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How To Perfectly Make A Blog Website – Expert Only Known Facts - Victor Themes Blog

You may find lots of posts to help you write a better post and how to grow your traffic. But there are some design aesthetics you must follow when you create your own blog. The design of the blog solely… Continue Reading →

Know it all – Advantages and Disadvantages of using WordPress - WPVKP

WordPress is by far the best and most convenient Content Management System (CMS), there are no second thoughts to that. It is the favorite site builder we have. It operates over well-known sites like TechCrunch, CNN, The New Yorker, MTV… Continue Reading →

31+ Best WooCommerce Plugins: The Ultimate List to Expand Online Business - Template Toaster

Do you really want an appealing and updated e-commerce store? Do you want a fast and easily manageable site? Are you interested in high conversion rates? If “Yes!” is the answer to all this, then you certainly need WooCommerce plugins. WooCommerce… Continue Reading →

Single vs Multiple/Multi Page UI Design: A Brief Analysis - WP Newsify

As of late much has been said about single and multiple page web design. A single page design is quicker to develop and is easier to develop. In other words, user interface (UI) design with a single page is less… Continue Reading →

Should You Add Paid Memberships to Your WordPress Website? - WP Explorer

If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you’ve probably tried using display ads to monetize your blog. But, using display ads is not as lucrative nor easy as it once was. According to research, click-through rates for display ads have been… Continue Reading →

22 Best WordPress Themes for Recipe Blogs - WP Beginner

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for your recipe blog? Traditional blog themes lack the imagery needed to make your recipes stand out. In this article, we will show you the best WordPress themes for recipe blogs that… Continue Reading →

Ask Yoast: WordPress themes and heading structure - Yoast

Headings play an important role in structuring text, whether it’s on paper or online. Since reading from a screen is already quite difficult, you should make sure you make proper use of headings. There’s a hierarchy in heading tags, with… Continue Reading →

How to make a difference for a cause that matters - GoDaddy Garage

If you see a need and are moved to help, act on that impulse. Remember that most causes —  Red Cross, California Fire Foundation — often can’t get enough help. You don’t need to wait for someone else to step up… Continue Reading →

The most popular WordPress plugins & themes of 2017 - GoDaddy Garage

For the last couple of years, we’ve been tracking and sharing the most popular WordPress plugins and themes installed on GoDaddy servers. In 2016, the WordPress Hot 100 tracked trends in plugin and theme installations by monitoring their relative growth… Continue Reading →

How To Duplicate WordPress Database Manually - WP Team Support

Duplicating a WordPress database comes handy when you are migrating a WordPress website. There are many plugins to help you clone the entire WordPress website. When you are backup and restoring the website the plugins will be handy. When you… Continue Reading →

Q&A with Advanced WordPress Developer – Carl Alexander - WP Mayor

Carl Alexander has been programming since he was 8 years old. His forte is advanced topics in WordPress. He has been published in several popular online news, blogs and communities. This includes the likes of SmashingMagazine. Mr. Alexander has been… Continue Reading →

Can Your Hosting Server Location Affect The Success Of SEO? - Template Toaster

Is it possible that your web host location could be affecting your SEO efforts? Does web server location even matter? Read more to find out. Picking the right web host can be a difficult choice. There are thousands of web… Continue Reading →

WebHostingHub VS InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting - WhatsWP

This comparison of WebHostingHub vs InMotion Hosting makes it clear on which company offers more affordable shared web hosting. Besides an in-depth analysis of price information and refund policy, that also briefs on the details of web hosting features, reliability… Continue Reading →

How to Add Google AdSense Ad to WordPress Sites? - WhatsWP

Google AdSense is one of the most effective tools that allow you to make money online. In this article, we just come out the detailed guidelines about how to add Google AdSense ads to WordPress sites for money generation. In… Continue Reading →

What WordPress Developers Need To Know About PHP 7.2 - Torque

While WordPress still supports PHP5, the PHP project continues to evolve. PHP 7.2 was recently released and while it is not a huge update like PHP 7.0 was, but there are some interesting new feature and there are some important… Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why You Should Do Full SEO Audit For Your Site - WP Aisle

As the year winds down, businesses are taking stock of their performance, strategizing for the new year, and designing plans to guide them. I guess you’re caught up with this also, but one area that’s likely going to be neglected… Continue Reading →

How to perform an SEO audit. Part 3: Site speed & Engagement - Yoast

This week, we’ve been showing you how to perform an SEO audit on your website. By regularly auditing your – or your client’s – sites, you can get a good feel for what you still need to do to improve… Continue Reading →

What you can do about plugin vulnerabilities - ManageWP Blog

Despite being the most popular content management system to date, WordPress is still vulnerable to security breaches. In fact, we have mentioned before that there are nearly 4,000 known WordPress vulnerabilities in existence, threatening to destroy the hard work you… Continue Reading →

5 Best SEO Tools for Checking Google Keyword Rankings - WPMU Dev

It’s important to pick the right keywords when you first create a new website. After all, you’re not just using keywords in blog post or page content, you’re using them in slugs, tags, and meta descriptions. So, if you don’t… Continue Reading →

Related Posts Plugin by Bibblio – Are You Using It Yet? - WP Kube

One of the hardest tasks as a website owner is how to maximise engagement and keep your audience on your site. We all know that website conversions increase the more pages your visitor’s view. But encouraging users to ‘look around’… Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Feedburner Alternatives for Your WordPress - WhatsWP

Feedburner has been launched in 2004 as an RSS service to all bloggers. It has quickly become the best RSS service that all bloggers want to use. It provides an analysis on the traffic, emails to the RSS service and… Continue Reading →

Great Themes To Build A College Blog - Torque

Having a blog while you’re in college or university is a good way to work on your writing skills as well as learn about WordPress. The ability to arrange a high-quality content with all the specifics makes you attractive to… Continue Reading →

Gumbo Theme Review: A Podcasting Theme That Exceeds Expectations - WP Lift

Podcasting has been rising in popularity each year. In fact, you may not realize it, but the podcast audience is bigger than you think. With 42 million Americans listening to podcasts weekly, statistics show that podcast listening is growing steadily… Continue Reading →

How to perform an SEO audit. Part 2: General SEO - Yoast

In my previous article, part 1 of the How to perform an SEO audit series, I showed you the steps you could take to evaluate the SEO of your own – or someone else’s – site. The first steps were… Continue Reading →

Important Ideas to Consider When Planning an E-Commerce Site in 2018 - WPVKP

E-commerce is the topmost medium for sales in the world right now, and the values are expected to top $4 trillion by the year 2020, as per the studies conducted by Marketing Enthusiasts. To say, we are already approaching that… Continue Reading →

How to Add Schema Markup to Your WordPress Site - Kinsta Blog

A website owner’s top priority should be ensuring that search engines are able to properly index their site’s content. In order to make that happen, the site must be set up to follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. If… Continue Reading →

What Causes HTTP 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress and How to Fix It? - WhatsWP

HTTP 403 forbidden Error is a general issue indicating that the web server received and understood your request, but cannot take a further action to response it. It’s common to meet this problem when surfing on the Internet or running… Continue Reading →

FatCow VS GoDaddy – Shared Web Hosting Comparison - WhatsWP

We make this comparison of FatCow VS GoDaddy to help readers easily figure the better choice from the two companies. In view of their price, features, speed, uptime, and technical support, we personally think they are not cost-effective enough for… Continue Reading →

Backwards Marketing - Scott Bolinger

Many times we create things without thinking about marketing until we’re done. We launch, then we shift our focus to SEO, content marketing, social media, and ads. Sometimes that works, but only if we’ve painstakingly created a product that everyone… Continue Reading →

How to perform an SEO audit. Part 1: Content SEO & UX - Yoast

A couple of years ago, we did about 40 to 60 SEO audits a month. Although consultancy has not been in our product range for some time now, we do occasionally perform these audits, for instance when a friend asks… Continue Reading →

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