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How to start a website from A to Z: A 5-step guide - GoDaddy Garage

It’s no secret that more than three billion people across the world have access to the internet. From mobile devices to desktops, it seems like everyone these days is plugged in — and if your business isn’t claiming space on the… Continue Reading →

Organizing the “Client Side” of our Divi Web Design Business - Elegant Themes

Welcome to part 5, the final chapter in our series Scaling Your Divi Web Design Business where we’re exploring proven tactics and actionable strategies that will help you grow your Divi based web design business. In the final post of… Continue Reading →

Wix vs WordPress: Which One Should You Choose To Build A Website? - Kinsta Blog

When it comes to building a website, we’re pretty strong proponents of WordPress (the fact that we specialize in WordPress hosting might give that away). But despite powering a whopping 29% of the world’s websites, WordPress isn’t the only way… Continue Reading →

Affected by YouTube Demonetization? We Got a Smart Solution! - Template Toaster

The all-new YouTube Monetization rules by Google has been creating a buzz in the digital market and most of the advertisers and YouTube channel holders are facing a problem because of the same. But, we have a solution to your… Continue Reading →

How Much Will It Cost To Launch Your WordPress Website in 2018 - WP Blog

Gone are the days when a basic website would suffice the requirements of the visitors need. In this time and age, you do need bells and whistles to make your website visually appealing and highly functional. Setting up a WordPress… Continue Reading →

eCommerce SEO checklist: 27 tips for a better online shop - Yoast

There is so much you can do to optimize your eCommerce site for SEO, that we have written this checklist to help you. This doesn’t cover absolutely everything, but if you at least start by optimizing everything in this post,… Continue Reading →

Safest WordPress Hosting: 2 Best Hosts To Keep Your Site Secure - Macho Themes Blog

Every year, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites get hacked. But your site doesn’t have to be one of them. This statistic isn’t necessarily WordPress’ fault – when regularly updated, the core WordPress software is secure. But WordPress’ position as,… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Check If Your Theme Is Secure to Use - Elegant Themes

One of the most important choices you’ll make during your WordPress career is which theme to use for your website. Not all themes are equal though, and some are safer than others. Choosing the wrong theme can leave your site… Continue Reading →

Meeting notes for 2018 February 13 - Make WordPress Themes

Meeting [ link ]. A Slack account is needed to view the archives. Items discussed: Update for child handbook page Forum team are planning to update the child themes page in the handbook. Those interested in helping can leave comments… Continue Reading →

Get the Most Out of Defender and Maximize WordPress Security - WPMU Dev

Anyone who owns, builds, manages, or hosts WordPress sites should be obsessed with security. It’s not that WordPress isn’t a safe platform to build websites with. It’s just that, being the most popular and widely used CMS in the world,… Continue Reading →

A WP Toolkit That Does All the Heavy Lifting for You - WP Mayor

Great software should work with little configuration and setup. WordPress is designed to get you up and running and fully functional in no longer than five minutes. – WordPress Philosophy I personally strive for simplicity, hate wasting time and want… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Technology: How Will it Impact WordPress? - WP Lift

Cryptocurrency has been around for quite a while by now. But in the past few months, the fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have caught the world’s attention. With the ever increasing rise and drop in prices,… Continue Reading →

Sell website maintenance services to grow your recurring revenue - GoDaddy Garage

As a web developer or designer, you know that there are ongoing tasks required to keep a client’s website in tip-top shape after launch. Updating core, updating plugins, updating themes, executing an effective site backup strategy, performing ongoing content updates… Continue Reading →

How to Use the Plugin Organizer to Speed Up Your WordPress Site - WP Beginner

After WordPress hosting, plugins are the second biggest reason that can cause your WordPress site to be slow. Often times this can be mitigated by either disabling the plugin or stop it from loading in areas where you don’t need… Continue Reading →

The beginner’s guide to – the NEW – Google Search Console - Yoast

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the new Google Search Console. However, since not all features are included in the new version yet, we first tell about the features in the new version. After… Continue Reading →

How To Create A WordPress Staging Site For Testing – 3 Best Methods - Shout Me Loud

Managing a WordPress blog is easy and fun thing to do. However, this changes when you start getting high traffic and downtime is something you can’t afford anymore. No matter how careful you are, you could make a change that… Continue Reading →

What’s your brand personality? Take our quiz to find out! - GoDaddy Garage

One of my favorite things to do while scrolling through my Facebook feed is take the occasional personality quiz. What Marvel character am I? Apparently, I’m Star Lord, though I’d make a strong case for Deadpool. Disney princess? I’m the… Continue Reading →

What does it feel like to sell your decade-old business? Cory Miller explains. - Matt Report

In this episode, Matt Medeiros interviews  Cory Miller from iThemes and jokes with him as being his most interviewed guest on the Matt Report. The big news for 2018 is that Cory’s business (IThemes) was recently purchased by Liquidweb. Matt and… Continue Reading →

NextGEN Gallery 2.2.45 Now Available - Imagely

In today’s release, we are handling a few fixes, plugging a small security hole and announcing a new partnership. For a while now we have been fans of what Imagify has been able to accomplish for image compression. They have… Continue Reading →

Take your small business online: A step-by-step guide - GoDaddy Garage

I’m so glad you’re reading this guide for step-by-step instructions to take your small business online. It means you’re serious about turning your business idea into a reality or taking your enterprise to the next level. You understand that to truly… Continue Reading →

Why WordPress Trumps Drupal and Joomla - WP Blog

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, or as people like to call them ‘The Big Three,’ are powering around 90% of the websites. These three have different capabilities and unique selling points that make them stand out from the rest but what… Continue Reading →

15 Best WordPress eLearning Themes in 2018 - WP Mayor

E-Learning is catching up to regular classroom learning very fast, and WordPress helps you with the creation of your courses. These Learning Management System (LMS) themes, along with many different plugins, offer all the features and functionalities that an online… Continue Reading →

20+ Web Design Software in 2018: The Ultimate List of Top Trending tools to choose from - Template Toaster

Web Designing has become so easy and simple these days and all thanks to the so many easily accessible Web Design Software, out of which some are free and some are paid. To have a clearer view, we present you… Continue Reading →

20+ Best Web Design Software: The Ultimate List - Template Toaster

Web Designing has become so easy and simple these days and all thanks to the so many easily accessible Web Design Software, out of which some are free and some are paid. To have a clearer view, we present you… Continue Reading →

9 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins to Boost Shares and Conversions - WP Blog

Quizzes are the most shared content on social media. Whether it’s a personality quiz or a test of knowledge, people love to challenge themselves and share scores with friends. These quizzes drive tons of engagement and traffic – something all… Continue Reading →

How to Start a Fashion Blog (and Make Money) – Step by Step - WP Beginner

Are you looking to start a fashion blog but don’t know where to begin? It is easy to start a blog, but the difficult part is to be successful and make money from it. In this article, we will show… Continue Reading →

Top 10 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018 - WP Blog

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of Google ranking factors every day a new SEO myth is born wreaking havoc in the SEO community. And, if you are a full time digital marketer focusing on long-term SEO strategies, these can have… Continue Reading →

Cryptomining Supply Chain Attack Hits Government Websites - Wordfence Blog

In the past 24 hours, Security researcher Scott Helme discovered that a third party accessibility plugin called ‘Browsealoud’ had their servers compromised. The plugin relies on a website including Javascript in their content in order to work. This compromise resulted… Continue Reading →

Top Mistakes on Speeding Up WordPress - WhatsWP

The competition between websites now becomes more and more fierce as there are an increasing number of websites on the Internet. Apart from creating readable content, increasing visual enjoyment, and using suitable layout, fast speed is the key to victory…. Continue Reading →

Dev Chat Summary: February 7th (4.9.5 week 1) - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from February 7th (agenda, Slack archive). 4.9.3 + 4.9.4 update 4.9.3 went out on Monday, 4.9.4 went out on Tuesday; note technical details behind 4.9.4 Note final paragraph from the 4.9.4 technical details… Continue Reading →

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