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What is spyware? A guide to spyware detection, prevention and removal - GoDaddy Garage

Spyware is a major thorn in the side of any business, as even businesses that have never experienced this type of malware have to be constantly vigilant with the right spyware detector and spyware removal tools at their disposal. Today,… Continue Reading →

4 Best Incremental WordPress Backup Plugins (Save Space and Speed) - Kinsta Blog

From recovering your website data after a breach to simply giving yourself peace of mind while growing your business, WordPress backups are essential in the security game. You have several options for logging backups and restoring the files if something… Continue Reading →

40 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them - WP Beginner

While WordPress is really easy to use, there are some common WordPress errors that can make you panic. The good thing is that the WordPress error you are seeing on your site is most likely been reported and resolved by… Continue Reading →

What is a brute force attack? - GoDaddy Garage

For small business websites or eCommerce websites, user registration functionality is a common need. As a result, users share sensitive information when they register for an account on a website. This could include their mailing address, email address or even… Continue Reading →

10 critical eCommerce web security tips - GoDaddy Garage

In the eCommerce space, your customers are going to rely on you to protect them. They need to feel sure that they can make purchases and engage with your site without sacrificing or compromising their personal identities. If they don’t have… Continue Reading →

How to secure your online writing portfolio as a freelance writer - GoDaddy Garage

It’s a bit of a Catch-22, isn’t it? You took the time to create an eye-catching, user-friendly personal website to house your writing portfolio. You posted your writing samples so potential clients can bask in your writing prowess and hire you… Continue Reading →

Introducing Wordfence Agency Solutions - Wordfence Blog

Throughout 2018, we have had many conversations with agencies and other organizations protecting a large number of WordPress sites with Wordfence. You’ve told us what you need to be more successful, and we’ve responded with many changes to both our… Continue Reading →

How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin Correctly - iThemes

The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress can be a great way to boost your rank in search engines, but not if all you do is chase the green dots. You want your WordPress website to be found by the search engines. That’s why… Continue Reading →

7 hacking prevention methods for lodging and travel websites - GoDaddy Garage

Having a perfectly running reservation website and management system is key to providing the kind of guest experience that helps a hotel or B&B business grow exponentially over time. In fact, most everyone makes their travel plans online, and it’s expected… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to HTTPS and SSL for WordPress - Elegant Themes

You have probably noticed over the past few years that many of your favorite websites have moved from HTTP addresses to HTTPS. The added letter, while adding very little time and effort to type, adds immense value and security to those… Continue Reading →

5 WordPress blog security measures - GoDaddy Garage

A so-so blog security setup for WordPress can be handled with a couple of plugins — it’s good enough to stop a lot of hacking attempts, but it’s not an iron-clad approach. Someone who’s really determined might still find their… Continue Reading →

The ultimate webpage security primer for law firms - GoDaddy Garage

Webpage security is a hot topic, especially among small law firms and practices. Your law firm or private practice handles a lot of sensitive legal material, and a data breach can topple any client trust you’ve worked so hard to… Continue Reading →

SSL security: Why it matters and how to add HTTPS to your website - GoDaddy Garage

Would your website lose visitors if it lacked SSL security? Of course. Everyone is at least aware of site security, especially if they’re about to whip out a credit card and buy something. A recent survey says 85 percent of… Continue Reading →

Defender 2.0, Forced 2FA, New Tweaks And “We’ll Clean Up Your Site!” - WPMU Dev

Defender 2.0 is now available including forced Two-Factor Authentication by user role and a new XML-RPC disabler. Big news, I know…but the real stunner comes as a new members-only service upgrade. WPMU DEV security experts will now restore and clean… Continue Reading →

How to Add Age Verification in WordPress - WP Beginner

Do you want to add age verification to your WordPress website? Some website owners may want to ask their site visitors for age verification before accessing content due to the nature of content and the legal requirements. In this article,… Continue Reading →

Secure WordPress Forms: Best Practices to Keep Your Website Safe - Gravity Forms Blog

Secure WordPress forms are an important part of any lead generation strategy. If people are going to submit data and/or files to your site, you must take security seriously (for your sake and your users’). Hackers and spammers use your… Continue Reading →

Breaking Out of Shells at DerbyCon - Wordfence Blog

I downloaded my first copy of BackTrack when I was 13. I had no idea what I was doing, or how to use it, but I knew that I was hooked. I’ve been fascinated with technology since I was a… Continue Reading →

How to check for website vulnerability with a security audit - GoDaddy Garage

The whole point of a website security audit is to give you and your clients peace of mind. Knowing that you have gone through a client’s site, eliminated any website vulnerability you identify, and secured the site should bring a… Continue Reading →

6 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site (Compared) - WP Beginner

Recently one of our readers asked us which is the WordPress security plugin? Using a WordPress security plugin protects your WordPress site from malware, brute force attacks, and hacking attempts. In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress security… Continue Reading →

An introduction to website security for trade services - GoDaddy Garage

We are living in a hyperconnected digital age that is full of opportunity for budding professionals looking to grow their businesses, branch out to new customers and make a mark in their industry. But, with technological advancement comes the threat… Continue Reading →

How to Choose a CDN for WordPress - WP Site Care

Have you ever been pulled in so many directions with the busy demands of life that you wish you could just snap your fingers and create a clone of yourself to help keep up? In technology, we call that clone… Continue Reading →

5 WordPress Security Infographics to Download & Share - iThemes

Love infographics? We do, too! From WordPress security basics to how to secure your website, we have 5 new WordPress security infographics for you to download and share. 1. Five Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website It feels like every… Continue Reading →

WordPress Development Corner [Episode 2] - iThemes

In the second episode of WordPress Development Corner, we talk to WordPress developer Timothy Jacobs about the new Trusted Devices feature for iThemes Security Pro, our WordPress security plugin. Video Transcript: Michael: Hi everyone. Welcome to this edition of the… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Move Your Site from Joomla to WordPress (Step by Step) - WP Beginner

Do you want to move your website from Joomla to WordPress? While Joomla is a good content management system, it is NOT as powerful, flexible, and user-friendly as WordPress. Often users might start with Joomla, but they eventually switch to… Continue Reading →

WordPress Activity Log – 7 Things You Should Be Tracking - Kinsta Blog

When your WordPress website is small, it’s easy to keep tabs on everything that happens within it. However, as it grows in size and complexity it can become a lot harder to keep up. This is particularly true if you… Continue Reading →

5 Simple Rules for WordPress Login Security - iThemes

A successful WordPress security strategy should include steps to strengthen the WordPress login. In this post, we cover the five simple rules for better WordPress login security. The great thing about WordPress is how it makes creating a website accessible… Continue Reading →

13 Ways to Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Sales - WP Beginner

Are you looking for ways to recover WooCommerce abandoned cart sales? On average 60 – 80% of people who “add to cart” do not end up buying. This means if you have an online store, then you’re losing out on… Continue Reading →

7 New WordPress Infographics to Download and Share - iThemes

Love infographics? We do, too! From WordPress basics to security to WooCommerce, we have 7 new WordPress infographics for you to download and share. 1. What is WordPress? If you need help explaining “what is WordPress?” to clients or friends,… Continue Reading →

Proven strategies to help you stay safe online - GoDaddy Garage

The web can be a virtual minefield of security risks. Your online presence is vulnerable to attack from hackers, bots and spam, among other nuisances. I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines in recent years of major corporations having their networks… Continue Reading →

What is WordPress VIP (And Who Is It For)? - Elegant Themes

People who need more power for their sites tend to avoid WordPress.com in favor of self-hosted WordPress. However, the former actually happens to offer one of the most exclusive hosting services for websites that require a bit more punch, called WordPress VIP…. Continue Reading →

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