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Scheduled Post Shortcut 1.4.1 Now Available - Tom McFarlin

Scheduled Post Shortcut is arguably my least popular plugins. That is, has an extremely low number of downloads based on what few number of analytics I have. Regardless, it’s one that I use (I mean, I technically wrote it for myself) and there… Continue Reading →

Adam Robinson on Understanding - Ma.tt

This is a long quote/excerpt from Adam Robinson I’ve been holding onto for a while, from Tribe of Mentors. Worth considering, especially if you strive to work in a data-informed product organization. Virtually all investors have been told when they… Continue Reading →

How to add Before Header widget area in Business Pro - Sridhar Katakam

In the members-only forum, a user asked: Hi, I’d like to add a widget area above the header (like the one on the Cafe Pro theme) on the Business Pro theme. Can you help me with this? This tutorial provides… Continue Reading →

Tribe of Mentors - Ma.tt

Tim Ferriss’s new book Tribe of Mentors is out. I have finished it already, and can say it’s really excellent and I even liked it more than Tools of Titans even though I’m not in this one. 🙂 As I… Continue Reading →

Not A WordPress Developer? You Need This… - The WP Chick

I did a podcast interview yesterday (I was the guest) and one of the questions was “what was your favorite song when you were 12 years old?” After I looked up what the top songs were when I was 12… Continue Reading →

Musings on a Decade of WordPress: Themes, Plugins, News, Hosting, and More - Tom McFarlin

I’ve been sitting on the idea of this post for some time because I’ve not been sure how to best articulate it. Some of us are better than words with others and all that. But I thought since it’s been… Continue Reading →

How to add affiliate links disclosure notice above the content on single Posts in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

In Genesis Facebook group a user asks: Hi everyone I’m wondering which genesis hook are would be best for a blanket affiliate links disclosure across by blog posts on my blog. They need to be at the top for Australia… Continue Reading →

5 Ideas for an Enhanced GitHub Workflow - Tom McFarlin

Depending on your history with working source control, the way in which you go about working with a codebase, making commits, etc., varies. Further, depending on if you’re using Git, Subversion, Mercurial, and so on also dictate how you manage… Continue Reading →

Comment on Content As Equity & An Update on Life WPCP: 169 by Kim Doyal - The WP Chick

Thanks Frithjof, It was a little difficult, but I’m grateful to be on the other side. I appreciate you! Kim

Using a Utility CSS Library - Paul Underwood

20th November 2017 in Resources When looking to redesign my website, I was looking at using some of the new CSS frameworks that are out there. I’m not a designer, I don’t claim to be. I don’t have the designer… Continue Reading →

Comment on Content As Equity & An Update on Life WPCP: 169 by Frithjof - The WP Chick

#hugs This must have been a difficult episode. Thanks for sharing!

Fixed adjacent posts navigation on scroll in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

In the Genesis Facebook group Amanda asks, Any genesis tutorials out there for an entry pagination that appears upon scroll to the right and left of the page like this: https://mixandmatchmama.com/2017/11/rainy-day-closet/ but maybe halfway down the page instead of up… Continue Reading →

Content As Equity & An Update on Life WPCP: 169 - The WP Chick

It’s been way too long since I’ve published a solo show and I miss you guys. Even though life has been a little crazy I knew I needed to stop and take the time to publish a solo show and… Continue Reading →

Comment on The Truth About Me & Gary V by Kim Doyal - The WP Chick

Hi Christine, Thanks so much 🙂 That is awesome that your daughter sold her Pet Shop toys to Gary! I LOVE it! I have outsourced most of the tech stuff at this point. My focus is so much more on… Continue Reading →

Comment on Entrepreneur or Technician… And the Missing Piece of The Puzzle WPCP: 158 by Kim Doyal - The WP Chick

Hi John, Thanks so much! I’ve read The E-Myth :-), probably worth revisiting though because it’s been a long time.

Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress: Understanding Customer Expectations - Tom McFarlin

As we continue to move forward discussion object-oriented programming in WordPress, it’s important that we make sure we’re not jumping ahead of ourselves when it comes to building a product for someone else. So often, it’s easy to: hear what… Continue Reading →

How to apply Content Sidebar layout to Single Posts in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

Looking to display a right sidebar, but only on single posts with rest of the site’s pages appearing in full content layout in your Genesis site? Just follow these steps. Step 1 Go to Genesis > Theme Settings in your… Continue Reading →

Post Status Interview - Ma.tt

In the lead-up to WordCamp US we’re in right now I chatted with Brian Krogsgard at Post Status in an hour podcast and we spoke about the core releases this year, Gutenberg, React, WooCommerce, and WordPress.org. On the 29th I’ll… Continue Reading →

Creating jQuery Components in WordPress - Tom McFarlin

Front-end development has taken great strides in the last couple of years (and continues to do so) through the use of CSS pre-processors and various JavaScript-based technologies. The nice thing is that all of these can still be used within… Continue Reading →

Laravel Interactive Make - Paul Underwood

15th November 2017 in Resources Found this useful Laravel package which works you through the Laravel artisan make command. Using this package you can easily generate the commands for. Auth Controller Command Event Job Listener Mail Middleware Migration Model Notification… Continue Reading →

Inline hamburger menu icon in Minimum Pro - Sridhar Katakam

In Minimum Pro, hamburger mobile menu icon appears below the title area from 768px and below. We can add a little bit of CSS code to position the mobile menu icon to appear at the right side of the title/logo… Continue Reading →

Comment on Entrepreneur or Technician… And the Missing Piece of The Puzzle WPCP: 158 by John Castorina - The WP Chick

Hey Kim, Great episode and super relevant. Another great book on the subject of entrepreneur versus technician is ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ by Michael Gerber 🙂

A New Narrative: Shushing the Voice that Holds You Back - Carrie Dils

Can we get real? Let’s get real. This has been a tough year for me personally. I’m self-employed and run a company of one, which means it’s been a tough year for my business, too. I hear people talk about… Continue Reading →

WordPress-Related Resources: Staying Up to Date - Tom McFarlin

Arguably, the single constant that exists in our industry is that we always have to keep learning. I consider that a good thing (who doesn’t?), though I know it also becomes a bit tedious (and even lead to burnout depending… Continue Reading →

How to show related entries of different post types in a Page using ACF’s Relationship field in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

Regarding How to automatically show a grid of sub Pages on static Pages in Genesis, a member asked: Hi, I really like this template for selected pages. Sometimes I want to show a grid that may include pages that are… Continue Reading →

Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress: Analysis, Part 2 - Tom McFarlin

In the first post in this series, I talked all about how I wanted to tackle about an introduction to object-oriented programming within the context of WordPress. There are some great resources for object-oriented programming but they can use contrived examples,… Continue Reading →

Comment on The Truth About Me & Gary V by Christine - The WP Chick

My daughter actually sold all her Littlest Pet Shop toys to Gary when I caught wind of it that he was searching for them. I hear you on spending 3 hours trying to get a plugin to work or other… Continue Reading →

How to move Header Image into Primary Navigation in Magazine Pro - Sridhar Katakam

This tutorial provides the steps to: remove site header add custom header image in the primary navigation menu in Magazine Pro. Before: After: Step 1 If you have not already, upload/select your desired logo image in the Customizer in the… Continue Reading →

Product and Process - Ma.tt

When I look back over the last 25 years, in some ways what seems most precious is not what we have made but how we have made it and what we have learned as a consequence of that. I always… Continue Reading →

Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress: Analysis, Part 1 - Tom McFarlin

When I first set out to offer memberships on this site, I knew the first thing I wanted to tackle was an introduction to object-oriented programming. It’s something that seems to be interesting to most people who are working in… Continue Reading →

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