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test - David Bisset

Organizing WordPress Settings Screens with Namespaces - Tom McFarlin

As many of us continue to move forward with PHP7+, we can continue to take advantage of a lot of new features that the language offers. In the meantime, though, there are still features of PHP and related software that… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Truncate Text in PHP - Tom McFarlin

If you treat WordPress exclusively as a blogging application or, even in a more liberal sense, a content management system, then you’re likely used to using the editor or the excerpt field to write a teaser then introduce a Read… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg And Youth (Generation X and Generation Y) - David Bisset

In preparation for my WordCamp Orlando talk tomorrow entitled “The Next Generation Of WordPress Users” I conducted a small survey via Google Forms at a local public high school with approximately 40 students to see what they thought of Gutenberg… Continue Reading →

Using Coding Standards with WordPress - Tom McFarlin

I write a fair amount about coding standards with WordPress and the importance that I believe they have for individuals, teams, and with working with the core application, that being WordPress itself. In the last year or so, I’ve moved… Continue Reading →

WordPress Widgets: An Object-Oriented Approach - Tom McFarlin

Years ago, I created the WordPress Widget Boilerplate aiming to be the following: An organized, maintainable boilerplate for building widgets using WordPress best practices. Since then, not much has changed regarding the Widgets API (which we’ll look at later in… Continue Reading →

What Content is Next for Site Members? - Tom McFarlin

When I set out to create a members-only section of my website, it was to do two things: provide members with access to high-quality articles for how to approach object-oriented programming in WordPress, grants discounts to other products and services… Continue Reading →

An Example of Retrieving Namespaced Properties in PHP - Tom McFarlin

When you write enough code that communicates with third-party APIs, you’re more than likely going to find yourself communicating with an XML-based API. And say what you will about it: Some like it, some don’t. But they exist, and they… Continue Reading →

A Look at We’ve Got Your Back by Freemius - Tom McFarlin

This is a sponsored post from the team at Freemius.As someone who continues to participate in the WordPress economy, specifically in developing custom solutions for others, and as someone with many friends and acquaintances who are also developers, I know… Continue Reading →

A Strategy for Initializing Plugin Settings - Tom McFarlin

Whenever you’re working on a plugin that offers a page for its settings, there are several ways that you can save and retrieve the information. You can: use the Settings API, use a custom page and calls that are a… Continue Reading →

When You Get Bored with WordPress, Part 2 - Tom McFarlin

In Part 1, I wrote a bit about what happens when someone gets bored with WordPress development. Specifically, I raised points of interest in: Is it the community? Is it the social (perhaps read: political) aspects of it? Is it… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce 3.5: Bring Me That Preview Button Back! - Remi Corson

Alright alright! You just updated to WooCommerce 3.5, and you can’t see the Preview Changes button anymore in the Publish meta box? No stress, it’s on made on purpose. The reason behind this is well explained here. But if like… Continue Reading →

Debugging for WordPress Developers: Changing Values at Runtime - Tom McFarlin

So far, this series has provided a series of screencasts that have provided: An Introduction to Debugging Stepping Around Code In today’s screencast, I’m going to turn my attention to actually changing values at runtime while debugging. This means that… Continue Reading →

When You Get Bored with WordPress, Part 1 - Tom McFarlin

One of the more common things that we see in the technology industry is people changing jobs or, at the very least, having a desire to learn new technology and begin employing it in their work. The rate at which… Continue Reading →

WordPress Database Merging Made Easy with WPMerge - Tom McFarlin

This is a sponsored post from the fine team over at WPMerge. The following tutorial provides all you need to know to get started.Whenever we’re working with WordPress environments, it’s common for us to clone the production database to our… Continue Reading →

An Alternative to the WordPress template_redirect Hook - Tom McFarlin

The majority of the work that I do right now focuses on custom plugins or utilities that work on top of WordPress. If you were to conceptualize how many of the projects that I build are put together, you’d review… Continue Reading →

Using Kanban in WordPress Development - Tom McFarlin

Periodically, others will ask how I manage to organize the various tasks, assets, resources, and related things throughout a project. First, I’ve decided to keep Pressware small (and this is for some reasons), so it allows me to run it… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Sanitize Post Data in WordPress - Tom McFarlin

The more I begin to try to use PSR-2 coding standards and tools such as GrumPHP (and those related to it), the more I find that the quality of the code I write can be significantly improved in minor ways…. Continue Reading →

Developer Fitness in 2018: Quarter 3 - Tom McFarlin

At this point in the year, it’s evident that I’ve been sharing the things I’m doing outside of sitting at a computer most of the day. Thus far, I’ve shared: Developer Fitness in 2018: Quarter 1 Developer Fitness in 2018:… Continue Reading →

How to add author names to body and post classes in WordPress - Sridhar Katakam

In the tutorials requests Trello board, a user asked: I’m styling posts differently based on what category they are in, but I’d also like to style them differently based on which author they are written by. I am adding the… Continue Reading →

Live in the Feast Podcast, Season 3 - Tom McFarlin

It’s been over a year since I’ve done any public speaking or participated in any podcasts for any significant amount of time. This is large because I was focusing on work and all things outside of it. But when my… Continue Reading →

Working Title: A Question and Answer Podcast with Potential - Tom McFarlin

Last week, I took the entire week off of blogging and all things related to work and social media. My wife and I celebrated ten years of marriage back in April and just had the time to celebrate it at… Continue Reading →

Animated Hamburger Menu Icon in Cafe Pro - Sridhar Katakam

This tutorial provides the steps to customize the hamburger menu icon in Cafe Pro to animate to a close (X) icon when tapped based on this earlier tutorial. https://sridharkatakam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/cafe-pro-animated-hamburger.mp4 Step 1 Edit js/global.js. Replace $(“.responsive-menu-icon”).click(function(){ $(this).next(“.nav-primary .genesis-nav-menu, .nav-secondary .genesis-nav-menu”).slideToggle(); });… Continue Reading →

Todrick Moore - David Bisset

With deep sadness I am letting the WordCamp Miami and WordPress community know that Todrick Moore, a friend and volunteer to the community passed on September XX, 2018. He was XX. Todrick Moore was one of the kindest and strongest… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Reinstalling Git on macOS Mojave - Tom McFarlin

When it comes to upgrading a an operating system, specifically if you’re on a Mac of any sort, people have mixed feelings. I’ve heard some people say they’ve lost a day’s worth of productivity. I’ve heard others say that the… Continue Reading →

Debugging for WordPress Developers: Stepping Around Code - Tom McFarlin

If you’ve been following along with the series thus far, then you’re likely seeing just how useful proper debugging can be especially when working on WordPress. That is to say that not only are you able to gain valuable insights… Continue Reading →

How to Set a Goal, Part 2: We’re Writing Code - Tom McFarlin

In the first post in this [two-part] series, I talked about the idea of what it means to set a goal. Specifically, I said it was more nuanced than just setting a goal and aiming for it. Instead, I said… Continue Reading →

How to modify the URL of “Home” link in the breadcrumbs for WooCommerce pages in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

In the tutorial requests Trello board, a user asks: Hi Sridhar, Can you share how to change the HOME URL in breadcrumbs for Genesis? I’d like to make https://store.partnershipinwellness.com/shop the HOME for this shop section. It goes back to main… Continue Reading →

How to Set a Goal, Part 1: We’re Not Writing Code - Tom McFarlin

I’ve talked about productivity and similar resources various times, though sparingly, since writing consistently for the past eight or so years this October (can’t believe it’s been that long). Though I try to stay true to the whole slogan that… Continue Reading →

Conference Speakers: How To Get Better Questions From Your Audience - David Bisset

When you invest time into a talk – whether you are giving it a big tech conference, a small meetup, or even at an online event – you want to make sure the audience understands what you presented. So you… Continue Reading →

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