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296 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show 24th of May 2018 - WP Tonic

Join us on an other WP-Tonic round-table show this week with a great panel of WordPress, online marketing and SEO experts where we discuss this week must interesting stories of the week connected to tech and WordPress This weeks show… Continue Reading →

Push Monkey: A Detailed Overview and Review - Elegant Themes

“Will you allow Elegant Themes would like to send you notifications? Not Now / Allow Notifications.” Look familiar? I would hope so…because you probably saw it just a few seconds ago. Those kinds of alerts are everywhere these days, and… Continue Reading →

The 52 Best Tools for Freelancers to Scale a Business - Kinsta Blog

People choose to freelance for a number of reasons—but most often, it is because they desire freedom: The freedom to do what they love and what they’re good at The freedom to work with the clients they choose The freedom… Continue Reading →

Wordfence Is GDPR Compliant - Wordfence Blog

Today the team at Defiant completed the required steps to make our organization and services GDPR compliant. This post is Copyright 2018 Defiant, Inc. and was published on the wordfence.com official blog. Republication of this post without permission is prohibited…. Continue Reading →

Hijacked WordPress.com Accounts Being Used To Infect Sites - Wordfence Blog

Update on May 23 at 11:50AM: A representative from WordPress.com reached out to us with the following statement: This post is Copyright 2018 Defiant, Inc. and was published on the wordfence.com official blog. Republication of this post without permission is… Continue Reading →

Announcing the 2017 Imagely Fund Winner Giles Clarke - Imagely

The Imagely Team is honored to announce award-winning humanitarian and conflict photographer Giles Clarke as the 2017 Imagely Fund Fellow. Giles’ work Invisible Crisis, documents the devastating impact of the ongoing war in Yemen. Following the 2015 takeover of Sana’a… Continue Reading →

Keyy: A Detailed Overview & Review - Elegant Themes

WordPress is everywhere. We’re closing in on being a full one-third of the internet, and that’s amazing. But with that ubiquity comes a number of problems, one of the primary being security. WordPress gets hit hard by hackers and spambots… Continue Reading →

WordPress review team closes unused plugins - Theme Adviser

In an effort to free up resources on WordPress.org, the WordPress Plugin Review Team is closing unused plugins. An unused plugin is one that has been approved for the directory but no code was uploaded by the developer in six… Continue Reading →

How the Wordfence Scanner Protects Your Site - Wordfence Blog

When we think about Wordfence and how it improves your WordPress security posture, there are two core features we tend to focus on: the firewall, and the security scanner. As the first layer of defense, the Wordfence firewall gets the… Continue Reading →

PHP Meeting Recap – May 14th - Make WordPress Core

This recap is a summary of our previous PHP meeting. It highlights the ideas and decisions which came up during that meeting, both as a means of documenting and to provide a quick overview for those who were unable to… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Pirated WordPress Themes and Plugins - Elegant Themes

There are thousands of plugins and themes you can choose from when using WordPress. However, not all of them are free, and some of the top premium options can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, cost is one of the main reasons… Continue Reading →

Why and How to Use the Latest Version of WordPress - Newt Labs

Marketers say that anyone willing to sell a product or service should create the most accurate model of their buyer; it’s called a buyer persona. All marketing efforts revolve around this model. This business approach brings substantial sales’ growth, and… Continue Reading →

6 Key Steps to Ensure GDPR Compliance in Time for the May 25th Deadline and Beyond - Code In WP

Not everyone can be a GDPR compliance specialist, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore data protection and privacy; especially if you run a business. Even though much talk has been made of the May 25th deadline for GDPR compliance,… Continue Reading →

[RESULTS] 2018 WordPress Hosting Survey – Aka “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of WordPress Hosting” - Code In WP

What you’re about to read are the results of our 2018 WordPress hosting survey – aka.  “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of WordPress Hosting.”  Yep, we have good, we have bad, and we indeed do have ugly. This is… Continue Reading →

How to Manually Update a WordPress Plugin via FTP - WhatsWP

An error you may face during the hosting journey is: The one-click WordPress plugin has a failure to update. There is the need to fix the error which can mess up your website. Manually updating the plugin is the only… Continue Reading →

200 Ecommerce Platforms to Choose from in 2018 - Template Toaster

The e-commerce industry is an ever-changing medium that pushes the business owners to try new things to stay competitive. They need to balance with latest trends and industry’s best practices to sustain success. And for that, they should know about… Continue Reading →

The Do’s and Don’ts for Hosting WordPress Membership Sites - Kinsta Blog

When it comes to WordPress sites, not all of them can be treated the same in terms of what works best for performance. A simple five-page WordPress site behaves completely different than say a large WooCommerce site (which can be… Continue Reading →

Introducing Discounted Hacked Site Cleanings - Wordfence Blog

Last month we introduced ‘high demand’ pricing for our site cleaning service. We did this because demand for site cleanings is seasonal and it became a challenge for us to deal with the surges in business we would see while… Continue Reading →

12 lean startup lessons for your web design business - GoDaddy Garage

In the traditional business startup model, you write a business plan, pitch it to investors, assemble a team, introduce a product, and start selling. This requires lots of time and research before you can start selling products and seeing a… Continue Reading →

How to Display Amazon Wishlist Button in WordPress - WhatsWP

A great number of webmasters work with some social media buttons like Facebook for the optimization of the marketing strategies. However, there is a great possibility that you are one of them who miss the chance to promote your website… Continue Reading →

Quick checklist: Audit your agency / web services website - GoDaddy Garage

When you are busy running your own agency or web services company, time flies. From client demands and marketing, to social media and financial responsibilities, it seems there are just not enough hours in the day! Unfortunately, all too often… Continue Reading →

Closing Unused Plugins - Make WordPress Plugins

When you submit a new plugin, we get to see every single plugin you’ve ever submitted. This means we also see how many plugins we approve that people never use. At this moment, there are over 9100 plugins approved and… Continue Reading →

Peter Nilsson on WPNewsify, WordPress Security and Gutenberg! - WP Blog

Peter Nilsson has been involved with WordPress for a long time. He is an active member of the WordPress community who is highly active on Twitter and WordPress forums. He is the reason behind many successful WordPress ventures including WP… Continue Reading →

How Using a Password Manager Can Help Secure Your WordPress Website - Elegant Themes

When it comes to website security, the weakest link is often as simple as the password you choose. Many people tend to reuse passwords across multiple accounts, which is a major security vulnerability. What’s more, that’s not the only mistake… Continue Reading →

How to Find Pending Users in WordPress - WhatsWP

Almost all the webmasters will provide an way for the user registration. One of the popular methods is via newsletters. Pending users refer to those who have not yet accepted the invitation within a week. They will take over a… Continue Reading →

How to Recover a Lost Password in WordPress - WhatsWP

In WordPress, password is a string of characters with which you can gain admission to the backend. But with too many passwords remembered, chances are that you will forget your passwords now and then. Then how to recover a lost… Continue Reading →

How to Display WordPress Posts Alphabetically - WhatsWP

By default, your WordPress posts are organized and displayed in descending chronological order. In other words, the newest post will be at the top of list while the oldest one will be at the bottom of the list. It is… Continue Reading →

April 2018 Pro release notes - GoDaddy Garage

Release notes series provide a monthly update on the features and improvements relevant to web professionals and GoDaddy Pro program members. It’s mostly focused on the Pro program, but at times we include important updates and announcements that might interest… Continue Reading →

How to Change WordPress Theme via phpMyAdmin - WP Beginner

Recently one of our readers asked us if they can change their WordPress theme from the database. WordPress makes it extremely easy to manage themes from the admin area. However, if you are unable to access your WordPress admin area,… Continue Reading →

WordPress: Tracking Emerging Cryptomining Threats - Wordfence Blog

This is a post written by James Yokobosky who works on the Defiant Threat Intelligence team. In his daily job he analyzes new WordPress threats as they emerge and adds detection capability to the Wordfence malware scanner. In addition to… Continue Reading →

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