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The Best FTP Clients for WordPress Users in 2017 – Top 8 - WP Blog

Some 13 years ago, WordPress came into existence. To this day, we have seen the open-source platform reach a number of milestones and become the most widely used CMS in the world. The team behind WordPress have rolled out a… Continue Reading →

WordPress 4.8 Issues: Common Problems and their Solutions in Latest Update - Template Toaster

 WordPress 4.8 update is now available! The latest WordPress upgrade launched on June 8 provides exciting new features over its predecessor 4.7. Have you already upgraded to the new version or pondering if it is safe to do so? Let… Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Selling on ThemeForest - SitePoint

This insider’s experience has been shared by Henry Rise, the CEO of ThemeRex, Power Elite Author on Themeforest. Five years is a very long period in anyone’s life, especially if you are talking about the life of the IT business…. Continue Reading →

Home Router Botnet Resumes Attacks - Wordfence Blog

Yesterday at 7pm UTC (noon PDT) we saw the volume of brute force attacks on the WordPress sites that we protect more than double from the average for the previous 24 hours. The number of attacking IPs more than tripled. The… Continue Reading →

Advance planning for your new WordPress eStore when using WooCommerce - GoDaddy Garage

Now that you’ve decided to open a WordPress eStore with WooCommerce, it’s time to start planning. While the combo of WordPress and WooCommerce simplifies eCommerce, planning is still at the core of any successful online enterprise. Using the tips and… Continue Reading →

Top eCommerce Payment Gateways for WordPress in 2017 - WPMU Dev

Okay, so you’ve created a kickass design, your site’s running in tip-top shape, and your visitors are more than ready to convert. What more could you ask for? But then your soon-to-be-customers get to the payment gateway and don’t see… Continue Reading →

What is a WordPress plugin? - WP Loop

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that extends the functionality of the platform. Once installed and activated, plugins can add new features to your site. They can also change existing functionalities or even completely modify any particular part of… Continue Reading →

Analyzing Third-Party Performance on Your WordPress Site - Kinsta Blog

A lot of optimization articles focus on how you can speed up your WordPress site, such as optimizing your images or moving to a faster host. While those are all important, today we want to discuss with you the impact… Continue Reading →

Top 15 Project Management WordPress Plugins for 2017 - WPVKP

Every business demands you to be organized irrespective of the industry you belong to. Proper planning, staying disciplined, following procedures, completing tasks within deadlines, maintaining the budget, etc. are all part of Project Management. Though there are many tools available… Continue Reading →

WordPress for Enterprise: Why Your Site Should Use WordPress - Torque

Building and running an enterprise website presents a unique set of challenges. Enterprise sites often represent large, multinational business entities and as such need to work on a similar scale as their parent companies. That usually means lots of pages,… Continue Reading →

How to Display or Block IP Addresses On Your WordPress Site - Elegant Themes

If you’re connected to the Internet, you have a unique identifying number known as an IP address. And it’s no different for your visitors – each and every person coming to your site similarly has their own unique IP address…. Continue Reading →

How to Upload ePUB Files in WordPress - WhatsWP

The ePUB is the exclusive e-book file format. This kind of file allows people to read and to download the contents on devices like tablets, smart phones, e-readers, computers and many more. In this case, if you decide to showcase… Continue Reading →

How to Prepare Your WordPress Website for Your Vacation - WP Newsify

Do you hear that exciting sound? Yes? No? As for me, I am hearing it very clearly and loudly – the sound of holiday coming towards us! Just a friendly reminder for you: we are in June, which means it… Continue Reading →

Joomla vs WordPress: Which Is Your Go-to CMS - WP Blog

No one can argue the WordPress is widely popular but that doesn’t mean it is the one-all-be-all solution for web developers and content managers. One of WordPress’s long-standing rivals in the field of content management is Joomla. Both platforms are… Continue Reading →

How to Remind Users to Upgrade to PHP 7 Using the WHIP Codebase - Torque

PHP 7  has been around for well over a year now, and yet only 4.5% of sites have made the upgrade from PHP 5. With users and their hosts lagging behind, a large number of sites remain more vulnerable to… Continue Reading →

7 free portfolio WordPress themes made for visual pros - GoDaddy Garage

Whether you’re a pro photographer or a blossoming video game designer, a WordPress portfolio is the smart and effective way to showcase your visual work. Whether static or interactive, a digital portfolio can help you promote your business or art to… Continue Reading →

HTML to WordPress App Review: A Genius Site Converter - WP Lift

After stumbling upon the HTML to WordPress app, I began to wonder what the point of it was. Why? I had never had the need to convert an HTML site to WordPress. Most of my development has started with WordPress… Continue Reading →

Can WordPress Autoblogging Plugins Be Used for Both Content Curation and Aggregation? - WP Mayor

Creating consistent blog content for your website can be a time-consuming effort. And, while it is crucial you publish regular content on your website, the truth is that it doesn’t always happen. There is so much that goes on behind… Continue Reading →

How to Allow Editors to Only Edit Certain Pages in WordPress - WP Beginner

Do you want to restrict WordPress editors to only edit certain pages on your website? By default, a user with the editor permissions can edit any page or post. However, sometimes you may want to restrict the editor from editing… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Review – Is It A Good WordPress eCommerce Plugin? - WhatsWP

WooCommerce is a powerful and extensible eCommerce plugin that transforms WordPress websites into a thoroughbred shopping store. With enterprise level functionality and performance, this plugin is reputable, trusted by millions of customers. However, there are still many customers confused for… Continue Reading →

DMCA: The Ultimate Guide to Protection, Procedures and Takedowns - WP Dev Shed

When it comes to security, it’s not only your website that needs protection – the content on your website is pretty vulnerable, too. It takes a certain amount of skill, knowledge, and expertise for someone to hack into your website,… Continue Reading →

Proper RFC 4122 UUIDs as GUIDs in WordPress - Bjorn Johansen

UUIDs (Universally Unique IDentifier), also known as GUIDs (Globally Unique IDentifier), is a string that identifies a piece of information in computer systems. WordPress use GUIDs to identify each individual post, but use URLs (kind of) for GUIDs, and thus… Continue Reading →

Weekly WordPress Recap: WordPress 4.8, WPForms Acquires WP Mail SMTP Plugin & Worona Releases an App for WordCamp Europe - WP Newsify

The big talk of the week is? The release of WordPress 4.8 of course. WordPress 4.8 is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. The jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans is honored for this version… Continue Reading →

Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 4.8 “Evans” - WP Lift

Hit that update button, folks! As of June 8th, WordPress 4.8 is officially out. For an overview of everything new, check out our look at WordPress 4.8’s new features. If you like widgets, you’re going to be pretty happy. Syed… Continue Reading →

6 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins in 2017 - WP Blog

It is 2017 and our websites and servers are more vulnerable to hacking, brute force as well as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks than they have ever been. Fortunately, WordPress has responded to that dilemma by arming its users… Continue Reading →

WordPress Version 4.8 Released! Here’s Our Themes Compatibility Report - Solwin Infotech

The latest version of WordPress 4.8 has been released yesterday. We make it a priority to always keep our WordPress themes up-to-date, so that our customers can easily switch on latest update of WordPress without any issues. What’s bundled with… Continue Reading →

WordPress 4.8 “Evans” Has Been Released – What’s New? - WP Blog

WordPress has been ruling the CMS world for quite some time now. Its superiority over its competitors can be reflected by the fact that it is powering more than a quarter of the internet. WordPress’ increasing popularity is partly because… Continue Reading →

Top 20 WordPress Plugins for Business Websites 2017 - WP Explorer

Why do you need WordPress plugins if WordPress is as impressive a platform as they say? That is, indeed, a great question. Well, you don’t need all WordPress plugins, but just a select few to take your business website to… Continue Reading →

How to Take Incremental Backups in WordPress - SitePoint

Keeping a regular backup for your website will help you to restore lost data if something goes wrong. Incremental backups take it a step farther, backing up only the changes since the last backup, the perfect mix of safety and… Continue Reading →

WordPress Backups Are Critical to Your Security Strategy - Wordfence Blog

On this blog, we often talk about employing a “defense in depth” approach to WordPress security. The majority of our focus is on the prevention and detection features offered by the Wordfence plugin. Today we turn our attention to WordPress… Continue Reading →

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