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The 11 Best Blog Name Generators – Find The Perfect Domain - WP Loop

When starting a blog, one of the things that you must decide on is the name of your blog. When you choose your blog name, it will be there forever, and this name will be what represents you online. It’s… Continue Reading →

How to Highlight New Posts for Returning Visitors in WordPress - WhatsWP

In daily life, you may have noticed that some popular websites highlight unread posts for returning visitors by appending some marks like a “New” label to the titles. Then you may fall into a thought that how to follow their… Continue Reading →

Logo on left and site title next to it in Monochrome Pro - Sridhar Katakam

In the comments section of Site Title – Image Logo in Genesis tutorial a user asked: Hi Sridhar, I am tying to do this with the Monochrome Pro theme but with the logo on left and site title next to… Continue Reading →

How to start a website from A to Z: A 5-step guide - GoDaddy Garage

It’s no secret that more than three billion people across the world have access to the internet. From mobile devices to desktops, it seems like everyone these days is plugged in — and if your business isn’t claiming space on the… Continue Reading →

How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2018 - Elegant Themes

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a major force in marketing these days. It’s no longer a social network for just the cool kids. Instagram has hit the mainstream, and that’s excellent news for you. Like anything else going… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Themes for Photographers & Designers in 2018 - WP Explorer

There are a lot of well-designed WordPress themes out there. Serving a lot of different purposes. There are even some that can pretty much carry a site design by themselves. But as a photographer, designer or visual artist, you don’t need… Continue Reading →

Help us test Yoast SEO 7.0 - Yoast

We have got something special for you, but before we release it for real, we need your help testing it: Yoast SEO 7.0. This is one of the biggest releases we have ever done, hence the jump from version 6.3 to… Continue Reading →

4 Tips For Branding Your Wedding Business Website - WP Aisle

The wedding business can be one of the most competitive industries. Not only are there are a lot of companies working with a much more extensive network than you, but some who are coming up with new and innovative solutions… Continue Reading →

25+ Best Fashion WordPress Themes for Blogs & Shops - WP Explorer

Bill Cunningham, a legendary Times fashion photographer once said: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” You cannot help but totally agree with this statement. Fashion betters our life and spices it up with bright colors,… Continue Reading →

Effectively Growing and Managing Your Divi Web Design Team - Elegant Themes

Welcome to part 4 of 5 in our series Scaling Your Divi Web Design Business where we’re exploring proven tactics and actionable strategies geared towards helping you grow your Divi based web design business. Once you’ve taken the plunge to… Continue Reading →

Top 15 Best Free Charity WordPress Themes 2018 - Macho Themes Blog

WordPress is the ideal platform for developing non-profit websites because it is completely free, and extremely easy to use. With WordPress you can create a complete and professional charity website in a jiffy. With this platform your choices are not… Continue Reading →

Benchmarking SEO: competitive analysis - Yoast

Just recently, a friend of mine asked me to have a quick peek at his website, as he felt some of his keywords didn’t perform as well as before. Some other websites outranked him in Google, and he wondered why…. Continue Reading →

Your Startup Guide to SEO: A WordPress SEO Tutorial - WPMU Dev

WordPress tutorials aren’t just for the DIY user or WordPress beginner who need an introduction to the CMS. In fact, you can find a wide array of WordPress-related topics covered in online tutorials. One of the subjects you might want… Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Prevent Your Blog Content From Becoming Stale - WP Aisle

With today’s emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), many businesses are producing content that takes up space without providing true value to visitors. An increasing amount of articles are being written to produce as much content as possible for SEO… Continue Reading →

Top 20+ SEO Companies in the World - WordPress Arena

The main job of the SEO companies is to help businesses grow and receive higher ranking from the search engines and in return expand their business operations. The main functions of the SEO companies are to create content and establish… Continue Reading →

Genesis 2.6 - Sridhar Katakam

Genesis 2.6 is actively under development by the StudioPress team with contributions from volunteers like Gary Jones, Lee Anthony and several others. Today they announced the availability of 2.6 beta here: https://studiopress.blog/genesis-2-6-beta/ The ‘Added’ section of the change log reads:… Continue Reading →

Keyword Stuffing is Spamming - Make WordPress Plugins

In January 2017 we clarified what was meant by not spamming in the directory. Since then, the language has been tweaked slightly, but the crux of the matter remains as follows: Public facing pages on WordPress.org (readmes) must not spam… Continue Reading →

Building low-cost websites for clients with GoCentral in 12 steps - GoDaddy Garage

Here’s a familiar scenario: A project comes your way from a potential client. You run them through an hours-long discovery session. You listen to their wants and needs. You ask questions and dig deeper, taking notes the entire time. Then… Continue Reading →

How Much Will It Cost To Launch Your WordPress Website in 2018 - WP Blog

Gone are the days when a basic website would suffice the requirements of the visitors need. In this time and age, you do need bells and whistles to make your website visually appealing and highly functional. Setting up a WordPress… Continue Reading →

eCommerce SEO checklist: 27 tips for a better online shop - Yoast

There is so much you can do to optimize your eCommerce site for SEO, that we have written this checklist to help you. This doesn’t cover absolutely everything, but if you at least start by optimizing everything in this post,… Continue Reading →

The Best Free WordPress Themes January 2018 - WP Lift

The beginning of the new year has seen a massive outburst of quality themes for your WordPress blog. In this plethora of themes, some of them have really stood out. A number of themes have amazed us with their versatility… Continue Reading →

How to Change Your WordPress Domain (Keeping SEO Benefits) - Kinsta Blog

Changing domains can seem like quite a daunting task at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Typically this involves routing traffic to go from your old domain (olddomain.com) to your new domain (newdomain.com). One of many people’s biggest and… Continue Reading →

A Guide to Monetizing Your WP Blog - WP Aisle

Monetizing your blog is something that a lot of WordPress users struggle to figure out. Getting traffic on your blog is already difficult, without the added pressures that come with wanting to make an income from your writing. But, if… Continue Reading →

15 Best Free Fitness Website Templates of 2018 - Macho Themes Blog

Whether you are looking to share your knowledge and achievements as a personal trainer, showcase your gym, or teach and empower people through a blog, you will need more than just pretty pictures and words to achieve this. Having a… Continue Reading →

3 reasons why Open Source is so very awesome - Yoast

The mission of Yoast is ‘SEO for everyone‘. With our plugin, our online courses and our blog we try to make SEO understandable for everyone. We believe that every website -large and small- deserves a fair chance to pop up… Continue Reading →

How to earn money on the side as an advertising consultant - GoDaddy Garage

How would you like to keep your current job and earn some extra money on the side just by using the skills that you already have? If you have marketing skills, there are others who will pay for your services,… Continue Reading →

Deposits For WooCommerce Review: How To Accept Deposits On WooCommerce - WP Mayor

Need a solution that lets you accept deposits or payment plans on your WooCommerce site? This comes in helpful if you’re selling big-ticket items, using WooCommerce for bookings, or plenty of other more site-specific situations. WooCommerce doesn’t offer that functionality… Continue Reading →

25+ Stunning Examples of Themeco’s Top-Selling WordPress X Theme in Action - WinningWP

Home / Design / 25+ Stunning Examples of Themeco’s Top-Selling WordPress X Theme in ActionBy WinningWP Editorial Last updated: February 19, 2018 35 Comments As a kind of follow-on article to our previous post (in which we went in to… Continue Reading →

Finding and Hiring Your Divi Web Design Dream Team - Elegant Themes

Welcome to part 3 of 5 in our series Scaling Your Divi Web Design Business where we’re exploring proven tactics and actionable strategies geared towards helping you grow your Divi based web design business. Once you’ve mentality prepared to scale… Continue Reading →

Solidifying Systems and Processes for Your Divi Web Design Business - Elegant Themes

Welcome to part 2 of 5 in our series Scaling Your Divi Web Design Business where we’re exploring proven tactics and actionable strategies geared towards helping you grow your Divi based web design business. When you’ve prepared your mindset and… Continue Reading →

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