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How to Block Ads in WordPress Websites - WhatsWP

As more and more people have realized the benefits of marketing online, advertisement now is ubiquitous on the websites. To be honest, having ads, especially spam ads, on your site may annoy your readers to some extent. As investigated, 76%… Continue Reading →

296 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show 24th of May 2018 - WP Tonic

Join us on an other WP-Tonic round-table show this week with a great panel of WordPress, online marketing and SEO experts where we discuss this week must interesting stories of the week connected to tech and WordPress This weeks show… Continue Reading →

The 5 Most Profitable Digital Products To Sell Online - WP Tonic

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that selling physical products is pretty costly and time-consuming. Assuming you already have the product, you still have to manage your inventory, take care of shipping, handle international customers, stay compliant… Continue Reading →

How to Create GDPR Compliant Forms in WordPress - WP Beginner

Do you want to create GDPR compliant forms in WordPress? European Union’s new GDPR law requires explicit user consent to store personal information, so users can have more personal control on their data stored on websites. In this article, we… Continue Reading →

#295 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Brenda Barron of The Digital Inkwell - WP Tonic

In this episode of the WP-Tonic show we discuss content marketing and how to hire a quality writer to help you produce popular articles that help you get more traffic to your website. Brenda Barron is the owner of The… Continue Reading →

How to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign with WordPress - WPMU Dev

New business ventures are always exciting. You have a unique idea or solution. People seem to be really excited about it. But you need money to get the new business idea off the ground. You could go to investors or… Continue Reading →

Fast, Easy, and Free: How ConveyThis Translate Changed the WordPress Translation Game - Macho Themes Blog

If you have a WordPress blog, it’s probably because you felt you had something to offer the world. But what do you if there are other people out there around the world who share your interests or need your help,… Continue Reading →

How to Add Your Etsy Store in WordPress - WP Beginner

Recently one of our readers asked if it’s possible to connect an Etsy store to WordPress. Having your Etsy shop integrated with your WordPress site can help you sell more products online. In this article, we will show you how… Continue Reading →

8 tips for starting a web design agency - GoDaddy Garage

“If only I had known what I know now.” That is what I tell people. I quit my job knowing I wanted to do web development, and that was about it. I did not have a client list, nor any potential… Continue Reading →

Episode 60 – Celebrating the WordPress 15th Anniversary w/ Christine Tremoulet - Imagely Photography Podcast

Welcome to episode 60!  We have now been podcasting for two years, and the show has come a long way, as has WordPress. WordPress turns 15th this week, and what started as a basic blogging platform is now the most… Continue Reading →

How to Register (And Configure) Google Domains - Elegant Themes

There are a lot of services you can use to register your next domain. Aside from dedicated registrars, plenty of web hosts can also help you set up domains too. In fact, you have so many options, figuring out which… Continue Reading →

How to Monetize a Blog – Advice From a Blog That Actually Makes Money - Code In WP

Though not perfect, the question of “how to monetize a blog” is often the very first thing that new bloggers ask … literally on day one of their blogging adventure. How can I use this thing to make money? Can… Continue Reading →

Episode #167 – From Full-Time Mum to Successful Entrepreneur with Sarah Pressler - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. Sarah runs a successful business with Cindy Kendrick called Codebrain Media, a company which helps build custom websites, custom plugins, manages migrations and marketing. She also spends a lot of her time working with the team… Continue Reading →

GDPR for WordPress Developers: Announcing the (Free) Anonymization Addon - Delicious Brains

Like me you are probably getting ten emails a day from companies announcing changes to their privacy policy or asking you to re-confirm your email address for marketing purposes. This is all down to GDPR, the new European Union data… Continue Reading →

Diverse revenue streams: How diluting your primary income can actually benefit your cash flow - GoDaddy Garage

Having a primary plan of attack (i.e., a main revenue stream) is a good idea, for obvious reasons. However, having only one revenue stream puts pressure on it and you to succeed, which is a sure-fire stress-inducer if ever there… Continue Reading →

How to Upload a HTML Page to WordPress without 404 Errors - WP Beginner

Do you want to upload a HTML page to your WordPress site? Sometimes you may need to add a static HTML page and make it accessible along with your WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to… Continue Reading →

The 52 Best Tools for Freelancers to Scale a Business - Kinsta Blog

People choose to freelance for a number of reasons—but most often, it is because they desire freedom: The freedom to do what they love and what they’re good at The freedom to work with the clients they choose The freedom… Continue Reading →

How to Create an Online Restaurant Ordering System In WooCommerce - Sell with WP

If you run a website for your restaurant, you’ll want to consider offering an online ordering system. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to choose what they want right from your site. However, it may not be… Continue Reading →

15+ Yoga WordPress Themes for Yoga Classes and Studios 2018 - Macho Themes Blog

It does not matter if you are building your own yoga related website or you are hired to build one the next yoga WordPress themes collection will help you tremendously. These themes come with features that will do most of… Continue Reading →

Hijacked WordPress.com Accounts Being Used To Infect Sites - Wordfence Blog

Update on May 23 at 11:50AM: A representative from WordPress.com reached out to us with the following statement: This post is Copyright 2018 Defiant, Inc. and was published on the wordfence.com official blog. Republication of this post without permission is… Continue Reading →

13 Smart Tips To Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Strategy - Blogging Wizard

Social media. It slowly crept into our lives, little by little. Until it was the focal point of our lives. Today, 7 in 10 Americans use social media, compared with only 5% in 2005. Businesses took notice, and social media… Continue Reading →

5 tools to improve your written communication skills - GoDaddy Garage

How valuable are written communication skills? Let me tell you a story: Back in 1998, I persuaded my boss to let me start selling reflective insulation online. We’d had a website for three years, making us one of the first… Continue Reading →

Announcing the 2017 Imagely Fund Winner Giles Clarke - Imagely

The Imagely Team is honored to announce award-winning humanitarian and conflict photographer Giles Clarke as the 2017 Imagely Fund Fellow. Giles’ work Invisible Crisis, documents the devastating impact of the ongoing war in Yemen. Following the 2015 takeover of Sana’a… Continue Reading →

How to Seamlessly Add Product Reviews to Your WordPress Website - WPMU Dev

WordPress websites that act as the digital “salesperson” for a company need to d0 more than just talk about how awesome the business or product is. Consumers are demanding to hear from real-life customers who have been in their shoes…. Continue Reading →

Keyy: A Detailed Overview & Review - Elegant Themes

WordPress is everywhere. We’re closing in on being a full one-third of the internet, and that’s amazing. But with that ubiquity comes a number of problems, one of the primary being security. WordPress gets hit hard by hackers and spambots… Continue Reading →

New Elementor Add-Ons Hit the Market, and What We’re Doing With Our $7k/mo Plugin – Transparency Report #39 - Code In WP

Welcome to the 39th edition of the monthly transparency report (for April 2018). In this series, I share everything that’s been going on in the company that’s also worth discussing. 🙂 We talk business, plans, products, learnings, and much more…. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance – Everything You Need to Know - WP Beginner

Are you confused by GDPR, and how it will impact your WordPress site? GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is an European Union law that you have likely heard about. We have received dozens of emails from users asking… Continue Reading →

20 Best WPBakery Page Builder Addons & Extensions of 2018 - Tuts+

With over a million users worldwide, the popular drag-and-drop page builder, WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), has inspired a legion of developers to create loads of cool and useful addons and extensions that increase its functions and provide virtually… Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Host Manager (WHM) - Elegant Themes

In a previous post, I touched on the importance of understanding Web Host Manager (WHM) if you’re considering taking the leap and being a hosting reseller. WHM provides a powerful way not only to create and manage your clients hosting… Continue Reading →

14 Divi Websites with Amazing Store Designs - Elegant Themes

Divi is an excellent theme to build online stores. It integrates perfectly with WooCommerce and the shop module can be styled just like any Divi module. There are lots of online stores built with Divi to inspire you for your… Continue Reading →

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