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Improve Your Website in 2018 with These Top WordPress Plugins - SitePoint

This article was created in partnership with BAWMedia. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. It can be a little embarrassing when you can’t meet a client’s website requirements. It can be even worse if you can’t… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Need Explainer Videos on Your WordPress Site - Developer Drive

Have you ever thought about buying something and immediately headed over to YouTube to see how it was supposed to be used? A lot of the time, the copy on your landing page isn’t enough to highlight the main use… Continue Reading →

Persisted WordPress Admin Notices: Part 4 - Tuts+

So far in this series, we’ve covered two separate ways to dismiss persistent WordPress admin notices. We’ll build on that in this fourth and final part of the tutorial series by looking at two more specific methods to permanently dismiss… Continue Reading →

Persisted WordPress Admin Notices: Part 3 - Tuts+

Welcome back to our series on persisted WordPress admin notices. We’re now in a good position to be able to extend our admin notice functionality and control when they appear on the page. After that, we’ll move on to persistent admin… Continue Reading →

Persisted WordPress Admin Notices: Part 2 - Tuts+

In part one of this series, we learned how to implement a basic admin notice that appears at the top of every WordPress admin page. In this tutorial, we’ll start to build out a plugin to contain all our custom admin notice… Continue Reading →

Google AMP & WordPress: Everything You Need to Know - SitePoint

This article was created in partnership with Elevation Marketing. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. A couple of years ago, Google introduced a technology that rocked mobile SEO called AMP. If you’re unfamiliar with the term,… Continue Reading →

Persisted WordPress Admin Notices: Part 1 - Tuts+

WordPress admin notices provide a convenient way to display messages to users in the admin area, e.g. after a post has been updated or a plugin has been activated. They’re also used by many themes and plugins to display notifications… Continue Reading →

Start Learning PHP for WordPress in Our New Course - Tuts+

If you work with WordPress sites, you probably know that they’re built in the PHP programming language. But do you know how PHP really works, beyond copying and pasting code snippets? In our new short course, Learn PHP for WordPress: First… Continue Reading →

15 Membership Plugins for Adding Members to Your WordPress Site - Tuts+

The landscape of blogging, marketing, and content creation has radically changed over the past several years. It’s caused many content creators to rethink and reimagine monetizing their content. One of the more popular means is restricting content to a membership-based… Continue Reading →

Blog | Mobile Application Development, Web Development & SEO - Solwin Infotech

So you are thinking “Who are the most robust WordPress people to follow in 2018?” Well, then Twitter is the most prevalent informal community for it. Here is the list of solid WordPress experts who regularly tweet about WordPress and… Continue Reading →

What is a WAF? - Sucuri Blog

Have you ever wondered what WAF means? WAF stands for Website Application Firewall. In order to make it simple to understand, imagine your website as a house and the people outside on the streets are the traffic that wants to… Continue Reading →

20 Essential WordPress Utilities to Manage Your Site - Tuts+

Though WordPress is incredibly flexible and offers loads of features, there is still a lot of room to improve basic and critical functionality, and the best way to do so is with utility plugins. With thousands of options available, however,… Continue Reading →

These Top WordPress Themes Can Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever - SitePoint

This article was sponsored by BAWMedia. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Web design trends change over the years. Some trends come and go. Others become permanent fixtures. Such is the case with responsive websites. The number… Continue Reading →

Cloudflare[.]solutions Keylogger Returns on New Domains - Sucuri Blog

A few months ago, we covered two injections related to the “cloudflare.solutions” malware: a CoinHive cryptominer hidden within fake Google Analytics and jQuery, and the WordPress keylogger from Cloudflare[.]solutions. This malware was originally identified by one of our analysts in… Continue Reading →

Top 50 WordPress Influencers to Follow on Twitter - Solwin Infotech

So you are thinking “Who are the most robust WordPress people to follow in 2018?” Well, then Twitter is the most prevalent informal community for it. Here is the list of solid WordPress experts who regularly tweet about WordPress and… Continue Reading →

SQLi Vulnerability in YITH WooCommerce Wishlist - Sucuri Blog

As part of our regular research audits for our Sucuri Firewall, we discovered an SQL Injection vulnerability affecting the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows visitors and potential customers to make wish lists containing products in the… Continue Reading →

10 Best WordPress Booking & Reservation Plugins - Tuts+

Businesses that rely on bookings and reservations can rely on WordPress to help them meet their online business goals. From haircuts to hotels, and from health salons to consulting firms, these 10 best WordPress booking and reservations plugins from Envato… Continue Reading →

How to Auto Update WordPress Salts - Tuts+

If you’ve ever viewed the core configuration file (wp-config.php) for a WordPress site then you’ll probably have noticed a section defining eight WordPress constants relating to security keys and salts: AUTH_KEYSECURE_AUTH_KEYLOGGED_IN_KEYNONCE_KEYAUTH_SALTSECURE_AUTH_SALTLOGGED_IN_SALTNONCE_SALT Note: wp-config.php is located in the root folder of… Continue Reading →

The 10 Best WP Themes That Will Make Your Website Look Amazing In 2018 - Web Design Ledger

How about bringing an attractive, engaging website online? This would be a great way to get a business off to a great start in 2018. A website’s ability to bring in traffic is not enough, however. If it isn’t responsive,… Continue Reading →

Kosmic #1 WordPress eCommerce Theme for Online Stores & Shops - Solwin Infotech

Kosmic WordPress theme is one of the best WordPress themes that can be created for a multipurpose website. It is best to build an E-commerce website with complete ease and gently. Kosmic theme will lead you to boost your sale… Continue Reading →

10 Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins - Tuts+

The power of the star. Not one. Not two. How about five? That’d be great. The five-star rating system is one that says so much, so quickly. Browsing movies, products, comments? No matter. A quick glance at a rating is… Continue Reading →

Malicious Website Cryptominers from GitHub. Part 2. - Sucuri Blog

Recently we wrote about how GitHub/GitHub.io was used in attacks that injected cryptocurrency miners into compromised websites. Around the same time, we noticed another attack that also used GitHub for serving malicious code. Encrypted CoinHive Miner in Header.php The following… Continue Reading →

Top WordPress Security Tips for Admins - Tuts+

In this video from my course, WordPress Security Top Tips, you’ll discover some key steps administrators should take to make their WordPress sites more secure. Top WordPress Security Tips for Admins  Elsewhere in this course, we covered making logins more secure and… Continue Reading →

How to Add Schema.org Rich Snippets in WordPress - Developer Drive

If you want your site to show rich snippets in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to markup your posts/pages with Schema.org. Schema.org uses something called schemas to take care of your site’s structured data needs. You can use… Continue Reading →

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018 - Solwin Infotech

2017 was a very dramatic and bold year in the perspective of Social Media. From Facebook tempting Snapchat users to Instagram, to Twitter changing its trademark of 140 characters to 280 characters limit, Social media has been boomed up in… Continue Reading →

How to Add Numeric Pagination to Your WordPress Website - Developer Drive

There are a number of different ways you can load new content on your site’s search results or blog pages—previous/next links, load more buttons, infinite scrolling, or numeric pagination. And while you get previous/next links by default from most themes,… Continue Reading →

Why you should use Blog Designer plugin for your WordPress website?

Every one wants to make their blog more popular but every one not get good success with their blog because their blog page looks bad. What makes your blog page look bad? There are lots of reasons a blog page could… Continue Reading →

Responsive WordPress Slider – Avartan Slider v1.3 is here

Last month we had released the new update of Avartan Slider Pro – version 1.2 with various collections of background possibilities like Patterns, color overlay etc. and more. Today, we are proud to announce the release of the Avartan slider… Continue Reading →

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