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5 Popular WordPress Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making - Torque

WordPress has ceased to become just another blogging platform. Today, it is considered as the most widely used content management system. It is the most popular choice among businesses because it is easy to use and manage, flexible and highly-customizable,… Continue Reading →

6 Plugins for Importing and Exporting WordPress Data - WP Blog

WordPress continuously updates its security to keep user data secure and encrypted, but it’s not enough if users do not have access to that data. Backup, migration and security are important reasons for moving data. Normally, phpMyAdmin can import and… Continue Reading →

Sell crafts online with our start-to-finish guide - GoDaddy Garage

After years of watching YouTube tutorials, poring over books and spending way too much money on supplies and tools, you’re ready to turn your DIY craft hobby into a business. (And perhaps finally justify to your family all the time… Continue Reading →

WordCamp Delhi 2017 Growth Hacking Slide Deck & Photos - Shout Me Loud

On 19th August 2017, Delhi enjoyed the first ever WordCamp meet (#WCDelhi) after 2009. I was fortunate enough to be part of this community event as a speaker &  share some of my growth hacking techniques that helped me grow ShoutMeLoud to… Continue Reading →

Chrome Version 62 to Show Security Warnings on HTTP Pages Starting in October 2017 - Theme Adviser

Google Search Console has started sending out notices to sites that have not yet migrated to HTTPS. If you still haven’t migrated your website to HTTPS, now it’s the final time. Chrome 61 is now in beta and version 62… Continue Reading →

How to Install a New WordPress Theme (YouTube Video) - WinningWP

Home / Basics / How to Install a New WordPress Theme (YouTube Video) By WinningWP Editorial August 18, 2017 If you’re just getting started with WordPress, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get the design right,… Continue Reading →

Higher Ed Technology Solutions to Implement Before Next Semester - Pagely Blog

With each successive matriculating class, colleges and universities find themselves serving a population with greater exposure to, and connection with technology. This increased technological curve delivers students with a greater expectation of what technology means in their daily lives, both… Continue Reading →

HTML Cheat Sheets – Quick Reference for Developers/Designers - Template Toaster

Is it tough to memorize all the HTML tags? Have you wasted lots of time to search simple HTML tags on the Internet? No more cramming or searching on the internet for HTML as you have a simple solution… It… Continue Reading →

bbPress Forums for WordPress: A Quick Guide - WP Explorer

Discussion forums have been around for almost as long as the internet itself. Even before the World Wide Web became popular, people were sharing information and discussing topics using terminal server bulletin board systems. In fact, my very first experiences… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Hosting: How to Choose the Best Foundation - iThemes

Choosing WooCommerce is a big decision. If you’ve made that choice, congrats. But you’re not done making choices. You still have to make a major one: WooCommerce hosting. Where you host your WooCommerce site can have a huge impact on… Continue Reading →

New! Introducing WordPress Security Check Pro in iThemes Security Pro - iThemes

The iThemes Security plugin includes a One-Click WordPress Security Check to make securing your WordPress website easier and less complicated. The latest version of iThemes Security Pro now includes two new automated server checks with its One-Click Security Check to… Continue Reading →

PSA: 4.8 Million Affected by Chrome Extension Attacks Targeting Site Owners - Wordfence Blog

This is a public service announcement from the Wordfence team regarding a security issue that has a wide impact. During the past 3 months, eight Chrome browser extensions were compromised and the attacker used them to steal Cloudflare credentials and… Continue Reading →

Top 5 WordPress Security Breaches and How to Rectify Them - Torque

Holding more than 28 percent of the market share and powering 74.6 million websites across the globe, WordPress is indeed one of the most sought-after Open Source CMS in the world. With enhanced usability and appealing aesthetics, WordPress truly deserves… Continue Reading →

Just for kicks: What you need to know to sell shoes online - GoDaddy Garage

It seems like every day, you read about someone who started a business with a simple idea and made millions. While we can’t promise you millions, we can give you the start of a simple business plan that’s made other… Continue Reading →

11 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins - Kinsta Blog

Imagine you’re a teacher with a simple WordPress site. You’re getting excited about the new school year yet you’d like to give your students some digital-friendly documents for them to prepare for classes and understand the material. Your first order… Continue Reading →

The Complete WordPress GDPR Guide: What Does the New Data Regulation Mean for Your Website, Business and Data? - Code In WP

TL;DR: The GDPR is a new regulation by the EU. It changes a lot regarding how each and every WordPress site goes about doing their business. Even non EU-based sites and businesses are affected. You have less than a year… Continue Reading →

Dev Chat Summary: August 16th (4.9 week 3) - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from August 16th (agenda, Slack archive). Feedback on 4.9 goals @johnbillion: as part of ongoing Security focus, planning on several user account security related changes, for example bringing some of the Multisite confirmation emails… Continue Reading →

Free speech, privacy, and the web - Post Status

Politics and the web are intersecting more and more. In recent news, at least three WordPress related companies have been getting broad media attention. In just a few days, we’ve seen GoDaddy shut down a site for violating terms and… Continue Reading →

Migrating from WordPress.Com to Self-Hosted WordPress - SitePoint

More from this author The Definitive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks WordPress.com is a limited version of WordPress run by Automattic. Here, you can create a blog or website in moments without worrying about hosting and managing your WordPress. However,… Continue Reading →

Top 13 WordPress Maintenance Services in 2017 - WP Blog

Running and maintaining a WordPress website is crucial, especially for business owners who manage real-time services. However, some business owners lack the time and resources to both run and maintain their websites. If maintenance is ignored, then websites will have… Continue Reading →

Do you need your own website to sell jewelry online? - GoDaddy Garage

If you sell jewelry online, chances are you use one of the many eCommerce platforms for makers, such as Etsy or Amazon Handmade. So is it even worth spending the time and effort to create your own eCommerce website when you… Continue Reading →

12 WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities in 12 Months - Code Seekah

I’m challenging myself to find 12 plugin vulnerabilities in the next 12 months, right in time for WordCamp Moscow 2018, where I’ll present peculiar vulnerable code and talk about practical security mistakes that don’t get caught by the official plugin… Continue Reading →

Tips to Keep WordPress Secure - Digging Into WordPress

With each passing day, strong security becomes more important. This article explains some ways to keep WordPress secure while improving the overall security of your WordPress-powered site. Most of the tips provided here are practice-based security steps that require no… Continue Reading →

ThreatPress Review: The Perfect Security and Monitoring WordPress Plugin - WP Newsify

Ask me one Internet topic that never loses its heat? Security! You certainly do not want to endanger your newly-built WordPress website, do you? For years straight, the first thing I have always advised WordPress users to do after setting… Continue Reading →

Ransomware Targeting WordPress – An Emerging Threat - Wordfence Blog

Recently, the Wordfence team has seen ransomware being used in attacks targeting WordPress. We are currently tracking a ransomware variant we are calling “EV ransomware.” The following post describes what this ransomware does and how to protect yourself from being… Continue Reading →

13 Signs That Your WordPress Site Is Hacked! - WP Blog

While WordPress continues to dominate the CMS world, it is not getting any safer. Hackers have found newer ways to hack into WordPress websites. The most ridiculous being the most recent one; hackers launched brute force attacks on WordPress sites… Continue Reading →

What is malware and how can you protect your WordPress website? - GoDaddy Garage

Malware is a burden on site owners, developers and security companies alike. What is malware and why does it matter to your small business? If you fail to take the appropriate safety measures, it can ride roughshod over your website… Continue Reading →

Git and Github: A Beginner’s Guide for Complete Newbies - Elegant Themes

Despite what television and movies tell us, life as a software developer does not include sitting in a dark room, our keyboard illuminated only by the glow of the monitor, the thought of interacting with another human being repulsive. No,… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be Using a CDN Right Now - WP Mayor

Image Credit: Pixabay Gone are the days when running a blog was just about writing stuff and posting pictures. While blogging mostly still involves sharing personal stories, it has also become a big way for brands and businesses to engage… Continue Reading →

Top Tools to Build an Online Store with WordPress - WP Explorer

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, opening your own e-commerce store is a great option. The flexibility alone is a solid reason, but the savings and improved brand visibility over a physical location also make it… Continue Reading →

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