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I was watching Parks and Recreation with my wife the other night, and Aziz Ansari’s character Tom was starting a new business.

He starts one every other episode, this particular business was renting upscale clothing to teenagers.

How his character buys upscale clothing as a low level government employee is beyond me, but hey, it’s TV. He always has his douchey sidekick John Ralphio along, and together they started planning the business.

First they work late into the night on a business plan, a mission statement, and an investor pitch. Tom kicks John Ralfio out of the business because he only wants to go clubbing, and gets an investment from his boss. They open a storefront, and the rest is TV history.

This all sounds good on TV, and it’s what you think of as a boilerplate new business plan.

It’s funny, but it illustrates what