustrating WordPress error where your entire site gets replaced by a message that looks like this: If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing this error… Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Accountant Layout Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. For the second layout pack… Continue Reading →

How the Gutenberg Ramp Plugin Helps You Prepare for Gutenberg - Elegant Themes

With the launch of WordPress 5.0 drawing near, it’s more important than ever to get ready for Gutenberg’s arrival. One plugin that aims to help you do this is Gutenberg Ramp. This enables you to selectively use the new editor on specific… Continue Reading →

How To Create a Blog in WordPress in 2018 – Complete Guide - Shout Me Loud

Want to create a blog in WordPress? This is a complete beginners guide that will help you to start your blog and do check the bottom section to learn how to use WordPress as well. All these pieces of information… Continue Reading →

Introducing Divi Builder Custom Post Type Support! - Elegant Themes

Divi Powered Custom Post Types The Divi Builder can now be used on all custom post types, such as WooCommerce products! Today we are excited to announce that we are extending Divi Builder support to all custom post types, including… Continue Reading →

How to Use Fiverr to Reduce Business Busywork - Kinsta Blog

Fiverr gets a bad rap—especially from freelancers. The platform has a somewhat negative association with this group because they feel pressured to create services that can be sold starting at $5. To be sure, a lot has changed since the… Continue Reading →

Build for Gutenberg: How Plugin and Theme Authors Are Addressing the Transition to Gutenberg - Code In WP

At WordCamp Europe 2018, Matt Mullenweg laid out a rough roadmap for Gutenberg over the next several months. In July, there’s going to be a big push to increase Gutenberg adoption, with a 5.0 beta in play for August (or… Continue Reading →

21 Best Medical and Health WordPress Themes - WP Beginner

Are you looking for medical and health WordPress themes for your website? Medical and healthcare services websites are different than other business websites, and you would want your design to stand out. In this article, we have hand-picked the best… Continue Reading →

14 Divi Sites with Interesting Services Pages - Elegant Themes

An interesting services page is crucial for doing business online. It shows the visitor what you do, how you do it, what it’s like doing business with you, and helps gives them a realistic expectations. Service pages come in all… Continue Reading →

How to Use SVGator to Animate Your SVG Files - Elegant Themes

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are fantastic if you want to design mobile-friendly websites (which you should!). They’re fully scalable, lightweight, and the best part is you can animate them (unlike with regular images). The problem is, animating an SVG can be… Continue Reading →

How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS (Beginner’s Guide) - WP Beginner

Are you looking to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS and install an SSL certificate on your website? We have been getting a lot of requests on this topic because Google announced that Chrome browser will start marking all websites… Continue Reading →

GetSiteControl Brings a Set of 7 Widgets to Help You Interact with Visitors and Generate Leads - Macho Themes Blog

Knowing that over 90% of your website visitors leave without taking any action is painful. Especially given how much it takes to bring them to the website in the first place. Emotions aside, user engagement is indeed crucial for any… Continue Reading →

7 Techniques to Achieve Clean & Abstract Designs with Divi - Elegant Themes

Deciding on which style you want your website to follow can be time-consuming. Not a surprise if you consider all the design styles you can follow. The style you choose will be a representation of everything your website stands for… Continue Reading →

How To Start A Blog In 2018: Everything You Need To Start Writing - Blogging Wizard

Have you caught the “start a blog” fever? Maybe you’ve seen those people who make a living blogging about their passion and want to join their ranks. Or maybe you just love the idea of being able to share your… Continue Reading →

Magento vs WooCommerce – Which one is Better? (Comparison) - WP Beginner

Are you trying to decide between Magento vs WooCommerce for your online store? Magento and WooCommerce are two popular eCommerce platforms on the market. In this article, we will compare Magento vs WordPress and explain their pros and cons, so… Continue Reading →

How Long Does It Really Take to Build a WordPress Website? - Elegant Themes

These days, it’s easier than ever to create a website, even if you don’t have a background in web development. However, almost no one talks about how long the process of creating a site actually takes. This means it could… Continue Reading →

Email Marketing Best Practices for Sending Better Emails - Kinsta Blog

In an increasingly competitive digital world, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the inbox. Over 280 billion emails are sent every day, waiting for opens and clicks, but often going unread. With so much competition for getting… Continue Reading →

20 Best Bootstrap 4 Plugins - Tuts+

Totally open source and free to use, Bootstrap has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks for desktop and mobile development. With a mobile-first approach, the framework essentially forces designers to create sites for small screens and then scale designs… Continue Reading →

How to Add a Payment Calculator and a Limited-Time Deal to Your Divi Site - Elegant Themes

If you are trying to sell products on your website, there are certain elements you can add to boost conversions. This is especially true for big ticket items like a car. Let’s face it, not all of us have the… Continue Reading →

How to Create OpenCart Theme: Tutorial for Beginners - Template Toaster

Who do you count on when you struggle with the code while creating your OpenCart theme? If you are not sure about your answer then read this post to know the reliable means to create OpenCart Theme. I am sure… Continue Reading →

BabaYaga: The Latest in WordPress Malware - Elegant Themes

BabaYaga is the moniker of a new strain of WordPress malware that has been making a name for itself lately. It’s unusual because it is actually capable of removing other malware in order to easier infect your site. However, this… Continue Reading →

15 Useful WordPress Configuration Tricks That You May Not Know - WP Beginner

WP-config is one of the most powerful files on your WordPress site, and it plays an important role in how WordPress works behind the scenes. There are some very useful WordPress configuration tricks that most beginners don’t know about. In… Continue Reading →

Build a WordPress Plugin with Vue 2 - Delicious Brains

It’s been a while since we’ve played with Vue JS on this blog, so why don’t we take a beginner-focused look at how one might go about building a simple polling plugin for WordPress with Vue. Why Vue? Vue can… Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Car Rental Layout Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. For the first layout… Continue Reading →

How to Add LiveChat to Your WooCommerce Store (and Boost Sales) - WP Beginner

Do you want to add LiveChat to your WooCommerce store? Live chat helps you connect with website visitors in real-time, so you can offer help, generate leads, and convert them into a customer. In this article, we will show you… Continue Reading →

Thinking of Upgrading Your Web Host? Here are 7 Performance Optimization Strategies You Should Try First - WP Blog

“Speed is the new currency of business.” – Marc R. Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce Take a moment to think about your own web browsing experience. Was speed a big factor to your overall satisfaction? If you answered “yes,” then… Continue Reading →

4 UI Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018 - Elegant Themes

Your website’s User Interface (UI) is the combination of all its visual elements. A bad interface design can make it hard for users to interact with or navigate your website. In some cases (i.e. the worst-case scenario), this means they… Continue Reading →

11 Best Free & Premium Pinterest-Style WordPress Themes of 2018 - Shout Me Loud

Pinterest became famous for its unique pinboard design. And with a Pinterest-style WordPress theme, you can easily bring that same design style to your WordPress website. As you’d expect, given Pinterest’s visual focus, a Pinterest-style WordPress theme is an excellent… Continue Reading →

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