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How To Create a Blog in WordPress in 2018 – Complete Guide - Shout Me Loud

Want to create a blog in WordPress? This is a complete beginners guide that will help you to start your blog and do check the bottom section to learn how to use WordPress as well. All these pieces of information… Continue Reading →

How to Use Fiverr to Reduce Business Busywork - Kinsta Blog

Fiverr gets a bad rap—especially from freelancers. The platform has a somewhat negative association with this group because they feel pressured to create services that can be sold starting at $5. To be sure, a lot has changed since the… Continue Reading →

21 Best Medical and Health WordPress Themes - WP Beginner

Are you looking for medical and health WordPress themes for your website? Medical and healthcare services websites are different than other business websites, and you would want your design to stand out. In this article, we have hand-picked the best… Continue Reading →

14 Divi Sites with Interesting Services Pages - Elegant Themes

An interesting services page is crucial for doing business online. It shows the visitor what you do, how you do it, what it’s like doing business with you, and helps gives them a realistic expectations. Service pages come in all… Continue Reading →

HTTP/2: What Is It and Why It Matters for a WordPress Site - WP Blog

Whenever you visit a web page, your browser requests the web server to fetch all the assets of a page and transmit all the requested data to the web browser. Since the inception of the web, this process has mostly… Continue Reading →

How to Use SVGator to Animate Your SVG Files - Elegant Themes

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are fantastic if you want to design mobile-friendly websites (which you should!). They’re fully scalable, lightweight, and the best part is you can animate them (unlike with regular images). The problem is, animating an SVG can be… Continue Reading →

How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS (Beginner’s Guide) - WP Beginner

Are you looking to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS and install an SSL certificate on your website? We have been getting a lot of requests on this topic because Google announced that Chrome browser will start marking all websites… Continue Reading →

16 tips to earn client referrals and create raving fans - GoDaddy Garage

If you have freelanced or owned your own business for any length of time, you know how difficult it can be to create a constant, steady stream of qualified clients who are happy to pay you what you’re worth. From marketing… Continue Reading →

How To Start A Blog In 2018: Everything You Need To Start Writing - Blogging Wizard

Have you caught the “start a blog” fever? Maybe you’ve seen those people who make a living blogging about their passion and want to join their ranks. Or maybe you just love the idea of being able to share your… Continue Reading →

8 Innovative WordPress Hacks for Developers - WP Blog

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) that powers 27 percent of the web. Some of the reasons why people prefer it so much despite the availability of other functional systems are numerous: It’s free and open… Continue Reading →

Email Marketing Best Practices for Sending Better Emails - Kinsta Blog

In an increasingly competitive digital world, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the inbox. Over 280 billion emails are sent every day, waiting for opens and clicks, but often going unread. With so much competition for getting… Continue Reading →

19 Ways To Ditch The Overwhelm And Become A Productivity Powerhouse - Blogging Wizard

You’re living the ultimate dream. No morning commutes. Nobody dishing tasks out to you. And the best part? You can work from wherever in the world you desire. It’s becoming a popular career choice –  with 35% of the US… Continue Reading →

BabaYaga: The Latest in WordPress Malware - Elegant Themes

BabaYaga is the moniker of a new strain of WordPress malware that has been making a name for itself lately. It’s unusual because it is actually capable of removing other malware in order to easier infect your site. However, this… Continue Reading →

Thinking of Upgrading Your Web Host? Here are 7 Performance Optimization Strategies You Should Try First - WP Blog

“Speed is the new currency of business.” – Marc R. Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce Take a moment to think about your own web browsing experience. Was speed a big factor to your overall satisfaction? If you answered “yes,” then… Continue Reading →

11 Best Free & Premium Pinterest-Style WordPress Themes of 2018 - Shout Me Loud

Pinterest became famous for its unique pinboard design. And with a Pinterest-style WordPress theme, you can easily bring that same design style to your WordPress website. As you’d expect, given Pinterest’s visual focus, a Pinterest-style WordPress theme is an excellent… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress A/B Testing Tools to Optimize Conversion Rate - Kinsta Blog

Everything on your WordPress site has an impact on your conversion rate. Some things might play just a small part while others could drastically skyrocket your sales. Therefore you should plan on testing every element on your website along the… Continue Reading →

Google Site Verification: 7 Ways to Verify With Search Console - Kinsta Blog

You want to add your site to Google Search Console. But before Google will start letting you control your site, view your analytics, or submit your sitemap, it’s asking you to verify your site, right? Essentially, Google site verification is… Continue Reading →

Weekly Roundup: July 6, 2018 - Sell with WP

Back from some time on the beach! And boy is there a lot of great reading to catch up on — be sure to check out all of the additional articles this week, there are some gems. New or updated… Continue Reading →

Episode 63 – SEO Bootcamp for Photographers w/ Brandon Hopper - Imagely Photography Podcast

Brandon Hopper is the owner of the company The Hopper Company LLC based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He provides web design services, website support and maintenance, and marketing integration. In addition to his web services, Brandon also helps businesses develop… Continue Reading →

Twitter Marketing Strategies to Beef up Your Social Game - Kinsta Blog

In recent years, Twitter has made a lot of changes and come under a lot of fire in the media. You might imagine that all the action could mean that Twitter marketing as a viable solution is on its way… Continue Reading →

6 Best WordPress A/B Testing Plugins To Split Test Your Site - Shout Me Loud

A/B testing is a powerful technique that helps you improve your website with real data. Instead of guessing whether a design or post title is the best option, you can simply test it and know for sure. But if you… Continue Reading →

Featured image page header in eleven40 Pro - Sridhar Katakam

In the members-only forum, a user asks: Full width banner image below menu bar I want to be able to have a full width banner image right below the header and menu bar. The image changes for each of the… Continue Reading →

Travel agents — How to market your best summer vacations to boost sales - GoDaddy Garage

The evenings are getting longer, and there’s a sense of optimism in the air: Summer is on its way. And that means travelers are looking for the best summer vacations to book. As a travel agent, the summer season is… Continue Reading →

Can web analytics help you connect with your customers better? - GoDaddy Garage

You’re connecting to customers every single day, in many ways. Every time a customer walks through your door, reads one of your tweets, calls your store or visits your website, you’re engaging with customers. It doesn’t have to be in… Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Why Your WordPress Traffic Can Drop (And How to Tackle Them) - Elegant Themes

One of the scariest situations you can run into while managing a website is a sudden drop in traffic. Most of us work very hard to build up a steady stream of traffic, so watching it disappear often leads to… Continue Reading →

How to perform an annual SEO audit - GoDaddy Garage

I performed my first official website audit back in 2011. It’s hard to believe I’ve been performing audits for seven years and that so many website reviews and SEO audits have come and gone over the years. After performing so many… Continue Reading →

25 Ways Google Drive Can Help Power Your WordPress Business - Elegant Themes

Google Drive has saved my life (professionally, at least) on any number of occasions. I know that some people are wary of services like Google Drive or iCloud for fear of being locked into a single company’s ecosystem (or walled… Continue Reading →

This WordPress Plugin Scan Your Content & Suggest Practical SEO Improvement Tips - Shout Me Loud

We all know how important it is to write SEO optimized content. It’s a standard that one should follow so that search engine understands what your content is about and helps in getting on the first page of Google search…. Continue Reading →

7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins for 2018 - Kinsta Blog

WordPress caching can be complicated and some might even call it boring. Trying to explain the details of such a complex technology might take a full book. However, we can break down the idea of caching by comparing it to… Continue Reading →

How Accelerated Mobile Pages Improve Your SEO - Newt Labs

Back in 2015, the launch of Accelerated Mobile Pages marked another milestone in the way of a better mobile experience. For those who are unaware, AMP is an open source project, which helps mobile website content to be delivered quickly…. Continue Reading →

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