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5 Popular WordPress Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making - Torque

WordPress has ceased to become just another blogging platform. Today, it is considered as the most widely used content management system. It is the most popular choice among businesses because it is easy to use and manage, flexible and highly-customizable,… Continue Reading →

Sell crafts online with our start-to-finish guide - GoDaddy Garage

After years of watching YouTube tutorials, poring over books and spending way too much money on supplies and tools, you’re ready to turn your DIY craft hobby into a business. (And perhaps finally justify to your family all the time… Continue Reading →

Ask Yoast: which eCommerce plugin do you recommend? - Yoast

No matter what you’re selling: you want to use the best eCommerce system possible. So you know you’ll get optimal results and therefore have one less thing to worry about. But with all the different systems and plugins out there it can… Continue Reading →

WordCamp Delhi 2017 Growth Hacking Slide Deck & Photos - Shout Me Loud

On 19th August 2017, Delhi enjoyed the first ever WordCamp meet (#WCDelhi) after 2009. I was fortunate enough to be part of this community event as a speaker &  share some of my growth hacking techniques that helped me grow ShoutMeLoud to… Continue Reading →

Why WordPress SEO Plugins Don’t Help You Rank High - WordPress Arena

For years’ bloggers counted upon traditional recommendations for SEO: targeting one keyword, using it across the text, in the title, URL, and meta-description. WordPress users had great tools at hand – SEO plugins – that were their checklists for content… Continue Reading →

Skyrocket Your Traffic With LSI Keywords - Newt Labs

Content optimisation is every bit as important as backlinks. In the end, people will neither share nor link to your articles if they lack quality. However, there is much more to it. Quality of the content is not only determined… Continue Reading →

How to use custom campaigns - Yoast

Google Analytics offers many ways to customize the data you’re tracking. One of these ways to track visitors, exactly the way you want, is custom campaign tracking. In this post, I’ll explain what custom campaigns are and how you can… Continue Reading →

25 Best WordPress Themes for Financial Sites - WP Beginner

Are you a financial planner or business consultant who’s looking to make a website with WordPress? Want to know which are the best WordPress themes for financial sites? In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress themes… Continue Reading →

SEO basics: What is a permalink? - Yoast

The permalink is the full URL you see – and use – for any given post, page or other pieces of content on your site. It’s a permanent link, hence the name permalink. A permalink could include your domain name… Continue Reading →

14 Ways to Find and Engage Your Target Audience with Content - Template Toaster

Interested in Boosting Your Target Audience’s Engagement with Content? Check Out These Tips! There is no shortage of online resources which emphasize the significance of producing high-quality content. On the other hand, there are also those which maintain that the… Continue Reading →

How to Auto Optimize Images Using NPM Scripts & Gulp for WP Development - Torque

Image optimization is one of the best ways to make your site speedy and lightweight. Because images are one of the largest aspects of your site, it’s important that you know how to properly optimize them. Visitors will leave your… Continue Reading →

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress in 3 Easy Steps - WPVKP

Beginners often ask why they should choose WordPress when choosing a CMS platform. In fact, they would even shrug off the changes and just let their old website run. Some would even say that WordPress is not even a good… Continue Reading →

How to build and sell websites with GoCentral - GoDaddy Garage

Want to learn how to build and sell websites? Here’s how I’m doing it. You see, I’m a virtual assistant who offers website building (or “website creating” as I like to call it) as one of my services. In the… Continue Reading →

Just for kicks: What you need to know to sell shoes online - GoDaddy Garage

It seems like every day, you read about someone who started a business with a simple idea and made millions. While we can’t promise you millions, we can give you the start of a simple business plan that’s made other… Continue Reading →

Ranking your local business part IV: Inbound links - Yoast

Why links in the first place? I know you’re probably thinking, “hey, I want to rank #1, just tell me what to do!” But understanding why Google values links so highly can help you assess the strength or weakness of… Continue Reading →

A Simple Guide to Bulk Editing in WordPress - Elegant Themes

If you’ve ever had to make changes to a number of published posts on your WordPress website, you probably know the tedium of editing post after post. Fortunately, there is an easier way! WordPress bulk editing allows you to make many… Continue Reading →

Here’s What It Takes to Make a WordPress Website Mobile Friendly - Torque

The rise of mobile devices has been one of the most decisive changes on the Internet. These days, no website can do without being mobile friendly or rather, no website that wants to be successful. By now, mobile users represent… Continue Reading →

10 Expert Practices for Multilingual WordPress Websites - WP Explorer

A multilingual website offers content, products and/or services for their readers in multiple languages. Often when you start an online business it is limited to a specific community or region, but by the time you plan to expand you should… Continue Reading →

Yoast’s mission: SEO for everyone - Yoast

Our mission is ‘SEO for everyone’. We keep that in mind, in everything we do. But what do we mean by it? And why is it our mission? In this post, I’d like to explain Yoast’s mission. A little bit… Continue Reading →

Yoast SEO Plugin Overview - WP Loop

With more than 3+ million active installations, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. There are more than 150,000 new downloads each day, and it doesn’t surprise that this free plugin is one of the first… Continue Reading →

How to Create Time-Based WordPress Snapshots - WhatsWP

When running a WordPress site for a while, it is possible that you want to go back and check your site sometimes ago. To achieve this, you can create the backup file of your WordPress site surely. But the best… Continue Reading →

20+ Bed and Breakfast Themes to Showcase B&Bs, Inns and Resorts - WP Mayor

Bed and breakfast themes are niche WordPress themes available for the hotel and lodging industry. They’re designed to showcase a single location as is typical with B&Bs, so they need to be powerful and well-designed yet minimalist enough to not… Continue Reading →

Tips to Keep WordPress Secure - Digging Into WordPress

With each passing day, strong security becomes more important. This article explains some ways to keep WordPress secure while improving the overall security of your WordPress-powered site. Most of the tips provided here are practice-based security steps that require no… Continue Reading →

Using VueJS and ES6 to In the WordPress Admin - Torque

One big opportunity for using JavaScript interfaces with the WordPress REST API is improving WordPress admin and settings screens. I wrote a post for Torque recently on using the REST API and jQuery to build settings screens. It was a… Continue Reading →

Ransomware Targeting WordPress – An Emerging Threat - Wordfence Blog

Recently, the Wordfence team has seen ransomware being used in attacks targeting WordPress. We are currently tracking a ransomware variant we are calling “EV ransomware.” The following post describes what this ransomware does and how to protect yourself from being… Continue Reading →

All the trimmings: How to sell furniture online - GoDaddy Garage

Entrepreneurs who want to try their hands at eCommerce might want to sell furniture online as a way to fill a specialty niche. Whether you make furniture, deal in retail or own a resale shop — antiques, reproductions, Scandinavian —… Continue Reading →

A blog on an eCommerce site - Yoast

Why do so many eCommerce sites have a blog? Is that because online shop owners love to write posts? Or perhaps they have a lot of spare time on their hands? Probably not. Although blogging is lots of fun, it… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be Using a CDN Right Now - WP Mayor

Image Credit: Pixabay Gone are the days when running a blog was just about writing stuff and posting pictures. While blogging mostly still involves sharing personal stories, it has also become a big way for brands and businesses to engage… Continue Reading →

How to hire someone to do SEO for your photography website - Imagely

Google shared a great video on how to hire a SEO for your website. You most likely receive emails from countless “SEO experts” trying to get you to hire them. It might look something like this: SEO email spam example… Continue Reading →

15 Best Dental Care WordPress Themes 2017 - WP Warfare

Are you afraid of the dentists? Or maybe you are a dentist yourself? Would you like to present your dental clinic online? It’s a wise solution, if you do everything properly, you will draw much more visitors to your clinics,… Continue Reading →

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